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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 988

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 988

With someone smoothing things over, Fergus and Burke did not continue fighting each other. 

Although the two looked down on each other, neither wanted to offend the other. 

Fergus looked down on Burke because he was crude. 

Burke did not know anything about elegance and grace. Moreover, he also did not understand the Dance Fairy‘s dance. He just figured that since Mia was beautiful and was sought after by countless people, he wanted to dominate her because he was sensitive about losing prestige. 

In truth, Burke did not like Fergus very much. He felt Fergus was too cunning, and he was not upright. Moreover, Burke thought that he was two–faced. 

Burke grew up in the army with his father and inherited his father‘s character. 

He was straightforward and did not like beating around the bush. 

Of course, he also inherited his father‘s brutal character. 

However, both Burke and Fergus were well–respected figures in the Milky Way galaxy, they were still reputable. 

Everyone drank and started talking and laughing again. Fergus was the direct descendant of the Callisto family, the second –ranked family among the eight prominent families. 

There was even a chance for him to take over the Callisto family in the future, so he was the person with the highest status at the scene. 

Therefore, Burke was far inferior to Fergus in every way

However, his father, Ramos, was a core figure in the Milky Way Empire‘s military. With the powerful Milky Way Empire backing him, Burke‘s status also increased because of this. 

Everyone at the scene orbited around the two and continuously toasted to them. 

Burke did not actually invite Fergus to this banquet. 

Since the two were not in the same circle , Fergus would not come even if Burke invited him. 

Burke was very proud of his reputation, so he would not do something that would embarrass him. 

Furthermore, everyone knew why Fergus was here. 

He was definitely here for Dance Fairy Mia. Everyone knew that Fergus was the Dance Fairy‘s loyal audience member. 

At this moment… 

Knock knock knock! 

Someone knocked on the door. 

“Who‘s that? Don‘t you know I‘m entertaining my guests now? Get lost immediately!” Burke barked. Since he had a small conflict with Fergus just now, he was very pissed right now. “Lord Burke, I have something to tell you,” the person outside the door said respectfully. 

“Spit it out!” 

“We just got news from the patrol team, and they said Dance Fairy Mia is outside Planet Boundless now. She‘ll land in about two hours.” “Oh? The Dance Fairy is here? Haha! I got it. You should go now,” Burke said with a smile. 

Mia‘s arrival instantly put him in a better mood. 

Fergus also heard what the person outside the door said. 

Indeed, just as Heathcliffe said, those had guys failed. 

Even though Mia was a little late, she still arrived on Planet Boundless. 

However, Fergus did not know if she came by herself or with her savior. 

‘If she‘s here with her savior…‘ An intense murderous intent overflowed from Fergus‘ eyes. 

He had been preparing for this plan for a long time. He thought he would definitely succeed, but he didn‘t expect something like this to happen. 

If he succeeded, he could imprison Mia in secret without anyone knowing. He would make her his exclusive sex slave forever. 

He had this crazy idea because as the third heir among the direct descendants of the Callisto family, he could not marry a woman with no background like Mia. 

He had to choose a woman who could help him fight for the position of the family‘s head. 

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