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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 621

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 621

 “I can’t see through him, I just can’t.” Taylor looked at David and shook her head. She still could not see through David at all up until now.

Even if David was prepared, or even more extreme, David had broken through the God Rank and become a guardian, she also could not understand why David dared to say something that would offend everyone.

Not only were there more than ten people who were halfway to the God Rank here, but more importantly, the people here represented almost all the hidden sects and families in Somerland How powerful were these forces combined? It would be no exaggeration to say that this force could easily overturn the entire country of Somerland if Somerland did not have Mason, a terrifying peak God Ranker. ‘How dare a lowly captain of Red Flame Mercenaries offend so many forces at the same time? ‘Where did he come from?’ Taylor’s heart was also full of doubts.

“Master, I have a question for you,” Lorraine said suddenly.

“Ask away,” Taylor said. “Is it possible for a young man in his early twenties to reach the height of someone who’s halfway to God Rank?” Lorraine asked what was on her mind.

“Lori, did you discover something?” Taylor asked, looking at David’s masked figure. “I think this Silver Face person looks a lot like a person I know.” “Who?”

“A young man in his early twenties! His name is David Lidell.”

Lorraine then told her master Taylor the two encounters she had with David in detail.

After hearing that, Taylor was silent for a while. Then, she said, “I’ve never heard of someone reaching halfway to the God Rank in their early twenties. This person should not be human at all!”

“But Master, you said that according to the records of the sect, the world is about to be in a catastrophe soon. In such a huge era, many geniuses will emerge as the times require! Therefore, it’s very possible for such a monster to suddenly appear, right?” “No matter how much of a monster he is, there must be a limit, right? Someone being halfway to the God Rank in their early twenties has never appeared in Somerland’s thousands of years of history. You must know that somerland has also experienced several great eras. The most recent one was a hundred years ago, and the one who led that era was Old Master Mason Stefani. Now, he is also the top master in the world. He suppressed all the hidden sects and families by himself. However, even he wouldn’t have reached those heights in his early twenties.”

Lorraine did not ask any further questions. Instead, she was fascinated by the masked David downstairs. Although her master Taylor had clearly told her that it was impossible, she still had a tinge of doubt in her heart. As for whether David and Silver Face were the same people, she needed to slowly verify this suspicion.

David waited for a long time, but no one moved. Then, he shouted again, “Why are you not talking? Don’t you want to kill me together? Don’t be such cowards! Can you be men? Don’t make me look down on you beasts! Even a cornered dog will jump over the wall while a rabbit will bite when they’re anxious! Are you even worse than these animals?”

David continued to challenge these people. He hoped that they would take action first so that he would be forced to fight back. If he accidentally killed them, it would not be his fault, right? If he acted first, he would seem like a bully since he was stronger. After all, he was already a peak God Ranker.

If he took action against these people who were halfway to God Rank first, it would make him look arrogant, and he would become a laughing stock. However, it would not be the same if he was forced to fight back. One could not insult the prestige of a peak God Ranker. “Everyone, you heard him! Silver Face is disrespecting all of us! If we continue to stay silent, how will our families and sects show our faces if word about this got out? How are we going to recruit more people in the future?”

“You’re right! Since Silver Face is not going to respect us, then we’ll give him a lesson that he’ll never forget! Even if he has backup, I don’t believe that he can block so many people attacking him at once! Plus, the measly Red Flame Mercenaries cannot compare to the force behind us.”

“I second this motion! I agree to us working together!”

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