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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1951

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1951

“Chief, are we going to close the case just like that? As for information on that celebrity, should we also put them together with the case files?”

“Let’s destroy them. After all, the information belongs to Interpol, and we didn’t obtain them through official means. Pass me those documents. I’ll make a call to the higher-ups and get rid of the files myself.”

The police chief knew that the information had to be handled appropriately. In order to prevent anything from going wrong, he decided to exercise caution and destroy the documents personally.

As such, the police officer went to retrieve those files.

Meanwhile, Ian and Susan did not want to interrupt the police’s work and decided to wait at one side. They would talk to the chief after he had finished settling his tasks.

However, neither of them expected to see a familiar photo at the police station.

The photo had a red background and showed a stage. Under the dazzling lights, the man in the photo was shining so brightly that he looked ethereal.

Even though he was alluring and had a pretty face, he did not appear feminine at all. In fact, he was so handsome and looked so glamorous on stage that both men and women would be captivated by his charm!

Ian’s mind went blank for a second, and in the next instant, he leaped up from his seat.

“What’s this? Why would you have his photo?”


The police chief was taken aback by the man’s sudden reaction. After recovering from his slight shock, he proceeded to explain to Ian what had happened to the man in the photo.

“Mr. Hayes, do you know him? This person… He’s actually the victim of this case. Both of his kidneys were removed by the perpetrators. He called the police before he died.

It was also because of him that we managed to catch the culprits.*

Right after he finished speaking, all color drained out of the face of the young man standing in front of him. Ian’s body started swaying, and he looked like he was about to collapse.


When Susan saw that, she immediately grabbed and steadied him. She, too, was feeling a barrage of emotions and could barely believe what she had just heard.

That’s so sudden! How could that have happened?

A whirlwind of thoughts ran through Susan’s mind. She looked toward Ian, who was usually calm and composed, and realized that his body was trembling.

“Are you sure it’s him? When did that happen? Why was I not informed of it?”

Everyone in the police station was stunned when they heard Ian’s questions.

They could easily give him the answers to his first two questions. However, they were confused about his last question as they did not understand why the young man would need to be informed of the criminal cases that the police were handling.

Even though he was the president of Hayes Corporation, that did not seem to be any of his business.

“Mr. Hayes, this happened a while back. His kidneys were taken one year ago. He managed to survive another year after escaping, but he passed away recently due to organ failure.”

“As for your last question, I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. This case originally belonged to Interpol, and it was only handed to us because similar victims were found in our country.

Due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to let you know the rest of the details-“

“The man is his uncle!”

Susan interrupted the chief suddenly, her voice filled with anguish.

At that instant, the atmosphere went still.

Everyone in the police station could barely believe what they had just heard and looked toward the young couple in shock.


How could there be such a coincidence?

“Ian, are you all right? Don’t panic first. Maybe… maybe they made a mistake? Why don’t you go out and rest for a while? I’ll find out more details from them.”

Susan looked at the young man she was supporting and realized that he was in so much shock that he was unable to speak. His face was also as pale as a sheet.

At that moment, the woman’s only thought was to get him out of that place.

She had heard about the Emmanuel family. They were Ian’s extended relatives. Even though the Emmanuels did not treat Ian’s family very well, Brandon had always been especially kind to them, and he had always favored Ian.

Back then, Sasha had faked her death and left Ian with Sebastian. As Brandon had feelings for Sasha, naturally, he treated her son very well.

That was also why Ian had such a hard time accepting what he had just heard.

He could not remember how he left the police station. The next thing he knew, he was already in the car when he regained his senses.

Meanwhile, Susan was in the driver’s seat. The scenery outside the car window was passing by quickly.

“How are you feeling? Do you want some water?”

Susan had been watching Ian through the rearview mirror. When she saw his gaze shifting, she spoke to him immediately.

However, Ian did not reply as he simply did not have the energy to speak.

He leaned against the car seat for a long time while looking out of the window with lifeless eyes.

Suddenly, he lifted his finger and pointed outside. Immediately, Susan understood what the man meant and turned the car around before driving onto the bridge, which appeared to be colored red under the warm evening sun.

Death itself was not scary.

What was terrifying was those people who believed that they had the right to end the lives of others.

When Susan opened the car door, for the first time ever, she felt a murderous aura surrounding Ian. He seemed so enraged that it was as if he was capable of destroying the heavens and earth.

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