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Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1286

Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1286

Getting Over Her

Once that happened, she would no longer be rich. Since she looked down upon the poor her entire life, she couldn’t accept becoming like that. That was the genesis of her desire to marry someone richer.

By doing so, she could still maintain her status as the lady of a rich family if even her family business failed, staying wealthy for the rest of her life. With that, the Thompson family became her target. On top of the fact that she loved to be around Shane, she designated him and his family as her goal in life.

Unfortunately, her plan was foiled when she was eight. Back then, Shane’s parents wanted a daughter. Hence, they forcefully took her in as their goddaughter.


She didn’t want to be their goddaughter, for it would mean that she would become Shane’s godsister, losing the opportunity to marry him. As a consequence, she hated Shane’s parents for that, and that hatred reached a climax when she was ten.

Somehow, Shane’s parents learned of her true colors. Not only did they want to sever their relationship as her godparents, but they also wanted her to stay away from Shane forever. The matter culminated in her plot to kill them. Just when she thought no one stood in her way of marrying Shane, Natalie appeared and dealt her a devastating blow.

Since marrying Shane and becoming a daughter-in-law of the Thompson family had become her life’s mission, Jacqueline was sure that she would reject Jackson back then.

Firstly, Jackson wasn’t her type. Secondly, the Baker family was lower in social status than the Thompson family. Those two reasons alone were enough for her to turn Jackson down.

With that thought in mind, Jacqueline clenched her fist and replied earnestly, “I won’t!”

With barely a reaction on Jackson’s face, he lowered his head with a wry smile. “Just as expected, but this is for the better, for I can finally let you go entirely. Jacqueline, from today onward, I, Jackson Baker, will stop loving you. After doing so for more than ten years, it’s time to end this sad devotion of mine. Jacqueline Graham, I no longer love you anymore!”

The moment she heard those words, Jacqueline’s pupils constricted, while her heart began to hurt.

Why does it hurt so much after hearing him say that he no longer loves me? In fact, I feel like grabbing his hand to stop him from leaving. Why?

Staring at her trembling hands, Jacqueline had no idea why that was happening.

Unaware of what was going through Jacqueline’s mind, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. By the time he opened it, there was a sense of calm liberation in it.

True to his words, he had gotten over her.

The longing that flickered in his eyes just a while ago was nowhere to be seen.

Even though it was impossible for him to get rid of his feelings for her entirely, he managed to suppress them enough that no one could see that he still loved her.

The massive willpower he harnessed to subdue his feelings was a testament to his determination to let her go.

Staring at Jackson, Jacqueline felt the emptiness of her heart intensify as panic began to set in.

Jackson adjusted his glasses. “Last question. When you were eight, you came to my house and asked about a drug that can hinder one’s reproduction functions. After I pointed it out to you, did you steal it and give them to your parents?”

Jackson was born with the talent for the medical sciences.

When she was eight, he was already ten. By then, he started learning medicine from his father. Given that the Baker family were doctors for generations, their house was filled with drugs. Considering that he was familiar with many of them, he knew which one was capable of causing one to be barren.

It was just that he was too naive back then, unaware of how despicable others could be or even recognize someone’s agenda. As a result, he answered Jacqueline’s question without a second thought.

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