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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 989

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 989

Recently, his mother arranged for him to marry the daughter of a minister of the Milky Way Empire so that he would be more competitive in the fight for the position as future head of the Callisto family. 

The minister had a lot of authority in the Milky Way Empire, so it was hard for Fergus to refuse this. 

Plus, he had liked Mia for so long, so he could not give up, nor could he accept her ending up in the arms of another man. Therefore, he chose to do this. 

“See? I told you that the Dance Fairy wouldn‘t dare to stand me up, and you didn‘t believe me. Now that the facts are in front of you, you have nothing to say, right? Haha!” Burke said with a laugh. 

He felt proud that Mia would come to congratulate him. 

At least, she managed to attract Fergus and made the banquet classier. 

“Burke, I was short–sighted. I‘ll down three shots as an apology to you.” The man who just said that Mia would not come stood up and said. Then, he directly downed three shots. Another stood up and said, “Burke, I will also drink three shots for the inappropriate remarks I just made.” 

“The two of you don’t have to do this. You are all my guests. I am thrilled that you are willing to come to Planet Boundless. If you need anything in the future, just tell me, and I will do my best to help you.” 

“Come, let‘s all toast Burke again. Let‘s hope Burke will work hard and overtake Lord Ramos with a burst of energy!” 


“Boys, you‘re too kind. Since everyone is so happy, we‘ll go meet the Dance Fairy together later, and ask her to dance for us as celebration.” “Of course! The Dance Fairy‘s dance and this wine will make people feel physically and mentally pleased.” The group continued to drink happily. However, Fergus was feeling a little depressed inside. 

If the plan were successful, he would not be drinking with these crudes. 

He would be admiring Mia‘s wonderful dance and figure by himself. 

After that, he would help the Concord family and stop Burke from taking action against them. 

This would improve his public reputation, and then he could blackmail Mia into submitting to him so he could have his way with her. 

‘What a perfect plan.’ 

The more Fergus thought about this, the more pissed he felt. 

He drank a few glasses of wine. 

When Burke saw Fergus drinking like that, he felt pleased. 

He thought Fergus was giving him a show of respect. However, he did not know what Fergus was thinking. 

Not everyone could sit and drink with Fergus, let alone make him drink so much. 

Once Fergus became the head of the Callisto family, he would be one of the prominent figures in the Milky Way 


Even Burke‘s father, Ramos, would have to give way to Fergus. 

Although Burke looked down on Fergus, he was not stupid. 

It would be useful for him to build a good relationship with someone like that in the future. 

“Master Fergus, I don‘t care why you came to Planet Boundless. However, since you‘re here, you‘re my guest. As the host, I will give you a toast,” Burke said after lifting his glass. 

Fergus felt dejected, and he did not want to waste his 

breath. Hence, he lifted his glass and downed the contents of it. 

“Haha! Wonderful! Fergus, you son of a gun!” 

After Burke said that, he also downed the contents of his glass. 

Then, the scene became harmonious. Everyone continued drinking. Soon, they began heading to the location where Mia would land after Burke showed them the way. 

They were ready to welcome the Dance Fairy, one of the four fairies in the Milky Way. 

Then, they would ask her to dance for everyone here. 

Mia had no idea that so many people were waiting for her on Planet Boundless. She also had no idea that Master Fergus from the Callisto family was here. 

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