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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1926

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1926

Although Susan’s dad had passed away, she couldn’t count on her mom to make any decisions for her big day. As a twenty-two-year-old girl, she had never experienced big moments in life like that but had to shoulder everything alone. One could imagine how nervous and lost she would be, albeit smart.

“Susan, what happened? You don’t seem to be in a good mood.”

“N-Nothing…” Susan quickly denied it.

When Sasha saw her response, she put down the dress album, held Susan’s hand gently, and sat on the couch in the haute couture store.

“Susan, I’ve asked Ian about your engagement with him. Ian will respect your decision no matter what. We can postpone the event if you disagree with it. Also, we can discuss it after both of you have graduated,” Sasha proposed as she could sense Susan’s uneasiness.

“N-No. I didn’t mean that…”

Once Sasha finished, Susan looked up and denied it.

Deep down, she could hardly imagine how Ian would react if she mentioned the word “disagree.”

After a while, she awkwardly lowered her gaze and spoke her mind in front of Sasha. “I just… don’t know what to do because I’ve never experienced it before.”

It wasn’t until now that Sasha realized what troubled


After leaving the haute couture store, Sasha gave her a lift to Jasper Lake.

“Susan, do you want to go back to the university?”


“It’s okay. Parents on both sides can help arrange your marriage. I can talk to your mom if you’re okay with it, so you can put your mind at ease and continue studying. After we’ve come up with some suggestions, you can give your comments and share your views,” Sasha comforted Susan in the car.

Her words settled Susan’s chaotic mind. Susan was like a sailboat that wandered amid a storm but finally arrived at a haven. At that moment, she felt relieved like never before.

She’s right. Why should I be worried?

With that, Susan went back home with delight.

Sigrith was on the balcony when she saw Susan come out of Sasha’s car. As such, she mocked Susan in the living room, “Did she drive you home again? Susan, you treat her like your mom, even though you aren’t even married yet. How amazing!”

At that time, Timothy had returned to his room and didn’t hearthat.

Thud! This time, Susan couldn’t take it any longer. She dropped everything in her hands and came up to Sigrith.

“Mom, I can’t understand why you are holding such a deep grudge against them. Have you forgotten who saved you? Do you remember who let US go when Jared wanted to kill US after dad passed away? Don’t you think we are able to live in peace because of them?” Susan questioned Sigrith with tears.

Instantly, Sigrith’s face became red, for Susan had touched her sore spot.

“What a load of cr*p! Since when did I hold a deep grudge against them? I was just…”

Suddenly, something came across Susan’s mind. “Wait a minute. Do you still keep in touch with Mr. Glen? Did he tell you anything?”

Yes, it must be Mr. Glen.

After Ian realized that Kilian Glen had called Susan, she hadn’t contacted him since then.

She deliberately ignored him even when he came to her house.

However, Susan eventually noticed that something was wrong with Sigrith. For instance, although Susan never told Sigrith about what happened in Atlantius, Sigrith knew she went to Mdm. Bennett’s house.

Moreover, Sigrith also knew a lot about Vincent.

As Susan pondered about it, she fixated her piercingly sharp gaze on Sigrith.

“What did he tell you? I’m warning you-don’t let him fool you. He comes from the Heard family and always wants to sabotage us!” she reminded Sigrith sternly.

Although Sigrith kept mum, she sat still and dared not utter a word now.

After moments of silence, Susan returned to her room to pack her belongings.

It was already evening when she got everything ready.

Sigrith had just finished preparing the food and laying the table. Since Susan had finished packing, Sigrith asked Susan to have dinner together.

“Why are you leaving already after being back for only a few days? I’ll be alone if all of you have left,” Sigrith grumbled with slight frustration.

Susan had picked up a spoon when Sigrith spoke. Her hand couldn’t help but shiver.

“Timothy and I have to leave to continue our studies. If you’re lonely at home, feel free to resume working in the bar. I can let Aunt Sabrina know if you’re interested.”

Unknowingly, Susan followed Ian’s way of addressing Sabrina.

Nonetheless, Sigrith was displeased once she heard it.

“Why should I work there to embarrass myself? Do you know how many eyes are on me now? Won’t I make the headline if I go there?”

Susan didn’t know how to respond to that.

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