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Fated To The Alpha

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 199

Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 199

Andrei POV

“What is going on with the rogue situation?” Dominic asks, sitting on one of the bench seats while I turn the barbeque on. My father goes inside before returning with sausages and steaks and passing them to me.

“Yes, apparently   you have dealt with them before. Reaper wolves attacked my pack last night, and went after my  mate  and Jonah. They seemed  to  be the only places targeted” I tell him and he instantly sits straight before leaning forward and clasping his hands together, his elbows braced on his knees.

It was odd seeing Dominic   so casual looking. If I could get past the dramas caused with Jonah I would probably get on pretty well with him.

“You know where they are?” Dominic asks.

I go on to explain everything to him and he listens intently before making a few phone calls and walking off when Zane comes around the back of the house.

“Smells good”

“Yeah, about to sit down and eat if you want to join us, what’s up?” I ask him.

“Bus will be here around 1 pm”

“Good, I am coming with you,”   Dominic says, having hung up the phone.

“You want to come pick up the rogues?’ I ask.

“You want my help, I am helping.  I have men on the way already, they should be here by two, we will leave after that” Dominic  says before looking at Sage as she comes out the back with the kids.

“Sage, do you mind watching Kyan for me for a couple of hours while I go with Andrei to the rogue camp?”

“No, he is fine here, I can watch him” Sage says looking down at Kyan who runs off with Jonah to go roll in the grass.

“Well that settles it then” Dominic says and Zane speaks.

“Good, I  will get some people  ready,”   Zane says before walking off.

Everyone ate lunch and we made sure the kids were all fed, setting them a little picnic on the back lawn. We were discussing the rogue situation and going over some maps on the outside table while we were eating  so  I could show Dominic where we found the other rogue camps. Just over the last few weeks we had noticed they shift around alot never staying in one place for long when Dominic points to two towns on either side.

“They must have permanent residences in one of these two towns, there seems to be a pattern if your locations and times are correct. You said the rogue woman are picked up randomly making me think they are called in”

“ It’s a patrol  roster, you said at night that  your scouts said these two camps are randomly manned, were your men keeping track  of  the times they would see women come and go from  the camp?” Mateo asks.

“Um yeah” I tell him, scrambling through the papers when my father pulls out the journals.

“He is correct, these two camps both have roads leading in and out of the camps and the roads leading into those have straight access to both towns. Look at the times, they match up too for the girls and the camp rosters”

“What about the other two camps, this one is also manned at the same time but doesn’t have a road?” Kat says, pointing to the map of the other two

camps besides the ones that are hardly used further out.

“That must be where the calls come in, there is a phone tower there, the rogue camp has no reception, they must   take the calls here and then someone from these two  camps pick them up when called” I tell them when I look at Dominic, it made sense but that just unsettled me more.

“They have an Alpha, the only way to communicate is mindlink if not by phone, so unless they have made a pack there would be no way to get a hold of them” Mateo says what I am thinking. “

“So it’s  definitely a patrol roster,   the other three camps they have been spotted must be dummy camps, to throw people off. I would bet they have two residences, one each town depending on the calls  they  get decides where  the girls get sent” Mateo adds.

“They wouldn’t be taking them to the residence though,   it would be too risky. Did they say where they were meeting the buyers” Dominic asks and I shake my head, that was one thing  they were never willing to give up.

“No they said when they were never taken into  the towns to meet up, so they must take them somewhere else” I look over at Sage, her eyes trained on the map, my stomach rolls at the dark look on her face. I could see what she was looking a t and two seconds later she confirmed it.

“They are taking them to Flower Meadow. Flower Meadow runs directly between the two towns and is only ten minutes from each one but also on each end there are camping grounds for tourists” Sage says.

“You’re sure?” Dominic asks her.

“It makes sense and I was taken from there along with my mother when I was kid, they were staying  at the camping   grounds there when they came across us. When we  heard of flower meadow and  asked to go, it was because one of the locals mentioned it but he said be careful the camping grounds out  there got pretty rowdy  of  a night with the tourist, maybe they weren’t tourists, maybe it was this Reaper Wolves, ” Sage says making me wonder if the men that took her were apart of this organization.

I had more questions but I knew she would be uncomfortable answering them when her eyes went to mine. She sighs rubbing her temples. I never  brought this stuff   up with her. I waited for her to tell me not wanting to drag up her past.

“Just ask, I know you want to ask me something. If it helps I will try to answer if we  can get them away from this camp ” Sage tells me. Dominic was watching her curiously, he was the only one unaware of Sage’s past  at  this table. Dominic tilts his head to the side watching her.

“Forgive me but when you say you were taken, what do you mean?” Sage’s eyes go to mine  and Kat pats her knee gently.

“When I was 13 my family visited Flower Meadow. When we went to leave my mother and I were taken and my father killed. I was stuck with the men  that  took  us until Andrei came across their camp” Sage answers.

“Your mother?’

“She was killed when she tried to stop them from using me ” She says without going into detail but she didn’t need to. We knew what that implied.

“Where did you find her?” Dominic asks me.

“The other side of the mountain, between these two camps, but closer to the dummy site ones” I answer.

“I was surprised she came back with you, no offense” Dominic says.

“ I didn’t at first, he hunted me down and followed me into the waterfall. He saved me, I was chained to a tree, he seemed like the safer option once I realised he wasn’t going to kill me” Sage answers.

“The men that took you, did they ever take you to these camps?” I asked her, I hated myself asking but she answered.

“No, but looking at the maps we were mostly on the outskirts of these other camps, it would make sense if they were part of  this  group though because the three men that held us, left in intervals and sometimes they would leave me chained to a tree for days at time until they returned. I always thought it was for supply runs but maybe it was to help man these other camps” She says pointing to the mountain and the surrounding camps we found.

“This is where my first mate was killed” She says, pointing to the border of Ezra and Kat’s territory.

“That’s also where my pack has had runs in with them, but   they always left before I got   there, we never had reason to go to the other of the river that runs through  it,  so  I never      scent scouts out that way” Ezra says before looking at Sage who nods before looking at me.

It was quite   tragic  to think about it. Sage was so close to two packs that would have helped, right under our noses all this time and suffering  so close to us. I know that was what Ezra was thinking as well. We could have stopped all this if we had noticed them earlier.

“Yes, well one thing I noticed in the city when they were there, one of the rules that was implemented was besides the pimps, no one was  to touch the working girls, makes sense they would have some on the side to keep them busy because most didn’t have mates, the three men that  took her what happened to them?” Dominic asks.

“I killed them, Sage…. ” I pause looking at her and she huffs but nods.

“Sage  killed one of  them when I brought two of them back here after catching them” I tell him and he nods. I  wondered if that would make him change his mind about everything,  I know he would have  heard   the rumours  of   rogues being killed in this area.

“The bodies?”

“In the incinerator”

“Good, so no evidence” He says and I nod. Our attention is quickly diverted back to planning while we wait for Dominic’s men to arrive, when we hear laughter coming from behind us. Turning around the two boys were in fits of giggles before I heard Jonah talk making us look over at him.

“You can do it, come on” Jonah says and we all turn around to find Marabella with her mittens off, holding both of Kyan’s hands and standing. Eziah clapped his hands as he watched his sister standing on wobbly legs. Jonah’s arms are outstretched when she suddenly takes a step toward Jonah before falling on her bottom. Kat stands up and so does Mateo and Ezra as Marabella pulls herself up to a standing position again using Kyan hands. She giggles, taking another step.

“ She is walking,” Sage gasps. Just as she takes another step and Kyan’s hands leave hers and she wobbles awkwardly over to Jonah’s outstretched arms laughing.

“Her hands” Ezra gasps and Mateo rushes over just as Marabella grabs Jonah’s making my heart stop for a second.

“You did it” Jonah squeals excitedly, hugging her just as Mateo gets up walking over to them.

“She isn’t using her  magic, stress less. She is happy” Dominic says to Kat and Ezra who both looked like they were fighting the urge to race over and force her mittens back on her hands.

“Come to dadda” Mateo says, kneeling on the ground off the side of the two boys.

“Are you going to put her mittens on her, we only just took them off for a second” Jonah asks and he helps Marabella stand. Her little hands clamping onto his arms as she wobbles on her feet.

“No, I want to see if she will come to me,” Mateo answers when suddenly both Jonah’s and Kyan’s eyes glaze over. Dominic laughs softly making me look at him.

“Interesting gift, I suppose she gets that from you?” He asks Kat.

“What’s that?”

“She’s mindlinking the two boys, she can get in the heads of people that aren’t pack, can’t you see how their auras lit up at the same time her eyes glazed over” He says. I don’t see any of these weird aura’s Dominic is talking about but I don’t doubt him.

“Came on sweety, come to Dadda” Mateo repeats and Marabella hesitates looking up at Jonah who encourages her to walk to him. She cackles loudly before wobbling over to him just as Kat dropped a hand on Mateo’s shoulder, her  fingers  touching the back of his neck as Marabella reaches out grabbing his hands.

Black veins snake up his arms and he gasps but doesn’t hesitate pulling her to him before they recede, Kat’s eyes glowing brightly as she counteracted Marabella’s magic. Mateo kisses all over her little face mushing her  cheeks and making her laugh, the black veins receding completely.

“She doesn’t mean it, she thought you were trying to put the mittens on her” Kyan tells him and Mateo nods, placing her  back  down on her feet. We watch her waddle off toward the boys again and she goes to Kyan, cackling her little head off as he catches her. Turning back to  the table  Ezra sits back down with his phone in his hand.

“Sorry, I probably should have asked if I could record that since the boys are in it” Ezra says and Dominic waves him off.

“Precious moments should always be captured, ” He says, watching the kids play. Ezra knew  Sage and I wouldn’t have an issue with it, but Dominic was just proving, he was  indeed  a  father first and Alpha second. Mateo watches the clip over Ezra’s shoulder and Katya sits back down, I noticed she didn’t put on Marabella’s mitten letting her hands remain free.

“She won’t hurt Jonah and the two boys appear to be immune to her” Dominic says.

“Yes, I am starting to see that,” Kat says, nodding to him.

“Do you need me to come with you three or can I stay  here  with Kat   and  Sage?” Mateo  asks Dominic  and I.  

“No, stay I would feel better knowing one of us is here while we go” I  tell  him and Dominic  also nods when he gets a text message.

“My men are here” he says just as Zane and Malik walk around the back.

“We are ready when you are, I also just got word that Dominics men are parked by the road” Malik says and I nod getting up out of my seat. I peck Sages lips softly.

“We will be back soon” I tell her and Ezra and Dominic also get up.

“Kyan, stay with Sage and Kat, I will be back in a few hours. And listen to them, they have permission to put you in a naughty corner if needed” Dominic tells him and Kyan smiles nodding his head when Dominic bends down pecking his forehead.

“I will be back soon, ” He says before following Ezra and I.

Malik and Zane head toward the bus with a few of our men and Ezra and I walk over when Dominic calls out to us.

“Come on we can follow them in my car” Dominic says unlocking it.

“You take the front, you’ re taller than me ” Ezra says, patting my arm on the way past me before he opens the back door and hops in. Dominic gets in the drivers side and I hop in the passenger side.

We wait for the bus to start and we start to drive out, the bus following behind us. When we get to the end of the road leading into my  pack, I  see three cars parked on the grass that pull onto the road in front of us. We made small talk following Dominic’s men that were in three SUVs. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later. Nausea rolled over  me harshly.

“Are you car  sick?” Dominic asks  just as another brutal wave rushed over me making me clutch the dash, the same violent nausea  I got  when intruders were crossing into my territory and  by the feel of it,  there were a lot of  them.

“Andrei?” Ezra says leaning forward alarmed.
“Turn around we need to head back,  rogues” I growl and Dominic suddenly rips the hand break up and turns the wheel sharply just as Sage screams my name through the link. The car spins around and into the oncoming lane and I am thrown into my door before being thrown back in my seat as Dominic floors it, heading back to the pack. I  see the bus come to a screeching stop when Malik and Zane jump out shifting instantly and cutting through the forest toward home. Dominic’s men also turned around and chased after us.            

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