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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2165

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2165

Raising a tiger is a problem. The

visitor looked at the chef and Guo Tong, then looked at Qin Yu, and smiled.

“Okay, then don’t frighten Miss Qin, call Mo Xian and let him come back. The old man is still waiting for Miss Qin to come over for tea.” The

chef looked at Guo Tong in embarrassment.

Guo Tong did not hesitate and took out his mobile phone.

People who come to go inside and sit down are as casual as if they came to their own home.

He sighed:

“It’s really amazing, the old man gave Mo Xian this way. I hope Mo Xian won’t let him down. If he doesn’t do well, the old man will take it back.” The

chef smiled and said nothing. Voice:

“Are you hungry, let me make you something to eat?”

“No need.”

Guo Tong’s movements were fast, and Mo Xian’s movements were not slow either.

Less than ten minutes.

He has already reached the courtyard.

The roar of the car is no less than the momentum of the helicopter.

Mo Xian walked in, with frost on his face:

“Uncle Lou, you came here so suddenly, and you didn’t say hello. The reception was not good.”

Uncle Lou smiled and stood up. All with a hypocritical politeness:

“Mo Xian, let’s be polite, I’ll just say it straight, the old man wants to invite Miss Qin to tea, and it’s less than a month before you suddenly take the person away without even saying hello. Isn’t it too much not to fight with the old man?”

Mo Xian’s eyebrows were filled with a cold chill, but the corners of his mouth curved:

“How dare you ignore the old man? I saw Qin Yu returned to her own house and thought that the old man was tired of playing, so I brought people here on my own initiative. How can I alarm the old man for such a trivial matter? “

Uncle Lou laughed. One voice:

“Miss Qin is so homesick that our old man asked her to go back and have a look. You take people away without asking. Isn’t this just a misunderstanding?

Well, I’ll take Miss Qin back, When the one-month deadline is up, you can pick up someone again.”

Mo Xian’s eyes sank slightly, and his face became stiff:

“I’m afraid not, it’s not very convenient, Miss Qin promised to play here for a few days, this is just coming, not yet. Have fun…”

Uncle Lou shook his head and looked at Mo Xian with a bit of warning:

“Mo Xian, don’t forget, who gave you the day you have today?”

Mo Xian looked cold and gloomy , replied word by word:

“I will never forget.” The

chef coughed aside:

“Why don’t you ask Miss Qin what she wants? If Miss Qin herself is not willing, the old man can’t force others to be difficult, spread it out, brother. We know, everyone’s faces are not good-looking.”

Uncle Lou paused meaningfully, looked at Qin Yu, and raised his eyebrows:

“Miss Qin, would you like to have tea with the old man? Look, last time you The old man’s wish has been fulfilled for you, this time of course you won’t be disappointed.”

Qin Yu blinked.

Mo Xian looked at her nervously, breathing slightly dignified.

Qin Yu pursed her lips.

There was a long silence in the air.

She knew that what she said was not worth it, but it was just to give face.

She said she can go?

Not to mention that there is only one person from the old man, she can’t leave if she wants to!

The trust that has just been established cannot be destroyed in one fell swoop!

She twitched the corners of her mouth and looked at the uncle Lou:

“Thank you, old man, for your kindness, but I want to play here for a few days and don’t want to go back to China.”

Uncle Lou was slightly taken aback.

He narrowed his eyes.

Mo Xian chuckled lightly, as if he stretched out a sigh of relief, he walked over and embraced Qin Yu in his arms:

“Uncle Lou, did you hear that clearly?”

Uncle Lou paused and glanced at Qin Yu meaningfully, what? Without saying a word, he nodded, turned and left.

Until the helicopter on the tarmac in the yard left.

The chef was still in disbelief.

“Uncle Lou just left like this? Why did he leave so easily?”

Mo Xian was also a little surprised as he quietly looked at the direction the helicopter was leaving.

Until the helicopter became a small black spot and gradually disappeared into the air.

He retracted his gaze and looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu tilted her head and looked outside, then sat back listlessly.

Seeing this, Mo Xian chuckled lightly.

It’s he who thinks too much.

Maybe the old man just wanted people to come and beat him, he wouldn’t really treat a woman special.

He sat down with a gentle voice, but the sharpness in his eyes did not subside:

“Frightened? You should know that person, right?”

Qin Yu paused, “Yes.”


What else he wanted to say was interrupted by Qin Yu:

“If you want me to inquire about the old man’s news, you should have just asked me to follow him.” In

a word, Mo Xian’s expression changed slightly.

In the end, it all turned into a sigh:

“Look at your temper, I didn’t say anything, how could I let you do such a thing?”

Finally, he looked at the chef:

“What about the dessert you made?” The

chef was taken aback for a moment . : “It’s still baking!”

Mo Xian loosened his neckline, restrained the chill on his face, and gently coaxed her:

“Okay, don’t be angry, I’ll take you out for a walk in

the afternoon ?” Do you trade?”

He was stunned: “Do you want to trade?”

Qin Yu’s eyes flickered slightly, and then she shifted her gaze:

“I’m just curious about how you traded, after all, I haven’t seen it before, and the TV series are fictional.”

She To be honest, it’s normal.

Mo Xian smiled and patted her head, unable to hide his love for her:

“It’s better to go to those occasions less often, and the cooperation will naturally go smoothly. Just wait for me.”

Qin Yu blinked: “Then can’t you find someone who can cooperate smoothly and let me learn more?”

Mo Xian paused, loosened a button on his neck, and smiled helplessly. :

“Okay, when the time is right, I’ll take you to see it.”

It seemed like she was just casually coaxing her.

Qin Yu pursed her lips.

Did not continue to ask.

The more you ask, the more likely you will be exposed.

She didn’t dare to look at Guo Tong, for fear that Mo Xian would notice something wrong.

The chef went to the kitchen and brought out the dessert, which was the baked egg tart.

“Come on, try it, this is my craft, Miss Qin’s recipe.”

Mo Xian, who didn’t like sweets at first, heard that Qin Yu was also involved.

Clearly a little bit mentally.

He took one, took a bite, and nodded:

“Yes, it really tastes better than what the chef made before.”

Chef: “Boss, you don’t have to be so obvious, I’m still standing here!”

Qin Yu couldn’t help laughing came out.

Seeing her happy, Mo Xian’s heart also relaxed.

The atmosphere is rare good.

Uncle Lou returned to the country.

The old man watched him come back empty-handed, with no one behind him.

He squinted his eyes, and the anger on his face was undisguised:

“What about people!”

Uncle Lou shook his head:

“Old man, we are in trouble by raising tigers.” The

old man reached out and threw his favorite purple sand cup. In the past, the priceless cup was instantly broken into pieces:

“Damn, I don’t care if he is a wolf or a tiger. Anyone who dares to touch me will die!” There

was silence and coldness outside.

No one has ever seen the old man who always hides a knife in a smile, and really shows his emotions.

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