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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 984

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 984

 Half a month later, the Octagon had almost arrived at Planet Boundless after traveling for so long. Afterentering the Milky Way’s core, David also encountered more and more spaceships and flying vessels.

However, they did not run into any accidents along their journey. The security level at the core ofthe Milky Way was still relatively high. Space pirates could only wander outside the core but dared not enter the core to commit any crimes. Plus, not everyone could use an Octagon. Most people would run away when they spotted it. So, David and the Octagon’s journey went basically unimpeded. As they got closer and closer to Planet Boundless , David and the others also encountered other Octagons, and even Milky Way Battleships. They should be heading to Planet Boundless to celebrate Burke’s breakthrough to Universe Realm. After more than ten days of interaction , Mia also had a certain understanding of David. This person was very different from the direct descendants of the major forces she had seen before. First of all, David did not seem to have much interest in her. Even when the two were alone, he would only ask her about some important information regarding the layout of the Milky Way. He would even look at her with clear eyes. There would only be admiration and no traces of lust in his eyes. Hence, he never teased her brazenly or indirectly. This was Mia’s first time meeting such a man since she became one of the four fairies. She was wondering if David was a normal man. How could he be so unmoved meeting the goddess of the Milky Way? Mia had seen too many pairs of eyes overflowing with lust and desire. As she was gradually getting used to that feeling, she suddenly met a man looking at her with clear eyes without a trace of lust. Hence, she started to examine herself. She wondered if she was not good enough. This was the usual psychology of a woman. If one wanted to get her attention, one needed to be different. Of course, David did not mean this at all. The only thing in his mind was to upgrade as soon as possible to solve the Earth’s crisis. It would be best if he could eradicate the Tuffin family and get things done once and for all. However, it would not be easy to deal with Grandmaster Tuffin, a magnate who had been alive for millenniums. Even though David did not feel anything for Mia, Mia was becoming more interested in David. David had a good temper, temperament, appearance, strength, background, and so on. Meanwhile, Mia valued a good- tempered man the most. She could not stand the temper of most of the direct descendants from major families. Some of them were irascible and violent, especially with the way they trated their servants. It was common for them to scold or beat their servants. Some ofthe servants were even tortured and killed after making a mistake. Mia looked down on people like this the most. She would disqualify them no matter how powerful and high their statuses were. She herself would often treat the people around her like her sister. Mia would not punish them if they did not make principled mistakes. Because of this, the women around Mia were very loyal to her and would be willing to die for her during critical moments. Even though the Milky Way was enormous and there were many people living in it, finding a good employer was still a very challenging task.

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