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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 663

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 663

However, just after he finished speaking, he covered his mouth with one hand and began to cough violently.

Then, there was blood on his hands.

“Father! A-Are you okay?” Selena almost cried when she saw that Augustus was coughing up


“Uncle Augustus!” Raymond also cried nervously.

“The Dominic family’s hidden weapon is really strange, and it’s hard to guard against it. But don’t worry too much, I can still bear it! Plus, Arthur suffered a strike from me, so he won’t be in much better condition than me. We’re both losers.”

“Aug-… Mr. Augustus. I’ll help you detoxify!” David stood up and said at this time.

With his current strength and status, he originally wanted Augustus to call him directly by name, but he felt it was inappropriate.

‘I’ll just call him Mr. Augustus then.

‘After all, he saved me even though I didn’t need it.’

“What’s your name, my friend? Which family are you from?” Augustus asked David while looking at him up and down.

The more Augustus looked at David, the more he liked him.

David had good looks, a good temperament, strong strength, and also magical medical skills.

Hence, Augustus could not find any other adjective to describe David except perfect.

Raymond was already the most outstanding talent in the King family, but compared to David, he

paled in comparison

David and Selena were an ideal couple, and they looked perfect together.

“Mr. Augustus, my name is David. I don’t belong to any family, but thank you for helping me just now,” David replied.

“David, don’t be so humble. I couldn’t stand the Dominic family’s behavior for a long time. Are you sure you can get rid of the poison in me?”


“Well then, thanks for the trouble.”

“Mr. Augustus is too courteous. Please come with me.” David took Augustus and his party away to detoxify.

After watching them leave, Taylor, the third elder of the Krums, stood up and said, “The grand event of the chosen ones in Somerland continues! Next…”

David also used some silver needles to stab some of Augustus’ essential acupoints.

Then, he flicked the silver needles, causing the silver needles to vibrate slightly, expelling the toxins from Augustus.

However, the poison in Augustus was obviously much more powerful than the one in Goldie.

After doing this seven times in a row, it still had not been cleaned up.

It was not until the ninth time that the poison in Augustus’ body was finally eliminated.

“How do you feel, Mr. Augustus? Do you feel any other discomfort?” David asked after removing the needles.

“Father, how do you feel?” Selena also asked nervously.

Augustus opened his eyes and looked at David.

His needle treatment was magical.

In such a short period, the poison in his body had all been flushed out.

The poison of the Dominic family that terrified everyone before had finally met its match.

Arthur was in such a hurry to kill David for two reasons. On one hand, it was to avenge Axel, the eldest son of the Dominic family, but on the other hand, David could detoxify the deadly poison of the Dominic family so quickly.

After all, this could greatly reduce the deterrent effect of their Dominic family.

After the poison was expelled, Augustus felt relieved and recovered at least 80% of his combat power.

The other minor injuries on his body were nothing to worry about

“I’m fine now, the poison in my body has all been expelled,” Augustus stood up and said with vigor.

The feeling of weakness just now was completely gone.

This made all the people of the King family present very happy.

“Thank you, David!” Selena looked at David and said seriously.

The man in front of her might soon be her man.

However, at the moment, she did not have the slightest hint of resentment in her heart, instead, she felt a trace of happiness.

‘Is this the love at first sight mentioned in books?’

Selena’s pretty face was slightly red under the veil.

As a woman, she had to get married anyway, so if she had to choose, she would undoubtedly choose David

“You’re welcome, Miss Selena. Mr. Augustus did this to save me so I should be the one to say thank you,” David said.

He did not look at Selena and he did not notice any changes in Selena.

If he observed carefully, with the intensity of his mind power, he could definitely feel what Selena was expressing from her eyes when she looked at him.

However, the two were only meeting for the first time and Selena was also wearing a veil. Therefore, how could he have such thoughts?

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