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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 620

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 620

They were just a bunch of feel-good punks who were not in touch with reality. They would become a scourge sooner or later if David kept them around.

It would be better to get rid of them now. David’s arrogant and domineering actions dissatisfied many people, but no one dared to do anything The people who just said they would join forces to kill David were silent. If someone dared to scold so many people so arrogantly, it was either they were a fool or they were simply courting death.

Or, they had the confidence because they had back up supporting him, causing them to be unafraid of these people joining forces.

As the captain of the Red Flame Mercenaries, David was halfway to God Rank, so could he be a fool?


Clearly not! In that case, there was only one possibility. David had backup.

After all, he was the owner of Dark Cape.

He had controlled Dark Cape for so long, so it was normal for him to be prepared.

At this time, no one wanted to be the first one to test him.

Although many people were halfway to God Rank here, each major force only had one person who was leading the team. Everyone had their own plans, and they could not join forces. To kill David who was halfway to God Rank, at least three people who were halfway to God Rank needed to join forces.

Moreover, they also needed to avoid possible accidents, so after some calculations they needed at least five or more God Rankers. “Master, how dare he?” Lorraine looked at David standing below in surprise. The words David just said offended almost everyone here.

He was just halfway to God Rank, so how could he dare do this?

There were quite a few powerful masters who were halfway to God Rank here.

Once he provoked these people to join forces, it would be no joke. Even the guardians at the early stage of the God Rank would have to weigh out the pros and cons of doing something like this. The more Lorraine looked, the more familiar Silver Face became. She had definitely seen this guy somewhere.


Lorraine suddenly thought of a person.


The young man whom she had met twice.

Once at the Gooding residence and once at Old Master Stefani’s residence.

They had the same body, same mysteriousness, and she could not see through the both of them…

Lorraine combined the two figures in her mind.

The only difference between the two was the mask.

‘No way!’ Lorraine shook off her unrealistic thought. David was in his early twenties, so how was it possible for him to have reached such heights?

Silver Face was at least halfway to God Rank or maybe even higher.

Despite this, these two figures lingered in Lorraine’s mind. She might have been expecting something in her heart.

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