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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1000

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1000

 The news that Mia went looking for David early in the morning was immediately passed on to Fergus. 


Fergus directly smashed the cup in his hand. 

“David is seriously pushing his luck. How dare he touch my woman? Does he want to die?” Fergus roared. 

He had been eying Mia for a long time and had already regarded Mia as his own. 

Now, this punk who appeared out of nowhere was going to steal from him? 

Plus, he was the one who indirectly caused this. 

How would he not feel mad? 

If he had not arranged for the space pirates to intercept Mia, how would David get the chance to save her? 

The two would not even get a chance to know each other at all. 

“Master Fergus, please calm down. Until we find out who David is, we should hold back. Now is the most critical moment for you to compete for the head of the younger 

generation of the Callisto family. There cannot be any accidents,” Heathcliffe persuaded him. 

“Heathcliffe, what kind of identity do you think David has? Burke has always been stubborn and intractable, so there are not many people who can make him restrain himself publicly.” 

“I can‘t figure this out either. I haven‘t heard of a bigshot named Lidell in the Milky Way‘s vicinity. Of course, it‘s not impossible that they are hiding in the dark. After all, the Milky Way is too large. Master Fergus, you can go to Burke to find out. He should know something about this.” 

Fergus thought for a while and decided to listen to Heathcliffe‘s advice and go to Burke. 


He was at a critical period right now. 

Fergus still knew how to prioritize between a woman and being the head of the younger generation of the Callisto 


The most important thing for him now was to get the position of the head of the younger generation of the Callisto family. 

After he married the daughter of the Milky Way Empire‘s minister, his odds of success would be much greater with the latter‘s support. 

Fergus took Heathcliffe to the palace where Burke lived and found Burke. 

“I wonder why you‘re looking for me, Master Fergus,” Burke said, holding a beautiful and enchanting woman in 

each arm. 

“Burke, I won‘t beat around the bush with you. Who is David? Please tell me,” Fergus said, going straight to the point. 

“How would I know? This is the first time I have met this David person. If you want to know David‘s identity , you should ask the Dance Fairy. Why did you come here?” 

“Burke, a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. Everyone knows your temperament. If you act soft toward David in front of so many people, you must know something, so don‘t hide it anymore.” 

“Master Fergus, you misunderstood. I didn‘t know anything. Instead, I‘m just doing that for the sake of the Dance Fairy. After all, I invited Dance Fairy, and David saved her life. If I fight with David, the Dance Fairy will definitely get implicated. Tell me, what should I do then? I told everyone that the Dance Fairy will be dancing at my banquet a few days later. I don‘t want to be the laughing stock of the galaxy, so I just endured it for the time being,” Burke explained. 

Of course, he would not tell Fergus the truth. 

He even wished the two of them would fight because of Mia so he could see who was the more powerful one. 

It would sure be a sight to behold. 

Fergus did not speak. Instead, he stared at Burke for a 

long time. 

He was judging whether Burke was telling the truth. 

“A brat who appeared all of a sudden dared to disrespect you, Burke Lutgen, and he‘s even doing it on your Planet Boundless. Can you genuinely swallow this grievance ?” Fergus asked. 

“How is that possible? I‘m only doing it for the time being. After the banquet, I‘ll show that kid the consequences of offending me. However, you also seem to be at odds with him, right? Everyone knows you fancy the Dance Fairy, so David is slapping you in the face by doing this,” Burke ruminated. “Since you know David is our common enemy, why don‘t we work together?” Fergus asked. 

“No! You said David is a brat that appeared out of nowhere. If others find otu you‘re acting against someone like this and even asked for my help, wouldn‘t I look very bad? If you can endure this and not do anything, I‘ll naturally take action against him after the banquet,” Burke rejected, He said this not because he wanted to take action against David. Instead, he wanted Fergus to think that he would do something as long as Fergus stayed put. 

Burke knew that despite looking like a nobleman, Fergus was actually very narrow–minded. 

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