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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 1960

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 1960

Let him beg me in person

The first thousand nine hundred and sixty chapters let him personally beg me

. Although the man is not good-looking, his aura comes out as soon as he speaks.

With a bit of contempt.

It doesn’t look like an ordinary businessman.

There was a bit of fierceness in his eyes that was deliberately hidden.

Not to be underestimated.

Fu Yingying stared at him with wide eyes:

“You dare to resist me? Will Lili let you go?” The

man’s eyes flashed a bit grim:

“Miss Fu, I don’t know if Lili will let you go, but if you continue Dare to splash on me, I won’t let you go!”

Fu Yingying’s mouth grew wide, and she was frightened for a while.

The people outside hurried in.


It was Qu Qing.

Compared with the last time we met, her life was much worse than Fu Yingying.

He looked thinner, and his cheeks were sunken.

The moment Qu Qing’s anxious face saw Su Nan, her expression became extremely complicated.

She pursed her lips, and finally looked at Fu Yingying:

“Let’s go out first, what’s wrong with your hand?”

Fu Yingying pushed Qu Qing away:

“It was Su Nan who did it, how dare she do this now that she is in our hands. Arrogant, Mom, have you forgotten why we are here?”

Qu Qing pursed her lips and hesitated before she finally pulled Fu Yingying out.

“It’s important to go to the doctor first…” The

room finally quieted down.

Su Nan stood there, looking at the man.

The man smiled and looked at Su Nan with some appreciation in his eyes.

“Miss Su, no, I should call you Mrs. Shang. I have known Shang Zong for a long time. This time I really have no choice but to invite you here.”

Su Nan’s eyes flickered, and his heart suddenly became a little nervous. .

But his face was calm.

“Since you know Shang Qian, then go find him. It’s not decent to use this method to get me here, isn’t it?” The

man smiled calmly and looked at her meaningfully:

“Mr. Shang is very cunning, I have looked for him several times, and he can leave before me.

I can only bring you here and wait for President Shang to come to me in person.”

Su Nan looked at him silently.

No sound.

She vaguely felt that the person in front of her was not as bland as it seemed on the surface.


The man looked at Su Nan without speaking, smiled, and calmly took out Su Nan’s mobile phone from his pocket.

Hand it to Su Nan.

“In order to show courtesy, I won’t touch your things, turn it on and unlock it, and call President Shang, and I want to talk to him.”

The current attitude is a bit stronger.

Su Nan hesitated for a few seconds and brought it over. The phone was not forcibly destroyed.

This surprised her.

Su Nan’s mobile phone has a positioning device. If it had been turned on, it would have been found long ago.

She paused and turned it on immediately.

As soon as it was turned on, countless calls poured in.

Su Jin’s, Su Yifeng’s…

There are even a few unfamiliar numbers.

But she took a quick glance.

There is no Shang Qian.

I can’t say what it feels like.

She came here, I’m afraid it brought him a lot of trouble.

Close your eyes.

She found Shang Qian’s number and dialed it directly.

Still can’t connect.

Instead, she breathed a sigh of relief.

The man’s face was so dark that no emotion could be seen.

He glanced at Su Nan, took her mobile phone, and with a bit of impatience, sent a message directly.


The phone was called back.

Looking at the flashing name above, Su Nan’s heart trembled fiercely.

The man chuckled lightly, took out the cigar leisurely, sat on the chair beside him, and started to smoke.

Not in a hurry to answer the phone.

Su Nan stood there, listening to the rushing bells and vibrating, the restlessness and unease in my heart came up together.

Until the man finished roasting the cigarette in a hurry, and then lit it again for himself.

He picked up the phone in a hurry and let out a puff of smoke, revealing a hint of businessman’s cunning.

“Mr. Shang, it’s really not easy to find you. There’s no other way but to invite your wife over as a guest!” The

man’s words contained a bit of greeting, but between exchanges, it was more a competition for interests.

Shang Qian didn’t know what to say, but the man’s face gradually improved.

He laughed a few times before looking at Su Nan and handing over the phone.

“Shang always wants to talk to you.”

Su Nan took it calmly and put the phone to her ear.

Hearing the other party’s nervous and uneasy breathing, Su Nan’s heart was really relieved.

Shang Qian seemed to feel Su Nan’s unease, and said in a warm voice:


Su Nan hesitated for a few seconds and wanted to cry, but in front of outsiders, she didn’t want to show weakness.


She simply replied.

Shang Qian let out a long sigh of relief:

“Did you go to country M to find me?”

Su Nan responded.

Not much to say.

Shang Qian paused, “South Africa is in a bit of trouble, I just got off the plane, I’m sorry, I surprised you.”

In other words, he was on the plane for more than ten hours when he didn’t answer the phone.

This also makes sense.

He didn’t even answer Su Nan’s phone in order to hide from his enemies.

What a fantasy!

Su Nan gritted his teeth and tried his best to calm down:

“It’s okay, I’m fine.”

So you don’t have to worry.

Shang Qian’s tone was as gentle as possible to soothe her mood:

“The person who caught you is nicknamed Ying Falcon. I have cooperated with me before, and there was a misunderstanding in the middle. Don’t worry, I will solve it, I will go back to pick you up, you Don’t be afraid.”

Su Nan was silent for a few seconds, and his eyes became sore.

“Well, I’m fine.”

“Good girl, I know you’re brave, but you don’t know anything about South Africa. Don’t use your own interests to negotiate conditions with him. I’ll be in front of you for at most ten hours. “

In Shang Qian’s words, with a somewhat gentle tone, it was as if he had said something commonplace.

Su Nan’s heart gradually calmed down.

“Okay…I’m sorry…”

It was her hasty arrival that disrupted his plan.

Shang Qian was silent for a while.

“Baby, never say these three words. You did a good job. I put you in danger. When I go back, you can beat or scold.”

Su Nan felt a dull pain in his heart.

Hope he is safe.

The man beside him knocked on the table impatiently.

“Are you finished?”

Su Nan’s hand paused slightly.

Shang Qian was silent: “Baby, don’t be afraid, sleep at ease, and I’ll be right in front of you when you wake up.”

There was always a reassuring magic in his voice.

The phone hangs up.

Su Nan looked at the man who smiled slightly at her.


This name does not match his ordinary appearance, but the light in his eyes is sharp.

“Don’t be afraid, I have been friends with Shang for many years, and I won’t kill you to vent my anger.

The arms base in his hands has been working with me for so many years, and it has always been no problem.

This time there was a sudden problem, and it was broken. I have two brothers, I have to ask him for an explanation.”

He sat there, shrouded in danger and indifference.

He looks kind, but the bloodthirsty in his eyes is clear.

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