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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1941

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1941

Ian ultimately said nothing more and returned to school with Susan after getting his subordinates to cooperate with Vincent the best they can.

In the evening, Sasha called to inform him that Matteo was now undergoing training and would not be able to attend the engagement ceremony. In fact, it was Devin who had told her about this.

Ian simply responded that it was fine and that Matteo had already let him know personally.

Sasha felt relieved to hear that.

Unbeknown to the mother and son, however, was that as they spoke, a black MPV had pulled up at the entrance of the large building in Southeast Astoria that Ian had just glanced at through satellite imagery.

The building was none other than the formidable Tilan family’s base, Tilan Palace.

Located on an island in Southeast Astoria, it was so massive that it not only had a large garden, but also an airport, seaport, and casino.

In terms of world standards, not even the Hayeses owned such a high-profile place.

An event seemed to be going on as the black MPV arrived by ship. There were bodyguards standing in every corner of the brightly-lit palace.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Good day, sir. I’ve been summoned by Mr. Scalabrine. He told me to bring him some well-trained bodyguards, so here lam.”

Upon being questioned, the person-in-charge hopped out of the vehicle and took out a name card immediately, expressing that he had reached out before arriving.

Mr. Scalabrine? The boss?

The bodyguard concealed his icy glare in an instant and pulled out a walkie-talkie. “Give me a minute.”

He then walked to one side and spoke into the device.

A while later, a man emerged from inside the dazzling palace and walked straight toward the MPV.

“Mr. Scalabrine! It’s me, Fat Snake.”

The person in charge quickly waved at him with an ingratiating smile, looking like a dog trying to please its owner.

Zylan Scalabrine walked up to him.

Despite dressing casually, the middle-aged man looked especially insidious as he glanced in the direction of the MPV, causing everyone to tense up.

Fat Snake was no exception.

“These are the guys?”

“Yes, sir. As requested, I’ve brought you a few young and capable men. They’re also pretty clean. I’ve already looked into their details when I bought them off the black market”

Fat Snake handed over a stack of documents.

Zylan flipped through the papers. Seeing that everything was fine, he waved at the bodyguards, who then opened up the door to the MPV and pushed eight people out of the vehicle. These men had black cloth sacks over their heads.

Human rights certainly didn’t apply in a place like this. Just from the word “bought,” it was clear that the men were regarded as nothing more than traded goods.

“Show me their faces.”

“Yes, sir.”

Fat Snake personally removed all the cloth sacks covering the men’s heads.


The men squinted in discomfort from the sudden brightness entering their lines of sight.

Zylan began to scrutinize them.

They all look young and handsome. Ms. Tilan will certainly be pleased. But…


He suddenly threw a punch at one of the young men standing in front. Caught off guard, the latter clutched his stomach and bent over in pain.


“Good-for-nothing trash. Take him downstairs!”

With that, the fate of this young killer who appeared to be below the age of twenty-five was sealed, and no one knew what was about to happen to him.

Fear surged within the remaining young men as they saw that.

“What’s going on, Fat Snake? We didn’t ask to be treated like sh*t when you decided to pick US up from the black market.”

One of them finally mustered up the courage to speak.

Fat Snake fell dead silent for a brief moment.

Before he could respond, Zylan’s gaze fell on the young man like a venomous snake eyeing its prey, and the latter instinctively took a step back in response.

Yet, after seeing his comrades shivering in fear, he stopped in his tracks and continued to glare at Zylan, his eyes gleaming.

“What is your name?”


That was all the young killer could utter as he stared at the older man.


Seeing the way Theo insisted on meeting his gaze despite having turned white as a sheet, Zylan finally smirked.

“Very well. You can stay!” he remarked while pointing a finger at the young killer.

The young man froze briefly.

So… / can stay? But what about the others?

“Don’t be hasty, now. This is just the beginning,” Zylan continued as though having read Theo’s thoughts. “Ms. Tilan needs two bodyguards, so if you can stay, you’ll receive ten million as compensation every month. But if you can’t stay, don’t even think about going back.”

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