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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 987

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 987


After receiving the news, the main tower would analyze the importance of this piece of information and convey the pieces of information that Lord Burke attached importance to back to him. 

Dance Fairy Mia was arriving on Planet Boundless, which was obviously news that Burke took very seriously. 

Everyone in Planet Boundless knew Lord Burke fancied Mia a lot. 

He even publicly announced that he would invite the Dance Fairy to dance for him during this realm breakthrough. 

Therefore, the main tower immediately conveyed this news to Burke. 

At this time, Burke was welcoming several important guests. 

“Welcome to Master Fergus. I didn‘t expect you to come. This is such an honor, your presence brings light to my humble dwelling. Come, let me dedicate this toast to you.” Burke raised his glass and said to an imposing man sitting opposite him. 

After speaking, he finished the wine from the glass. 

“Burke, I didn‘t come to congratulate you, I came to see the Dance Fairy. Who asked you to invite her?” Fergus also raised his glass and finished his drink. 

“Haha, likewise! It‘s fine that you are here, but I also like the Dance Fairy a lot. I am willing to pay anything if there is a chance for me to sleep with her. Hahaha!” Burke said with a guffaw. 

When Fergus heard that, his eyes turned icy. However, he did not show it. Instead, he still continued chatting with everyone. 

Although Burke was the main figure on Planet Boundless, Fergus held the highest status among them. 

Many people wanted to flatter him. 

“Burke, the banquet is in a few days. When is the Dance Fairy arriving? It‘s been almost a year since the last time I watched her perform. Her dance is still holds a deep impression in my head until now, it‘s so unforgettable,” a fat man said. 

“Yeah! Burke, don’t let her stand you up. You‘ve already announced it to the world, and if she doesn‘t show up, you‘ll embarrass yourself in front of everyone. That won‘t be fun,” another wretched–looking man said. 

“She wouldn‘t dare! Since she agreed, I will destroy her ancestral grave if she dares not to come and make her the sinner of the Concord family. Then, I will make her kneel 

obediently in front of me and beg me to f*ck her,” Burke said with a baleful look on his face. The people sitting there could only smile when they heard that. 

‘Say, if the Dance Fairy does stand Burke up, Burke will be the laughing stock of everyone in the world. 

‘If that happens, he might really do something like this. 

‘This idiot values his prestige more than anything in the world.‘ 

“Burke, can you speak properly? The Dance Fairy belongs to everyone. Stop saying you want to sleep with her or f* ck her so casually. Are you not scared that you‘ll be attacked if you do that? You only just broke through to Universe Realm. Do you seriously think you‘re invincible?” Fergus said slowly. He did not like crude people like Burke. 

However, Burke‘s father was someone well renowned in the Milky Way Empire‘s military. 

If it were not for his father, who would care if Burke broke through to Universe Realm? 

“What‘s there to be scared of? Master Fergus, I call you that because I respect you. However, you‘re currently on Planet Boundless, so don‘t try to undermine me here,” Burke said, feeling dissatisfied. 

He felt uncomfortable that Fergus would say that in front of so many people. 

“Come, let‘s drink and celebrate Burke breaking through to Universe Realm. From now on, he‘s also an intimidating character. At the same time, let‘s toast Master Fergus. It‘s not easy to have a drink with him, so we should appreciate this chance,” someone said, attempting to smooth things over. 

The others at the scene raised their glasses. 

They could not afford to offend these two people. 

On the one hand, Fergus was from the Callisto family, the second among the eight prominent families in the Milky Way Empire. 

On the other hand was Burke. His father was Ramos, the Milky Way Empire‘s military general. His power and status were exceptional. 

If those two fought, then the others would suffer the aftermath. 

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