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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1946

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1946

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” Hugo asked the handsome young man.

Theo returned his stare without a word.

His face was wounded. Besides getting punched in his abdomen downstairs, he got hit in the face. Thus, a trail of blood trickled down the corner of his lips.

Nevertheless, Theo’s lips twitched when he heard the question from Hugo’s lips.

“What use is that?” he responded calmly.

Hmm, interesting answer.

A smile nudged Hugo’s lips when he realized there was no fear in the young man’s eyes.

“Indeed, if I want to kill you, I won’t change my mind even if you go on your knees to beg for my forgiveness.

However, you’ll need to provide me a reason to spare your life,” Hugo told him.

With that said, he retracted his cane and strode over to the couch.

Rosalie parted her lips in an attempt to defend the bodyguard again, but Zylan grabbed her hand and gestured for her to stay put.

“I had two choices back there, so I picked the one that would give me a higher chance of surviving,” Theo answered.


Theo explained, “Yes. If Mrs. Tilan were to slap Ms. Tilan and humiliate you, I’d die once I get back here. But if I chose to defend Ms. Tilan, you might spare my life since I was smart and loyal to her.”

The bodyguard with a bloodied cut on his lip was pinned to the ground. No one had expected that his reason was so simple and straightforward.

Instantly, Rosalie blanched in horror.

Is he nuts? How could he say that? He’ll definitely die after saying that!

Her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach in despair.

To her surprise, Hugo, notorious for committing innumerable murders, decided to spare the bodyguard’s life.

“All right. You win. I’ll spare your life this once.”

Dumbfounded by his actions, everyone in the penthouse gasped at his generous gesture.

Theo was the only exception.

He lifted his pale face to stare at the owner of the Tilan empire quietly.

“I admire those who aren’t afraid of death. I hope you’ll continue acting this way to protect yourself, otherwise, you’ll die a more horrible death than the people you killed last night,” Hugo declared.

His gaze was fixed on the bodyguard as he flashed a smile.

Seeing that, everyone else lowered their heads hastily.

Even Zylan, who had worked under Hugo for years, felt a chill go down his spine. He couldn’t bring himself to meet Hugo’s gaze.

Hugo had the most terrifying expression on his face, looking like a vicious snake waiting for its prey. Once its prey moved, it would sink its teeth into its prey and kill the prey instantly.

Finally, Rosalie could leave the penthouse with Theo.

Once she came out, her legs gave way, and she nearly fell flat on the floor.

“Ms. Rosalie!”

By then, Theo had been released. He ignored the pain in his belly and came over to help her up.

Rosalie turned around slowly and gazed at him. The terror in her eyes was still evident.

“Release me!” she snapped.


Theo hung his head low and released his grip on her obediently.

A while later, she finally summoned the strength to get to her feet and marched away furiously.

/ won’t do anything this foolish ever again. He’s just a bodyguard. Why should I even bother? He has nothing to do with me.

At that thought, she stormed back to Rose Garden furiously.

Meanwhile, Zylan was still in the penthouse, waiting for his employer to relay his order.

Hugo asked, “Did you investigate that man thoroughly? Is he clean?”

“Yes. He came from Jetroina. He’s the son of an aide of the Terrandya Nogitas. After the Nogita family’s decline, they had to find a living for themselves. His father was addicted to gambling and ended up selling him and his mother. After his mother passed away, he worked for the casino’s owner. As he was merciless, the largest gang in Jetroina ended up recruiting him to be an assassin,” Zylan reported.

He specifically enunciated the last part.

If the mafia had recruited Theo, it meant that he was capable and had a clean background. Many gangs loved doing the same thing to get themselves reliable assassins.

A satisfied smile flitted across Hugo’s lips.

“If that’s the case, we can train him. He’s doing quite well. Keep him as a spare in case we need him,” he commanded.

“Yes.” Zylan was inwardly delighted.

He was about to leave when Hugo frowned and asked, “I heard Old Scum ran into trouble?”

“Y-Yes…” Zylan stammered as cold sweat formed on his brows.

His face was pale as he explained, “A year ago, he ran into a client that took a liking to an actor. The client asked him to make the introductions. It took Old Scum some time to get the actor, but the actor’s attitude changed drastically when he learned he had to please the client. He even got into a fight with the client.”

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