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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1959

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1959

Theo moved into Rose Garden that very day.

The rest of the bodyguards in Tilan Palace felt envious when they found out about the news. Even Samson had something to say about Theo’s elaborate scheme.

“Way to go, Theo. No wonder you were so keen on sending me off to the hospital that day. That move got you into Rose Garden.”

Theo kept silent.

He didn’t move into Rose Garden because of Rosalie.

Nobody knew that he wriggled his way in because he had a mission to accomplish.

Theo scrutinized the map of Rose Garden until his gaze finally landed on Rosalie’s deceased mother’s room.

“Are you sure Hugo’s trading records in the black market are kept in this room?”

“Yes.” Lana’s firm voice sounded through the earpiece.

“He is a sly old fox. According to our investigation, Tilan Palace’s penthouse is just a bluff. He keeps all his secret documents in his legitimate wife’s room.”

Lana added to support her explanation.

Theo frowned upon her words.

Who would have thought that this old fox still harbor feelings for his legitimate wife?

Just as Theo was about to switch off his earpiece to prepare for tonight’s action plan, he suddenly heard voices coming from the direction of the penthouse through his other earpiece.

“Mr. Tilan, our spies sent word. The Jadesons has not been planning the engagement ceremony.”


Theo could tell that Hugo sounded very surprised through his earpiece.

“Why not? I thought we’ve confirmed that his eldest son is getting engaged?”

“Yes, but they have yet to make a move since then. But don’t worry, Mr. Tilan, there isn’t any action from Sebastian yet as well.”

Zylan immediately added to ease Hugo’s worries.

Is Sebastian one to sit on his hands? If that’s the case, then why did he cancel his eldest son’s engagement party?

Hugo fell into deep thought.

On the other hand, Theo, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, was equally shocked.

Ian’s engagement ceremony has been canceled? Why?

Could it be there has been a change in the circumstances in Jadeborough?But Uncle Devin knows about this. And he said he wouldn’t tell Daddy just yet.

If that is the case…

Theo started to worry.

He decided not to drag it out anymore. He would strike tonight and leave this place as soon as he gets his hands on Hugo’s trading journal.

Theo walked out of his room.

“Theo, Ms. Rosalie called for you.”

“Got it.”

He nodded and headed toward the second floor where Rosalie was without another word.

However, much to his dismay, he saw Rosalie throwing a mug hysterically at the housemaid when he reached the door. She did all this while lying on the bed.

“What is this? Are you trying to poison me?”

“I wouldn’t dare. Please, Ms. Tilan. I would never dare do such a thing.”

The housemaid was so scared that she immediately fell to her knees.

Theo’s face darkened when he saw the scene unfold before him.

He despised willful and arrogant women like her. He preferred women who were kind, obedient, and cute, or women like his sister, Vivian, and his aunt, Sabrina.

Even Timothy’s girlfriend, Zaylynn, seemed like a much better person than Rosalie. Zaylynn is an heiress too, but she most certainly is not spoilt rotten like Rosalie!

Theo entered the room with a grim expression.

“You may leave. I’ll take care of this,” he said to the housemaid on the ground, who was shivering with fright.

The housemaid immediately cleaned up the broken pieces of glass on the floor and fled the room.

Theo then turned to face Rosalie whose head was wrapped in bandages.

“Ms. Tilan, I suggest you hold your temper if you wish to get a foothold in the Tilan family. Things will only get harder if you make everyone here your enemy since you don’t have anyone to back you up.

“Are you trying to teach me a lesson?”

Rosalie’s temper flared upon his words. She wasn’t expecting to be reprimanded by Theo when she called him over.

However, Theo remained unfazed.

“I’m just giving you some advice. It’s up to you to take it or not,” he said patiently.

He could have kept the words to himself. Nevertheless, he decided against it since he had been using Rosalie all this while. Moreover, he would be leaving tonight. Hence, he reluctantly gave her some pointers.

Yet, being the ungrateful woman that she was, Rosalie retorted.

“Hehe. Who do you think you are? Need I be reminded of what to do? Do you think you can step all over me now?”

Rosalie started calling out for her bodyguards once again as Theo stood before her with a frown.

This is ridiculous!

After a few minutes, he was escorted out of the room by her bodyguards. They imprisoned him in the basement and told him to reflect upon his conduct.

How childish!

Suddenly, Theo was filled with joy as he stared at the dimly lit room. Idiot. This will only make things easier for me.

He quietly took the needle out of his pocket sleeve.

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