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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 655

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 655

The Rogers family in Springfield was coming to an end.

None of the families targeted by the Dominic family could escape.

“Do you think your family can do anything you want in Somerland? You must be dreaming!” Tony

şaid as well.

“Who are you? How dare you talk to me like that!” Axel asked, looking at Tony.

“I am Tony Rogers from the Rogers family in Springfield!”

“You’re also from the Rogers family? Then you should sit still and wait! Although we can’t do whatever we want in Somerland, we can still destroy the Rogers family!”

“You’re mad!”

“You will soon know if I’m mad or not. Don’t think that you will be safe with that old fart Mason around. He is dying and can’t protect you anymore. How dare he list my family as an extremely dangerous family and ban us from resurfacing? Does he think a dying man like him can dictate whether or not the Dominic family resurfaces?”

“You from the Dominic family should not be too arrogant!” A voice resounded throughout the audience.

Everyone saw a middle-aged man standing on the high platform.

He was the one who spoke just now.

Mr. Augustus had said something.

Even he could not stand what the people from the Dominic family were doing.

“Augustus, let the juniors take care of their business by themselves!” A sinister old man on the high platform stood up and said.

Augustus turned to look at the old man who stood up.

He had noticed this man early on.

He should also be a God Rank guardian.

“Is he the guardian of the Dominic family?” “I am Arthur from the Dominic family,” said the sinister old man.

There was more commotion below.

No wonder Axel dared to be so arrogant.

It tumed out that the guardian of the Dominic family was here!

The expression of Clinton, Goldie, and the others became unpleasant for a while.

The Dominic family actually brought a God Rank guardian with them.

David was finished!

No one could save him!

David finally understood when he heard this.

The Dominic family was the tainted family that Old Master Stefani mentioned, and they were not allowed to resurface.

Judging from history, the Dominic family, which was listed as an extremely dangerous family, would definitely cause damage to the stability of Somerland once it joined the WTO.

They were domineering and arrogant, and they would do anything they wanted to. They viewed life as a joke, and they would not be bound by the laws of Somerland.

This could be seen in what Axel, the eldest son of the Dominic family, said just now.

If that was the case, David did not need to leave him a way out.

When he had the chance later, he would also silently kill Arthur, the God Rank guardian of the Dominic family, in case he continued to harm more people. “Does the Dominic family want to be the enemy of the King family?” Augustus asked with a frown

“No!” Arthur answered straightforwardly

“Then, keep a low profile. Let the grand event of the chosen ones in Somerland continue smoothly.”

“Don’t worry, Augustus. Axel will take care of this very quickly and he won’t delay the process of the grand event.”

Augustus looked deeply at Arthur before turning around to go back to his seat.

The God Rank guardian of the Dominic family was such a nuisance.

Even though Augustus wanted to get to know David because of his miraculous medical skills, he did not want to offend the God Rank guardian of the Dominic family.

Then, Arthur yelled at Axel below him.

“Axel, finish this quickly. Don’t delay the grand event.” After Arthur said that, he also turned around to go back to his seat.

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