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Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1285

Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1285


Jackson opened his mouth as if to say something but decided against it in the end.

When she saw his reaction, Jacqueline panicked further. “Jackie, why don’t you say anything? Do you really want to let Shane kill me? How can you still claim that you love me if this is what you’re planning to do? You… you’re not worthy of loving me at all!”

“In that case, how can I be worthy? Am I supposed to sacrifice my own life to save you? Or should I free you and allow you to continue to act with impunity? Jacqueline, is that really what you have in mind?” Jackson’s eyes began to redden.

“I…” Biting her lip, Jacqueline was stumped.

However, her expression clearly showed that those were her exact thoughts.

Jackson burst into self-deprecating laughter. “Jacqueline, do you know that I now regret loving you all this while? Ever since we were young, I did everything I could just to satisfy you. But now, you disregard all my sacrifices just because I refused to save you. Hmph… It makes me question myself as to whether everything I have done for you was really worth it.”

“Are you saying that you have begun to regret loving me and doing all those things for me? If that’s the case, Jackson, you truly do not deserve to claim that you love me. Loving me involves unconditional sacrificing everything for me!” Jacqueline cackled deviously.

Jackson took a deep breath. “Forget it. Our principles and values are just too different. Also, I didn’t come here today to argue with you about this. I just have a few questions for you, Jacqueline, and I hope you will answer them truthfully. If you do, I may get Shane to show you some mercy.”

Jacqueline looked at him in contempt. “Since you regret loving me and are unwilling to save me, do you think I still need any of your concern?”

Jackson could feel his heart being torn apart by her words. Other than a sense of self-pity, it was mostly filled with regret that he had wasted more than ten years on her.

“Whatever. Anyway, my first question is would you have given up Shane for me if I had the courage to reveal my feelings and pursue you from the very beginning? “ Clenching his fists, Jackson gazed deeply into her eyes, causing them to twitch slightly.

Would I have gotten together with him back then if he had confessed his feelings to me?

She had never considered the question before, but there was nothing to stop her from deliberating upon it now, which she did.

She got to know Shane when she was five. Back then, he was smart, good-looking, and had a great personality. Since he was the leader of their group, she naturally admired and idolized him. Thus, she stuck by his side all the time.

Consequently, everyone began to joke that she was Shane’s “wife” and would marry him when they grew up. Even though she didn’t fully grasp what the word meant, she knew it was somewhat similar to her parents, where both of them could stay together always. Since she liked Shane a lot, she desired to become his “wife” one day.

More importantly, she would always hear her parents lament about not having a son who could inherit the Graham family’s wealth. Furthermore, they constantly regretted that she was a daughter, for their assets would one day go to whoever she married.

In the beginning, she had no idea what family assets were. She only began to realize how important they were after hearing her parents complain about them throughout the years. Worst of all, she found out that her parents were desperately trying to have a son because they were unwilling to let her inherit their wealth.

From that moment on, she hated her parents for their gender bias. Because of that, she drugged them so that they would lose their ability to have children, foiling their plans for a son. By doing so, the Graham family’s wealth would only belong to her alone.

Even then, her parents accused her of not having any talent for managing a business. Even if she took over the family business one day, there was a high chance it would fail. Despite feeling indignant about it, she couldn’t deny that they were right. The company would likely go bankrupt in her hands.

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