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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 657

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 657

The Dominic family had many ways to kill a person,

He wanted to see how hard David could push him.


When he got to 90%, there was also a trump card he was saving for the grand event of the chosen


He wondered about who would be able to make it to the end and receive the gift he had prepared for them.

There were hundreds of eyes on the battlefield,

Some people wanted to see what Axel was capable of and understand him a little bit more, so they could be prepared for what they would be up against if they faced him in the grand event of the chosen ones.

Some just wanted to see how Axel tortured and killed David.

Others expected David to come out strong enough to take on Axel and give everyone a good fight to watch.

Only Goldie and a few others hoped David could survive.

Hundreds of people came with different agendas to see how David would deal with this.

The hidden weapons reached David.

David still did not react.

‘Did he give up?’

Everyone thought


Hundreds of people suddenly froze.

‘Where did he go? ‘David’s gone.

‘Did he just disappear in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes?

Even the half-step God Rankers on the stage were stunned.

They did not even know or see how David had disappeared.

Nearly ten half-step God Rankers and two God Rank Guardians got up and looked for David.

The battle between two juniors attracted the interest of half-step God Rankers and God Rank Guardians

They should be proud! Hundreds of pairs of eyes were looking for David.

How did a human being just disappear?

Axel also realized that something was wrong.

He had imagined David dealing with it in a million ways.

However, he did not expect David to disappear from in front of hundreds of people.

He was also looking for David.

“The Dominic family has no regard for life and wants to kill me, so I can’t keep you around lest you bring disaster to Somerland. Rest in peace! Remember to be a good person in your next life!”

A voice suddenly rang in Axel’s ear.

‘David’s voice?

‘When did he get behind me?’

Axel looked terrified.

He was about to turn his head around.

He suddenly felt a pain in the back of his head.

Then he noticed that his nose, eyes, ears, and mouth began to leak fluid for no apparent reason.

Axel reached out and wiped it.

‘Is this… my blood?’

Then, the pain spread…

It spread to his head,

Axel’s entire body slowly drowned in darkness as he felt excruciating pain.

‘Is… is this what it feels like to be dead?

‘Am… am I dying?

‘No way… No way..

I’m not going to die like this.

I’m the heir of the Dominic family. I’m the most talented heir of the Dominic family

I’m going to win the grand event of the chosen ones.

I’m going to be the number one among the younger generation in Somerland.

1 will reign supreme in the chaos that lies ahead r’ll get to the top and become a hero that millions of people admire

“Save me

Dad, save me… ·

“Grandpa, save me…

Mr. Arthur, save me…’

Axel’s glorious life ended as he yelled this in his head,

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