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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 654

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 654

“What? Are you saying I can’t fight?”

“No, no! Of course not! He’s just a small potato, we can defeat him without you taking action. If you take action, it’ll be overkill and you’ll be giving him more than what he’s worth,” Stan explained quickly.

“Defeat him? My goal isn’t just to beat him. In the five rounds, only someone from the Dominic family died. Isn’t this equivalent to telling everyone that my family is the weakest? How should we show our faces after this? How can my family establish a foothold in the future? Besides, that kid didn’t save my family first, so this is a great insult to the Dominic family. Anyone who dares to insult the Dominic family only has one ending awaiting them, and that is death!” Axel said grimly.

“Since Mr. Axel wants to take action, then you should go in for the last round.”

Axel stepped onto the stage.

Some people who knew him immediately exclaimed.

“The first heir and eldest son of the Dominic family actually took to the stage?

‘It seems that Anthony’s death just now has angered the Dominic family

‘Mr. Axel is definitely here for revenge.

‘Otherwise, before the real battle between the chosen ones, why would Mr. Axel take action?

‘That kid must have offended the Dominic family just now by not saving Anthony.

“Oh no! Oh no!

‘I was thinking of getting to know him, but I don’t think I will have a chance now.

‘It is impossible for David to survive at the hands of the Dominic family.’

“Boy, state your name! I’ll leave a whole corpse for your family!” Axel said arrogantly.

“You’re going to kill me?” David asked suspiciously.

“Otherwise? Do you think I’m here to play with you?”

“Why? We don’t seem to know each other, right? Did I offend you?”

“Why? Do I still need to give a reason for the actions of the Dominic family? If you really want to know, I can tell you too! It’s because you have this ability, yet you didn’t save Anthony. In my opinion, you’re insulting the Dominic family, and anyone who insults the Dominic family will have one ending and that’s death!”

“Are you with the one who just died?”

“Exactly! He is my seventh brother! And I am Axel Dominic, the first heir of the Dominic family, do you think I should kill you for this?”

“You’re going to kill me just because I didn’t save him?”

“Is that not allowed?” “Although I don’t understand what your family is thinking, I need to tell you that your brother’s heart has been punctured by a bullet and even the gods can’t save him after that! That’s why I only saved Miss Rogers,” David explained.

He wanted to give Axel a chance.

This was because he would not be merciful to whoever wanted to kill him.

After all, there was no enmity between the two parties.

It would be best if the other party could understand this.

If they could not and still insisted on killing David after this, then sorry.

David did not have a habit of leaving his enemy with a way out.

“Even if you can’t save him, you must still try first! If you went on to save others first, then you must die!”

“Are all the people in the Dominic family so domineering?”

“Hahaha… You are right, my family has always been that domineering,” Axel said with a guffaw.

The conversation between the two blew up the audience.

“Zimmerman! What should we do?” Goldie asked nervously.

David had just saved her life and she did not want David to die.

Besides, David even aroused the hostility of the Dominic family because he had saved her first.

Clinton was also clueless at this point.

The other party obviously wanted to kill David.

“Dave, give up! Don’t give the Dominic family a chance to strike!” Clinton yelled at David on the stage.

“I killed Anthony, so you should come at me if you have the balls!” Goldie also shouted at the stage.

“Don’t worry! After this kid dies, it will be your tum next! Not only will you die, but I will also not spare the Rogers family,” Axel said sinisterly.

His words instantly made the countless people present shudder.

The Dominic family could really kill and exterminate an entire family. And they used to do exactly that.

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