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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 659

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 659

There were too many people here, and it was unnecessary.

Once he got out of here, he would have plenty of opportunities to kill Arthur,


Two palms met, creating a loud noise that reverberated across the area,

Everyone’s ears hurt

God Rank Guardians’ fighting power was no joke.

David pretended to run away in a fluster.

Then everyone came to their senses.

The way they looked at David had changed.

Even the chosen ones, including several late Dragon Rankers and Raymond, looked at David in shock.

David could kill Axel without putting up a fight, but what about themselves?

Could they get away from David?

The answer they got was somewhat discouraging.

Obviously not!

Their realm was not too different from Axel’s. Even if they could beat Axel, they would need to pull out all their trump cards in the process.

David killed Axel, a late Dragon Ranker, without much effort.

His strength was already a level above them.

David was a peak Dragon Ranker. David’s age also surprised them.

The chosen ones, who were mid-Dragon Rankers and late Dragon Rankers, were all more than thirty years old.

Was David even 25?

What sick talent.

What would he be when he reached 30?

Half-step God Rank?

Or God Rank Guardian?

He did not give them any chance to catch up with him!

The chosen ones with the ambition to snatch the title of number one among the younger

generation in Somerland in the grand event of the chosen ones today smiled bitterly.

After David instant-killed mid-Dragon Ranker Axel, did he even need to fight for the number one among the younger generation in Somerland?

There was no way any of Somerland’s current younger generation could defeat David.

Lorraine’s eyes lit up as she looked at David, who was downstairs!

She was right! The moment she had laid eyes on David, she thought that this man was not simple.

Their second meeting at Old Master Stefani’s place only further convinced her.

David was definitely the disciple of Old Master Stefani, Somerland’s stabilizing force.

He was backed by Old Master Stefani, and was so strong.

He deserved to be number one among the younger generation in Somerland.

Lorraine was not the only one whose eyes lit up when she saw David.

The eyes of many women present, including Selena, lit up when they saw David.

What was the purpose of their visit?

It was to cozy up to the person who defeated all of the chosen ones in Somerland and won. Judging from the way David instant-killed Axel, there was almost no need to put up a fight anymore.

The next few participants would only end up being killed by David.

One of these women was David’s acquaintance.

It was Elsa-the heiress of the Winters family.

David had only appeared in Dark Cape this morning and was among the crowd of four or five hundred people. Thus, Elsa only noticed David when he went on stage to save Goldie.

She was the only woman there with a bitter face.

She had known what David was capable of for some time.

She had still been trying to figure out how to cozy up to David up until then.

However, now all of Somerland’s major forces had found out. Great.

Her advantage was gone.

After David showed some of his power to kill Axel, countless sects had their eyes on him.

They wanted him to join their family or sect and bind him with them.

Moreover, the best way to bind him was by marriage, of course.

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