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His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1920

His Secret Lover Returning from the Dead chapter 1920

In the end, Sigrith slumped down.

The next morning, Sebastian was stunned when he received a call from the White House, saying that the Limmers were moving out of Golden Heights.


“We are not sure. It’s just that Mr. Louis Limmer’s granddaughter came to US early in the morning and told us that she was going to return the house to the museum. She said that the people would be able to get to know her grandpa better and to learn how challenging it had been for the pioneers to create a peaceful era we live in now.”

At that, the man in charge of the White House could not help but sigh wistfully.

It was true that a sensible child like her was a rare sight. She was big-hearted and could see the big picture. Most importantly, she was willing to give up the luxurious life she could have had. Her actions stunned even adults like them.

Even Sebastian was shocked for a moment.

Nevertheless, he was also relieved, for that meant he had not misjudged her character.

“I got it. Give them a villa, but keep it low profile. If she doesn’t agree to it, tell her that they have different identities now, so the White House has the need to ensure their safety.”

Sebastian was a smart man, and he could guess that Susan might turn down the offer of the villa. That was why he gave the man an excuse to convince Susan otherwise.

The man agreed to it.

That noon, Susan and Timothy packed up and brought their luggage to move to a neighborhood called Jasper Lake.

“Susan, this place is where the retired cadres of White House live. If your grandpa was alive, he would have lived with you here. Therefore, please don’t turn US down anymore.”

“I see. All right, then. Thank you,” Susan finally agreed after taking a glance at the neighborhood that did not seem too extravagant.

Meanwhile, Timothy agreed to everything in his sister’s plan.

However, once the siblings entered the house that was given to them, Susan told him, “Timothy, we’ll still have to pay them a sum every month for this house. We can’t stay here for free. Once we buy it, we’ll be able to stay here without harboring the thought that we’ve taken advantage of others.”

“Okay,” Timothy easily agreed.

After all, they were young and capable, so they would be able to find a way to earn a living.

That night, the family of three moved in.

Once Susan unpacked, she went straight to Oceanic Estate to visit Sasha and Sebastian.

Of course, she was also there to visit Jonathan.

When Jonathan saw her, he was immediately struck with the thought of how Susan, who called him Grandpa Jonathan for twenty years, was about to call him Great­grandpa and might even become his great­granddaughter-in-law.

That thought made him uneasy.

“M-Mrs. Hayes, I’m here on behalf of my mother to apologize to you. My mom… My mom, she shouldn’t have..?

“Oh, my, Susan, what are you holding? Is that for me to eat? Hurry up and show them to me! I haven’t had my dinner yet.”

Just as Susan was stammering and trying to tell Sasha about what her mother had done, Sasha abruptly ran over, interrupted her, and snatched the basket in Susan’s hands.

At that, Susan was forced to focus on the basket.

“Yes, I brought them back from Atlantius. Mrs. Hayes, didn’t you say that the turkey there was delicious? That’s why I brought a few.” Susan lowered her head and opened the basket.


“Yes, yes, it’s delicious! Come on, let’s go to the kitchen to chop them up right now.”

With that, Susan dragged Susan away.

Susan was confounded the entire time.

After the two entered the kitchen, Sasha took a glance outside and closed the door before finally whispering, “Grandpa doesn’t know about Ian’s incident yet, so don’t tell him anything.”

Susan went quiet.

She then raised her head to look at Sasha for while before her eyes suddenly reddened.

/S she… worried that Old Mr. Jadeson will detest me even more after finding out about the incident?

Susan could not find any words to describe what she felt. The only thing she knew was that her eyes felt hot. When she lowered her head, the hot tears escaped.

“Oh no. Don’t cry. Why are you crying all of a sudden?” Sasha anxiously asked.

However, she soon saw the girl smiling after a bout of crying.


“Mrs. Hayes, you’re so kind to me. I’m so glad to meet someone as nice as you. I… I…” Susan was sobbing so much she could not even finish her sentence.

Seeing that, Sasha sighed.

She finally put down the turkey in her hand and reached out to wipe away Susan’s tears.

“You’re a kind person too. Do you know how moved and happy I was when I first saw the way you defended Ian fearlessly? Honestly, out of the three children, I worry about Ian the most. He has been the most aloof among the three. At the same time, he was also sensitive and fragile. I was terrified that his other half will not be a good person for him,” Sasha said with tears in her eyes.

She felt that the girl was not completely right in saying that she was lucky to meet her. In fact, the mother-and- son were lucky to have met a sensible and caring girl like her.

Susan had no idea that her presence was the light that had brightened up Ian’s darkest moments in life.

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