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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 994

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 994

“David, are you trying to embarrass me?” Burke got a little annoyed. “Lord Burke, you do your thing, and I’ll justeat my food.

Isn’t it good that we don’t interfere with each other?” David stopped eating and lookedup at Burke. The two looked at each other. Even though everyone thought Burke was about to become hostile, he did not attack David immediately. Instead, he turned his head and said, “Very good! I’ll remember this.” Burke’s performance made everyone’s jaws drop to the floor. ‘Is Burke giving in? ‘Everyone knows Burke’s temperament. ‘He won’t give in even when he’s facing Fergus. “Just what does this kid have?’ Everyone looked at David in surprise. Fergus and Mia were no exception. Then, David just smiled and continued eating his food. Burke had not regained his composure at this point. He sensed a serious threat in David’s eyes just now. David was hiding his strength, and he was not just a partial Cosmos Ranker like he had previously shown. As for what strength he was at, Burke could not tell, but David was definitely stronger than him. David might be at least a mid-Cosmos Ranker or even a late Cosmos Ranker. ‘No wonder he dared to disrespect Fergus. “This kid is playing dumb to take advantage of us, and I almost fell for it.’ Burke could sense that David was not very old and should be no more than a hundred years old. Who would believe David could reach mid- or even late Cosmos Rank at this age if he did not have a background? He said he had been exploring outside for many years and had not returned since, but how was that possible? Burke was sure that he was an heir that a major force was cultivating in secret because he was too talented, which was why he was being hidden. Now that he was strong enough, he was finally let out. ‘I should let Fergus fight David. I don’t want to get involved in this mess,’ Burke decided in his heart. Even if he was irascible and would always retort against others, it would also depend on who the other party was. He was not an idiot. David was clearly more powerful than him in terms of strength and background. Wouldn’t he be creating trouble for himself if he decided to fight David head-on? Burke did not turn hostile, so the others did not care about this anymore either. However, Fergus was looking at David with a strange look in his eyes. Mia summoned her team and started the performance in the hall. After the song, everyone was still mesmerized by Mia’s dance. Clap clap clap! “Wonderful! As expected of you, Dance Fairy. I won’t get bored even if I watch this dance ten thousand times more,” Burke said while applauding. Clap clap clap! Everyone was applauding passionately. David was also clapping. Mia was dancing a different dance this time, but the dance was still very attractive. He wondered if Mia was born with this talent, or if she had learned to do this. After the dance, the small banquet came to an end. Today was just an appetizer. The main course would be the huge banquet a week later. David was arranged to stay in a private residence. After Burke looked at David and discovered his strength, he became very courteous toward him. After all, power was everything in this world. David sat on the chair and opened the system panel.

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