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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2163

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 2163

His plan

Qin Yu went to the bathroom to wash up, and then Mo Xian also squeezed in.

He didn’t think he was tired of holding her in front of him, and he squeezed toothpaste and poured water for her thoughtfully and tenderly.

Qin Yu accepted his service calmly, without being flattered at all.

Mo Xian’s smile deepened, and from time to time he lowered his head to kiss her, his hair, side face, and the tip of his nose.

They seem to be back in love.

It was as if they wanted to stick together and never be separated.

In the end, Guo came knocking on the door, and Mo Xiancai left reluctantly.

However, Qin Yu was also brought down.

Watching the two people go downstairs hand in hand, the people below didn’t know what to say for a while.

Guo Tong was used to seeing it, so he calmly went to the kitchen to help.

But when the third child saw this, there was a bit of indifference and resentment on his face.

However, the woman from yesterday was sitting next to him, and the woman tugged at him to attract his attention.

“Just right, let’s eat.”

Mo Xian looked at them and regained his previous indifference.

At first glance, the chef arrived early in the morning and didn’t rest well.

He made breakfast non-stop, and stewed an extra cup of bird’s nest for Qin Yu.

Seeing the anger of the third child, the chef rubbed his hands embarrassedly:

“I didn’t know there was another lady here. If I knew, I would definitely prepare two copies. I will pay attention next time!”

Mo Xian didn’t say anything, just put the The bird’s nest was brought to Qin Yu.

“Come on, drink it.”

She was pampered, and she should eat any good food.

Naturally, Mo Xian would not be humble for her.

It’s just that Qin Yu looked at the eyes of the third child who was about to kill, paused, and moved the bird’s nest outside:

“Let’s give this one a drink first, lest the person next to her wants to kill me.”

Mo Xian looked indifferent. He glanced at the third child, with a warning tone:

“The third child…” The

third child gritted his teeth, and the woman next to him hurriedly said:

“No, I’m not used to drinking it, nor do I like it.” The

third child snorted softly . He said, “Boss, you don’t need to be so complacent, right? You sacrificed Ali for her, but Ali is a brother who was born and died for us!”

It turned out that he was venting his anger for tension!

No one at the table dared to speak.

Mo Xian calmly arranged the napkins in front of him, his eyes swept over, his voice seemed to be filled with ice balls:

“He betrayed me, shouldn’t he die? People who are thinking about me, shouldn’t he die? You don’t agree with him, do you think Is he wrong to die?” The

atmosphere was stagnant for a while.

The third child’s face was dark and ugly, and he was speechless.

At this time, his eyes were dodging a little, but he looked at Qin Yu untargeted.

Guo Tong smoothed things out on the side:

“The third child, Ali died not wrong, so he almost leaked the boss’s plan in front of the old man, and even went to hook up with the old man’s woman A Mei, he died not wrong.

We I know that he has a deep relationship with you, but who is not your brother?

Are you sure you want to turn against us brothers for the sake of Ali?”

Guo Tong’s words suddenly woke up the third child.

He looked at Mo Xian with a little nervousness in his eyes.


Mo Xian stretched out his hand and paused:

“Okay, this matter has passed, don’t mention it again, third child, apologize to Qin Yu.”

He was not talking to him . The third discussed.

A bit of embarrassment flashed on the third child’s face, but for the sake of his brother, he still endured it.

He looked at Qin Yu and pursed his lips, “Miss Qin, I was sorry for you in the past. As long as you stay by the boss’s side for a day, you will be our sister-in-law.”

He could understand that Mo Xian asked him to apologize , is nothing more than wanting to tell the brothers, Qin Yu’s location.

Even if a thousand people refuse to accept it, they have to accept it.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed.

She turned her head to look at Mo Xian, and Mo Xian looked at her with a smile, as if this was showing her sincerity.

She moved in her heart and smiled:

“You’re welcome, let’s eat.”

She didn’t want to have a good relationship with these people, but it was actually unnecessary.

The third child looked at Mo Xian, Mo Xian nodded, and went to see the chef:

“Make a few local specialties at noon, not too sweet or too greasy.” The

chef paused and looked at him in embarrassment:

“The local specialties are The characteristic is that it is sweet and greasy…”

“Then it depends on your ability.” The

chef: “…”

When eating, she lowered her head and took small mouthfuls, but she stood upright. ears to listen.

“Boss, the group of people last night have already investigated clearly, they are Eagle Falcon’s subordinates, but they think that your first transaction, even if you suffer a loss, you will definitely not dare to seek revenge from them, so they want to be black and black.

Now Falcon already knows, and someone came to apologize to us, and he plans to trade again. “The

third one scolded:

“Damn, it’s not enough to suffer a loss once, do you have to have a second time?” Eagle Falcon can’t even control his own people, how can we believe that there are still obedient people in his subordinates? Guo Tong sat there ,

bowed his head to eat, and didn’t say a word.

Mo Xian hesitated:

“Eagle is an important partner for us. He has a lot of influence in South Africa, especially those of Lian Li and Shang Qian.” After the forces gradually withdraw, there are almost no opponents.

We can’t give up the market there, and naturally we can’t miss the cooperation of Falcon. “

Guo Tong paused, raised his eyes:

“Boss, why don’t I go take a look?”

Mo Xian looked at him and pursed his lips: “

No, the third, you go, you played more with them last night, determine the time and place of the deal, try to choose it on our site, if the visitor is not good, directly hands-on. “The

third child had a bloodthirsty expression on his face, as if it were a common thing:

“No problem, boss. “

Guo Tong paused, didn’t say anything, and continued to bow his head to eat.

Qin Yu looked at the others, and everyone’s faces were full of confidence in the third child.

She frowned slightly. After

eating, she was not in the mood to walk around. There

are people she doesn’t know all over the place, and she is afraid that she will not be able to save her if she encounters any danger here!

So she obediently goes upstairs, sits on the balcony, and can see the scenery from a distance

. Looking at it, it was full of thorns in the jungle.

Mo Xian opened the door, but he was in two directions with the third child.

She sat there with a cup of coffee and didn’t move.

Not long after, someone knocked on the door.

Qin Yu’s thoughts moved, and she stood up excitedly.


Sure enough, it was Guo Tong.

She wanted to find a chance to have a good chat with him.

Talk about his plans.

Guo Tong held a dessert in his hand, as if it was specially delivered:

“Miss Qin, this is a new dessert made by the cook. Would you like to taste it?”


Qin Yu just said. , Guo Tong put his index finger to his lips.

Qin Yu shut up instantly.

Guo Tong put down the dessert and walked to the sofa in the living room. He squatted down on guard, bent over and groped in the gap.

Sure enough, an eavesdropping device appeared in the field of vision of the two people.


Qin Yu’s whole body was icy cold and shivered slightly.

Danger is everywhere.

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