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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2172

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2172

Several brothers next to the important transaction laughed in a low voice.

Qin Yu’s face turned red, she couldn’t hold back, she raised her feet and left.

If she wasn’t Qin Yu, she would not have experienced so many things.

Then Mo Xian did so many thoughtful things for her, maybe she would really be moved.

It’s a pity that she didn’t have any trouble in her heart.

Mo Xian looked at her back and smiled warmly.

He coughed:

“Old Guo, have you contacted Snaketou?”

… The

chef was busy in the restaurant, setting up some exquisite breakfasts and some local specialty snacks.

“Miss Qin, let’s try it, the boss specially bought these snacks from outside, I’m afraid I don’t make them authentic!”

He hehe twice and went in to pack up.

Qin Yu smiled and lowered her head to eat seriously.

She was not used to the local specialty snacks, so she ate it after a bite.

Fortunately, the chef’s craftsmanship is really comparable to that of a Michelin chef, and he has real skills.

She stayed in the villa for a while.

Mo Xian took her out to play the next day, not sure if the real purpose was to let her relax or what.

It just didn’t let too many people follow, only Guo Tong and the chef.

And she didn’t find a chance to contact Guo Tong again in the middle.

Playing and having fun all day, seems to be peaceful together.

Until the afternoon after half a month.

Tired from walking on the street, she went back to the cruise ship to rest.

After almost falling asleep, Mo Xian woke her up.

Qin Yu frowned, and Mo Xian coaxed her patiently:

“Get up, I’ll take you to an important place.”

Qin Yu narrowed her eyes, and stood up without thinking.

“Where to?”

“You’ll know when you get there.”

Mo Xian took her hand and went out.

The cars outside are all ready.

It’s just that this battle is a bit scary.

Unlike the low-key appearance before, several black cars were waiting in a serious line, and the people standing beside the cars were wearing fully assembled clothes and sunglasses.

A little face raw and even look very scary.

Qin Yu paused, and his head sank:

“Who is this?”

She can recognize most of the people who live in the villa.

These are unfamiliar and cold, like mercenaries with extremely high professional quality.

Mo Xian patted her on the shoulder, took her hand and walked to the side of the car.

The chef changed into a new outfit, wearing a bulletproof suit, and restrained his usual cynical smile.

With a grim expression, he opened the door for them.

Qin Yu glanced at him, then bent down and got into the car, suddenly getting nervous.

Because there are so many people, there must be a big move.

But with such a big move, she didn’t see Guo Tong just now.

Why is Guo Tong not here?

She pursed her lips and looked at Mo Xian, wanting to ask Guo Tong’s whereabouts, but she was afraid that she would be shocked by the grass, and her heart suddenly became uneasy.

The car roared away, heading for a completely unfamiliar place.

Qin Yu looked nervous, she couldn’t help it, and she asked him,

“Where are you going? Is there any danger?”

Mo Xian stared at her face, his eyebrows were dark and dark, and his emotions were hidden in the bottom of his eyes. , can’t see clearly.

He grabbed her palm and smiled:

“Don’t worry, I won’t put you in danger.”

Qin Yu paused, “Then tell me, where are you going so suddenly? Why are you and Lao Fang other than me? Don’t you know each other?”

Lao Fang smiled in front of him, his expression was cold, with a bit of sternness that had never been shown before:

“Because everyone you know has gone the other way.”

Qin Yu trembled and twisted. Eyebrows, looking at them puzzled.

At this moment, Mo Xian had a somewhat cynical and ruthless arc on the corner of his mouth, which no one could detect because of his deep thoughts.

Her heart kept sinking.

There is always a hunch that Mo Xian is going to a very important place, which is related to the plan that Guo Tong mentioned before.

Just this plan, Mo Xianming asked Guo Tong to contact him, but in fact, he didn’t believe anyone.

The only real participants in this plan are him and Lao Fang, who has been lingering on the edge.

Now, there is one more Qin Yu.

She took a deep breath.

Look at the changing scenery outside the window.

Listen to the roar of the car behind.

Her tense palms were sweating.

I just didn’t expect it to be so sudden.


Her eyelids twitched, thinking of something.

She raised her hand, pinched her ear casually, and then put it down again, looking outside calmly.

She didn’t know how it would turn out, but hoped she could end it quickly.

But the next second.

Mo Xian’s hand fell on her earlobe and squinted his eyes:

“Why have you been wearing this earring for the past few days, don’t you like the jewelry I gave you?” For a


Qin Yu’s body was stiff, and she felt a sense of danger and coldness. She looked at him as if nothing had happened, tried her best to hide her

calmness, and said with a smile:

“This is a South American square diamond, the material is transparent, and the style is all-match. Do you understand?”

Somewhat dissatisfied with his picky jewelry.

Mo Xian smiled helplessly and pinched her earlobe:

“I understand, I like South American square diamonds. When this order is completed, I will give you a big one. This is too small to call you.”

Qin Yu put her arms around his arm and smiled happily:

“That’s what you said, I’m not uncommon for less than five carats.”

Mo Xian patted her head dotingly.

How could he refuse such a small request?

Diamonds, gold, luxury goods, whatever she wanted, he would give.

The car drove fast, and soon, the window was covered with a layer of black blocking glass, and the car reached a tunnel and quickly shuttled.

Qin Yu was nervous for a moment, a little surprised:

“What is this?”

Mo Xian explained: “Bulletproof glass.”

Qin Yu swallowed her saliva, feeling even more uneasy in her heart.

The bulletproof glass did not rise just now, but it has risen now, indicating that the destination is almost reached, and it is extremely dangerous.

She clutched her chest in a panic, not knowing if it was too late or if Su Nan would know.

Mo Xian smiled and said: “Don’t be afraid, this transaction has been negotiated for a long time, it is very safe, no one will know, as long as this transaction is completed, I will be able to completely come out of the sphere of influence of the old man, He can no longer constrain me.”

Qin Yu couldn’t seem to believe it: “How can something so easy?”

The old man in front smiled and said,

“Miss Qin, don’t underestimate the boss, the boss is now full of wings, no It’s already a lot of face to fall out with

the old man. When Uncle Qian died with us last time and sent his body back, the old man didn’t say anything, but let the boss not take it to heart.

This shows that the old man wants to deal with the boss . , there is no certainty of victory.”

Mo Xian hooked his lips, his voice was loose, but with a little modesty:

“Still be careful, the old man has been cunning for decades, who knows if he will do anything?”

Lao Fang: “Everything is under our surveillance. What’s there to worry about? The people we arranged have been watching for us all the time!”

Qin Yu felt a chill in her heart.

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