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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1923

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1923

“What then?”

“Then…” Susan’s face started burning up because she was blushing uncontrollably.

“Your parents… They don’t seem to have a problem with it. Ian, I found out what happened to you. I’m very sorry. I didn’t know my mom would do such a thing to you.” Suddenly, she sounded so down and remorseful.

Ian fell silent. What is she talking about? What did her mom do to me?

Ian’s memory hadn’t recovered, so he couldn’t remember what happened before part of his memories was removed.

However, he could tell from her tone that she was sad. Instinctively, he answered, “It’s okay. It didn’t affect me.”

Susan didn’t know how to respond to that.

Right at that instant, her heart wrenched, and she started crying. “Oh, Ian…”

Ian heard her crying. He clenched his fists and asked, “Is your mom against it?”

Upon hearing that, Susan shook her head. “No. Ian, don’t think too much about it, okay? I’ll get her to agree to it. Initially, I thought she should just be left out of it.

However, your mommy said we should get her blessing. Otherwise, things won’t work out for us. Hence, I’ve decided to have a talk with her.”

“Okay.” In the end, that was all Ian could say. What else can I do? Since I don’t know how it happened, and how it turned out to be, I can’t even take matters into my own hands. What if I end up ruining Susan’s plan? The only thing I can do now is to wait. However, I’m sure of one thing now. What happened in the living room that day was all real. It wasn’t a dream.

Ian had a good night’s sleep that night.

The following day, when he woke up, Kurt had already made breakfast. Besides, Vivian was up as well, and she was feeding Lotus.

“Ian, you’re up! Wow! You look a lot better today. Is it because you had a good night’s sleep?” Vivian was still in her pink pajamas, and she was elated when she saw Ian looking much better that morning.

Ian turned away awkwardly and said, “Are you not going to get changed? We’re leaving soon.”

“Oh! I’ll do it now.” Vivian ran off.

Soon, three of them were done with breakfast, and they were about to go to school.

“Oh, right! Have you seen the news this morning?” Kurt asked when Ian was just about to get the car.

News? Ian frowned and asked, “What news?”

Kurt raised his brows. “It’s just a rumor. It is said that because of the incident of the Limmer family, there was

news from the White House yesterday. It seems like they want your family and the Limmer family to have a marriage alliance. I don’t know if it’s true or false.”

Ian went silent, and he immediately whipped out his smartphone from his pocket.

He hadn’t been keeping tabs on those matters. Not only was he not interested in them, but it was also because he had been busy with classes. Besides, he had to manage Hayes Corporation during the weekends.

Hence, he had never paid much attention to what was being said on the internet.

When he searched for the national news on his smartphone, the first thing he saw was news related to the Limmer family. Perhaps it was a trending topic, so it was still on the front page of the news webpage.

“Suicide?” Ian’s expression turned grim when he saw that word in the news.

Soon, as he kept reading, he saw the follow-up development of the incident. It turned out that someone had posted on the internet, saying that the incident had nothing to do with the Jadeson family. So, it has nothing to do with Mommy.

One of the comments read: The person who made this statement seems to be Ms. Limmer. She firmly denied that his mother’s accident had anything to do with the Jadeson family. So, that should be true, right?

Another read: That seems to be the case. This is such a good way to deal with the issue. Now, the situation with Ms. Limmer’s status is rather sensitive because there are so many people in Jadeborough wanting to get into Golden Heights. It’s only normal to see them dragging the Jadeson family into this.

Someone replied: That’s right. As long as someone can manage to ruin the relationship between these two families, the Limmer family will rise with ease.

The comments went on.

With the release of that statement, many people began to divert their attention from the Jadeson family. Instead, they were analyzing the matter.

The statement was done impeccably well, and it was published at the right time.

Seeing that, Ian heaved a sigh of relief.

As he continued reading, he noticed that most of the netizens were analyzing the prominent families in Jadeborough. They generally believed that the reason the Limmer family was so sought after was that some people wanted to seize the opportunity to get acquainted with the Limmers so they could rise to several levels at once.

Even if it was the power they were after, it could still bring a lot of benefits.

And along with that analysis, the Jadeson family, which

was the most prominent family in Jadeborough, had naturally become the target of their objection. Through Twitter, it can be felt that everyone in Jadeborough was afraid that the Jadeson family would form a connection with the Limmer family.

That morning, a rumor revealed that those two families were actually going to link up through marriage. The netizens were astounded.

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