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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 625

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 625

Although his plan had been sabotaged by Augustus, David bore no hatred for him. 

On the contrary, because of what Augustus said, David felt a great affection for Augustus and the King family When there was a chance in the future, he would get in touch with the King family and see if everyone in that family share this idea.

After this incident, David was not in the mood to continue talking nonsense with these people,

“Killer, bring me Miles,” David yelled.

Killer walked over to David with Miles.

At this time, Miles had fallen into a coma because of his serious injuries and the pressure of imminent death.

David grabbed Miles’ neck and slowly floated into the air.

After he ascended about seven or eight floors high, he stopped.

It was not surprising that someone who was halfway to God Rank could float in the air for a short time.

After stopping in the air, David said, “The person in my hand is Miles Pearson, a descendant of the hidden Pearson family. There should be some people here who know him.”

David finished and held Miles up in front of him, showing his face to the others before turning around.

Many people saw what Miles looked like from the window.

“It really is Miles! I know him! We had a drink together yesterday!”

“How is that possible? How dare Silver Face touch someone from the Pearson family?”

“Since Miles is in Silver Face’s hands, what about Abel? The second head of the Pearson family? Where is he? He is also a master who’s halfway to God Rank!”

“The descendant of the Pearson family is in Silver Face’s hands, and we don’t know if he’s alive or dead. Why aren’t the people from the Pearson family here?”

After confirming Miles’ identity, everyone started discussing among themselves.

At the same time, they were curious.

At this moment, David continued, “This person named Miles who is in my hands couldn’t keep it in his pants when he saw a young and beautiful attendant and raped her last night. In the end, the attendant could not bear the disgrace and jumped down from the hotel, killing herself.

“The rule of Dark Cape is an eye for an eye. No matter who you are, if you’re here and you make a mistake, you will have to accept the consequences. Miles killed the attendant because

of his lust, so he’ll pay for it with his life.” After David said that, he exerted some force on his hand and directly broke Miles par

Then, he tossed Miles to the ground from above.


When Miles’ corpse hit the ground, it caused a loud noise. Everyone shuddered and looked blankly at David ,who was suspended in the air. ‘He dared to kill a descendant of the Pearson family. ‘Is he not scared of the revenge by the Pearson family? ‘The Pearson family is a huge family with a God Rank guardian, while Silver Face is just halfway to God Rank! ‘Right, where is the person who’s also halfway to God Rank in the Pearson family? ‘Why is he not here? ‘Did something happen to him?’

“Abel Pearson has been imprisoned by me and he’s waiting for the God Rank guardian from the Pearson family to save him. As for whether he will survive until then, that will depend on my mood. In case you dare to do something like this again, let Miles from the Pearson family serve as an example for you.”

After David said that, everyone stared at him with their jaws on the floor.

Abel, a master who was halfway to God Rank from the Pearson family, was taken down by Silver Face and had been imprisoned. Wasn’t Silver Face a master who was halfway to God Rank as well? How could he take down Abel so silently?

This news was too shocking.

They needed some time to digest this.

“The reason I am here today is to warn everyone, or rather, punish Miles as an example to you all. Anyone who goes against the rules here should take care of the issue and get the forgiveness of the victims. If I have to go to you personally, then the matter won’t be resolved so easily.

“Of course, you can also work together to kill me just like what you said just now. That way, you can do whatever you want in Dark Cape and no one will control you. However, if you want to kill me, you should be prepared to die.”

When David said the word ‘die’, the strength in his body immediately poured out like a valve had been opened. Everyone felt a destructive aura overwhelming them and they felt suffocated. This included the people who were halfway to the God Rank. Crash crash crash crash crash crash crash! The glass on the windows in the three buildings that were facing David were all broken. Everyone felt as if they had been choked. Inside Lorraine’s room, she fell to the ground as the entire room was filled with glass shards.

Taylor stood in front of Lorraine and blocked most of the aura for her.

At this moment, Taylor was gasping for air.

The glass shards ripped her clothes and even sliced open her smooth skin, leaving some small bloody marks. “Master?” Lorraine quickly got up to support Taylor. Lorraine could not believe the scene just now.

He only released a burst of energy and he managed to hurt her master who was halfway to God Rank!

How was this possible? “I’m fine,” Taylor answered. “Master, he…he…he…”

“Judging from that burst of energy, he should be above a mid-level God Ranker. He’s even more powerful than the senior elder!” Taylor said.

‘More powerful than the senior elder?’

Lorraine was dumbfounded.

Inside Augustus’ room, he was standing in front of Raymond and Selena after having blocked the strong energy David released.

“U-U-Uncle Augustus?” Raymond stammered.

“Father,” Selena also called out softly.

It was just one word but her voice was melodic, sweet, and pleasant to the ears. “I’m fine. Even though I can’t defeat him, I can still block his energy,” Augustus laughed.

The situation in this room was different from Lorraine’s room. Augustus completely blocked the sudden burst of energy coming from David. Therefore, Raymond and Selena were not hurt at all. The glass shards from the window were all stopped at the side of the window. Evidently, Augustus was much more powerful than Taylor, the third elder of the Krums. Especially since he had broken through the halfway mark and was now a true God Rank guardian.

Even though he was just at the beginner stage of God Rank, he was still not comparable to someone who was halfway to God Rank. As for the other rooms, they were in slightly better shape if there was someone who was halfway to the God Rank inside.

However, the ones without such a guardian were in a tragic state.

Even so, David knew how to control himself.

His strong mind power covered the entire area, but he limited his strength so he did not hurt

too many people.

Right now, they were just very shocked. He wanted this effect.

He wanted to intimidate everyone so that they would follow the rules in Dark Cape and not dare to have any other bad thoughts.

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