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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1957

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1957

Theo quickly followed her.

He initially thought it would be a calm and peaceful day at the university. However, when Rosalie went to the washroom after two classes, she accidentally stepped on something and fell on the floor. Bang!

“My god. Someone fell!”

The commotion caused the girls in the washroom to shriek in shock.

At that time, Theo was waiting outside the washroom. Once the girls screamed, he couldn’t care less about anything else and rushed into it.

Rosalie had collapsed onto the floor and passed out when he arrived. Also, a pool of blood was found under her head.

Theo’s expression turned grimmer when he glanced around the area and saw a few rolling marbles near the door.

About ten minutes later, Samson swiftly brought Rosalie out of the university and admitted her to the hospital.

As for Theo, he didn’t follow Samson to the hospital but headed toward the neighboring faculty building.

“Theo, what are you doing?”

“Tell Shannon to come out now.” Theo didn’t intend to waste his time greeting them. He immediately asked the two bodyguards at the entrance to tell Shannon to come out.

As he expected, the bodyguards were unwilling to heed his instruction.

“Who do you think you are? Will Ms. Tilan come out just because you want to see her?”

“Exactly. Don’t treat yourself as somebody just because Ms. Rosalie values you now. Do you know that in Tilan Palace, even if your boss is humiliated, she will have no chance to fight back.”


With that, the two bodyguards chuckled mockingly.

As they were laughing, Theo squinted, deep in thought.

Suddenly, he recalled the injury on Rosalie’s mouth and face on the night she was beaten.

/ understand what happens now! Apart from her sisters, even the subordinates are bold enough to bully her. They would only gloat over it even if they saw Shannon beating her!

After a while, Theo decided to ignore them and entered the building.

“How dare you-“


Before the bodyguard could finish, Theo threw him to the ground as fast as lightning. The next moment, everyone around could hear the sound of bones breaking.

My goodness!

Another bodyguard was shocked by the sight.

Just as he wanted to help, Theo threw a kick at him like an eagle that had been lurking around its prey.

Before the bodyguard could figure out what happened, Theo’s two fingers were only about an inch away from his eyes.

“Theo, please calm down”

At that moment, his body trembled.

Theo’s claw-shaped fingers in front of his eyes sent shivers down his spine.

How terrifying! How did he do it?

Fortunately, Theo decided to let the bodyguard off the hook and throw him onto the floor. The bodyguard quickly entered the classroom and brought Shannon out.

She said in a shivering voice, “W-What do you want? I’m Ms. Tilan. If y-you dare lay a finger on me, my father won’t let you off the hook.”

“Give it a try then,” Theo responded coldly.

The next moment, he dragged her out of the building like a dog before the crowd.

Everyone on campus was shocked by the sight.

It was their first time seeing someone laying a finger on Ms. Tilan. More shockingly, the one who did it was the family’s bodyguard.

Is this the so-called family-fight?

Everyone began to feel excited about it.

After a while, the crowd grew even more emotional, for Theo took Shannon to the building of students of higher grade, where her sister Melinda belonged.

This is going to be interesting.

As such, they waited patiently for a good show.


Soon, someone kicked the door of Melinda’s classroom open and threw Shannon into it like a sandbag.

Shannon was right in front of Melinda when she fell onto the floor.

“Ah!” Shannon shrieked in pain and burst into tears before her sister.

In the meantime, Melinda was rooted to the floor once she saw Shannon.

As she looked up at Theo, her pure-looking face turned into a ferocious one.

“What are you doing? Do you want to die?”

“This question should be asked by me. Ms. Melinda, have you thought about how you would like to die if something untoward happens to Ms. Rosalie today?” Filled with disgust, Theo asked Melinda, who had finally shown her true colors.

Melinda’s face changed once she heard the accusation.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean by something untoward? I have no idea about what happened. Why are you going berserk before me?”

“Is that so? In that case, do you want me to find you some proof?” Theo asked her back expressionlessly.

Nonetheless, the woman was not intimidated at all.

“Sure. Go ahead. I won’t resist if you can find any so- called proof. Nevertheless, if you can’t find anything, prepare to die!” she retorted ferociously.

Theo didn’t respond to it.

Slowly, he turned around and scanned the classroom. When he saw a laptop on the podium, he came up to it and began typing.

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