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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1950

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1950

It was a fine day in Yartran, Atlantius.

As the triplet’s birthday and the engagement of Ian and Susan were around the corner, Ian and the others decided to go back.

“It’s such a shame that Matt can’t make it.”

Vivian was a sensitive person. When she thought about how Matteo would not be able to attend their birthday party, she could not help but feel down about it.

Kurt noticed her sudden sadness and comforted her, “He’s gone for training, and that’s a good thing. He’s been looking forward to such an amazing opportunity forever. Once he’s done with the training, he will definitely come back.”

“He’s right, Vivi,” Susan said.

To be honest, Susan herself was also getting more nervous as time passed. As she had never experienced such events before, it was natural that she would feel anxious about her engagement.

“We can gather together again once Matteo comes home,” Susan suggested.

Vivian soon cheered up after hearing that.

On the same day in the afternoon, Ian booked flight tickets for all four of them. However, when evening time rolled around, he suddenly received a call.

“Hello, Mr. Hayes. I’m Lieutenant Vincent. We’ve already managed to capture the criminal gang from before. It’s because of you that we could solve the case successfully. After the police department found out that you have contributed greatly, they want to invite you over to thank you properly. Are you available?”

“No.” The minute Ian realized what this call was about, he rejected Vincent’s offer without hesitation.

After all, he was not someone who liked to mingle around. There was no reason for him to go.

Ian decided to end the call.

However, Vincent seemed to sense this, for he quickly added, “Mr. Hayes, it would be a wonderful opportunity for the development of your company if you came. Because you helped the police department, they definitely want to work with you. To be able to partner with officials is a huge deal. You will be able to earn a lot from this partnership.”

He was smiling as he said so.

Ian frowned for a moment. In the end, he agreed to the invitation.

Soon enough, Ian and Susan headed toward the agreed venue. When Susan realized that they were going to discuss business matters with the officials, she quickly prepared her files, laptop, and everything else she could think of.

It was what an assistant should do, after all.

Both of them then left for the local police station.

When they arrived, Vincent was already waiting for them at the entrance. He remained standing there as he looked at the two getting out of the fiery red luxury car.

He would be lying if he said he was not jealous at all.

Such a beautiful and smart woman had chosen someone else in the end. Any man interested in her would feel regret.

Vincent waited for them to enter the building.


“Hello, Ms. Limmer.” Vincent smiled as he reached a hand out toward Susan.

However, just before they could make any bodily contact “Where are they?”

The young man beside Susan had a grim expression on his face, and the hand that Vincent had reached out to shake was already in Ian’s grip.

Susan was at a loss for words.

What a jealous man.

Vincent felt pretty exasperated at Ian’s reaction. All he could do now was to lead the two into the building.

As the problem of illegally selling and purchasing organs had occurred several times in the city, the police department had flagged it as a serious case. Therefore, once the case had successfully been cracked, many superiors came to the local police station that day to celebrate.

When Ian entered the building, many people could be seen celebrating happily.

“The case is finally solved. We can have a good night’s rest now.”

“Exactly. However, if it weren’t for that celebrity’s report, we probably wouldn’t have been able to catch the culprits at all.”

“You’re right.”

They were all discussing amongst themselves. As they mentioned the celebrity that had helped them a great deal, their tones were filled with gratitude and wistfulness.

Ian paid them no attention.

He wasn’t particularly fond of events like this. If it weren’t for his company’s development, he wouldn’t even think of attending it at all.

Ian walked over to the police chief.

“Chief, this is Mr. Hayes. He’s the person in charge of the Hayes Corporation branch over here,” Vincent introduced Ian to the chief of the police department.


The chief, who was holding a glass of champagne, instantly put the glass down when he heard Vincent. He looked at Ian with wide eyes.

“I’ve heard of your father, Mr. Hayes. I never thought that you would be just as brilliant. Not only are you still a student here, but you have established such an impressive company. You’re an amazing young man,” he praised.

“Thanks,” Ian merely replied lazily.

Susan, on the other hand, walked forward from behind Ian after noticing how bad he was at socializing.

“Mr. Hayes only did what he should have. The police have always been hard at work protecting US. As citizens, we should do our best to cooperate with the police and help in any way we can.”

She definitely had a wonderful way with words.

The chief, who was still in a cheerful mood, instantly looked at Susan.

“Thank you so much for your help. Because of you, we were able to successfully crack the case. Therefore, the police department has decided to work together with you and your company.”

“All right,” Susan instantly replied happily.

She then quickly brought out some documents, including a blank contract, and moved to pass it to the young man next to them, inviting him to have a seat and start discussing the particulars.

However, just as she was about to do so, a police officer walked into the building.

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