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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2171

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2171

The plan begins with

Guo Tong’s expression slightly stunned:

“But this is not good for us. We occupied this place not long ago, and the partner can’t completely win it. If the old man moves his hands and feet, Aren’t we very passive?”

Mo Xian’s expression darkened, squinting his eyes, with a bit of danger and sharpness.

Guo Tong’s expression was a little eager:

“Boss, we must prepare in advance, otherwise once their people start, our chances of winning are not very good now, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless we Now we have won the deal with Snakehead, he is a local Snake here and the biggest power leader in Southeast Asia, if we can cooperate with him, we don’t need to worry about the threat from the old man.”

Qin Yu listened to Guo Tong’s words, faintly, I feel like my heart is beating so fast.

She vaguely realized something and looked at him subconsciously.

Guo Tong’s face was dark, as if he was thinking about Mo Xian’s wholeheartedly.

Mo Xian also really trusted him.

The air was a little quieter.

Qin Yu couldn’t even hear her breathing.

Mo Xian pondered for a full minute:

“I talked to Snake Head today, he is a smooth person, he speaks and does everything flawlessly, and has cooperated with the old man for a long time, unless we can give him more benefits, can he let him give up the old man That line.”

Guo Tong was silent:

“We need to make a bad deal with him in order to express our sincerity.”

Mo Xian closed his eyes, slowly let out a sigh of relief, then opened his eyes again, his eyes darkened. , I can’t see the emotions inside:

“That’s the only way, you can send someone to contact them, determine the time and place, and I will deal with it in person.”

Guo Tong frowned, disapproving:

“Go in person? It’s too dangerous, let me. ……”

Mo Xian raised his hand to interrupt him:

“This time, you must go in person, don’t worry, this is not in China, there are not many people watching, as long as his line is opened, you will be able to go easily in the future. Some.”

Guo Tong nodded solemnly:

“I’ll be with you.”


Mo Xian nodded, but then looked at the sky outside the window:

“Is Uncle Qian’s body still there?”

Guo Tong: “Yes, he was shot in the head by a woman, and the death was tragic, but he brought it on himself.”

Mo Xian chuckled lightly, his expression loosened a bit:

“Burn him and send the ashes to the old man, just say He suddenly brought someone in and shot, killed the third child, and was killed by the third child’s woman, I avenged Uncle Qian, and I have dealt with that woman.”

Guo Tong’s eyes were dark and dark:

“Old man I won’t believe it.”

Mo Xian smiled, looking at him with a bit of helplessness:

“Don’t be so direct, isn’t Lao Fang always teaching you to be gentle? This is a reason, it’s his business to believe it or not. Test me, I also want to test him.”

Guo Tong nodded, then glanced at Qin Yu, and stood up:

“Then I’ll go to prepare first, boss, rest early.”

Mo Xian nodded, Guo Tong then rushed Qin Yu nodded.

Courtesy alienation.

After he left, Qin Yu’s hand was held by Mo Xian again, as if with a bit of warmth:

“Have you heard so much, do you understand?”

There was a bit of joking in his tone.

Qin Yu lowered her eyes, blinked her eyes, and said with a bit of anger:

“I’m not an idiot. If I bother you, I can understand people’s words. It’s just that you are testing each other and trying to kill each other, right?”

Mo Xian was stunned for a moment. He grinned.

“Qin Yu, you are so wise and foolish!”

There was not a word in his conversation with Guo Tong that he wanted to kill the old man.

But Qin Yu actually guessed it.

Qin Yu snorted lightly, and was too lazy to take it down, brought it to the table not far away, and went to the bathroom to wash herself.

In the distance, I heard her voice ringing inside:

“Mo Xian, you never thought that one day you would be like the third child, don’t you know when you were suddenly killed?”

This kind of life is what he wanted Want it?

Mo Xian didn’t answer in silence, he just looked at her figure with complicated and thoughtful eyes.

Qin Yu didn’t hear the answer, as if she didn’t care, she closed the door to wash.

She experienced a day of fright today, and her whole heart was up and down, and she was already frightened enough.

Mo Xian was injured, and she was not worried about what she would do.

On the contrary, now, she can calm down and ease herself.

Finished washing up.

She went out in her pajamas.

Mo Xian hadn’t slept yet, the needle was finished, and his hands were still wrapped in gauze.

At this moment, he looked at Qin Yu who came out of the door, his brows and eyes were dyed with a thin layer of light, which was filled with softness.

He picked up the towel prepared by the side, let her sit over, and wiped her hair.

Qin Yu’s slightly stiff body gradually relaxed.

She looked out of the dark window, and the person behind her moved very lightly, even if it was her own wound, the pain was insignificant to him.

In the end, her hair was about to dry, and she was too sleepy to open her eyes while sitting on the bed.

The whole day’s reversal, fright, and tiredness had already put her mind on too much.

Mo Xian smiled and kissed her hair tenderly:

“Ayu, go and dry your hair before going to sleep.”

Qin Yu muttered, didn’t move, and just lay down.

Mo Xian was helpless, and it was inconvenient for him, so he could only let her sleep.

Half asleep.

Mo Xian hugged her waist tightly and brought her closer to his cold body.

Listening to his low and hoarse voice lingering in her ears like a dream:

“Ayu, are you worried about me?”

Before taking a shower, she asked him if he was not afraid of dying suddenly like the third child?

He didn’t speak.

He fears.

Why not be afraid?

Since doing this, he has been afraid all the time.

But after this fear became a habit, he formed a habit of stimulating stress in his bones.

Knowing that he didn’t have a good life for a few days, he was unwilling to surround her by his side.

It can be a day.

He murmured in a low voice: “I will not die, I will live a long time.”

This sleep was long and deep.

When Qin Yu woke up, Mo Xian was no longer around.

I could vaguely hear someone talking outside.

She frowned and got up from the bed.

Wash and change clothes.

Soon, the chef Lao Fang came over and told her to go down to eat.

Qin Yu went downstairs in a calm mood, watching everyone sitting downstairs.

They watched Qin Yu come down and nodded politely.

Qin Yu also nodded in response.

When Mo Xian watched her come down, his eyes softened for a moment:

“Wake up? Let’s go eat something?”

Qin Yu frowned at him:

“Why did you come down? Your wounds haven’t healed yet, so you can’t move around. Yes .”

Mo Xian smiled, “It’s okay, it’s much better.”

A person next to him said meaningfully:

“Aren’t we going to disturb Miss Qin’s sleep when we talk? I’m afraid of being noisy and hungry, tsk tsk, really Dog food is everywhere, as soon as the third child and his wife left, the first one and Miss Qin started again…”

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