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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 1958

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 1958

The words of losing contact with Su Yifeng were very heavy, and Su Jin nodded.

Although the relationship with Fu Yechuan is not good, but his past is, Fu Yechuan is undoubtedly an excellent opponent.

If it weren’t for the shallow fate with Su Nan, he might be the one standing in their Su family today!

Su Nan’s hatred for Fu Yechuan has long since dissipated.

After all, who lives with hatred in mind every day?

Hate is because she is unwilling, but she is not unwilling.

He didn’t save her, not because he didn’t want to save her, but because he thought too much.

This time, the people who were rescued were his own sister and mother, and Su Nan hoped that he would succeed.

Seeing her nodding, Su Yifeng smiled, with vicissitudes in his brows and beckoned.

Su Nan walked over.

“Fu Yechuan and Shang Qian are both good boys, but one lives unscrupulously and the other lives cautiously.

The current situation is like walking on thin ice, and they have both encountered a critical moment.

But no matter what you think in your heart, Dad hopes you don’t take yourself. Go on an adventure.”

Su Yifeng’s words were loud, and Su Nan’s heart trembled.

She could understand that Su Yifeng was just throwing cold water on her head to calm her down.

In the face of Shang Qian’s affairs, he knew that she could not be indifferent.

Protect yourself?

She can do it.

But he couldn’t helplessly watch Shang Qian’s accident.

Looking at Su Yifeng’s worried eyes, Su Nan nodded.

“I know, Dad.”

Su Jin smiled, “Dad, don’t you know her yet? This little clever ghost won’t let him suffer.”

Su Yifeng chuckled, ” That’s true.” Su

Nan took a deep breath:

“Then let’s talk about things . , I’ll take a look and tell me if the child is awake?”

As soon as he left the study, Su Nan let out a sigh of relief.

The whole person seemed to be heavily pressed against his chest by the boulder, so he could hardly breathe.

The phone in his hand also became hot.

Would you like to call and ask?

She began to struggle.

Ask or not, how can she help?

Su Nan came to talk about the children’s room unexpectedly.

The almost one-year-old child began to open, and the beautiful eyes were very similar to Su Nan, and they were carved out of a mold.

This little thing didn’t fall asleep, watching Su Nan come in, waving his little hand excitedly.

Su Nan’s heart softened, she walked over and patted her little hand.

The soft little hand pulled Su Nan’s finger and shook it to play the game.

babbled and laughed very happily.

After playing with her for a while, Su Nan remembered something.

She recorded a video of her daughter and sent it to Shang Qian.

There was no response.

A situation that never happened.

Su Nan’s face turned paler and his heart sank.

The apparent peace was finally torn apart.

She had to face the predicament in front of her.

Su Nan’s eyes gradually became firmer, and his heart stopped shaking.

She went back to her room to pack her things.

Listen to the ding dong of the phone.

It was Shang Qian’s response.

He sent a short video over. Outside was a distant view of a high-rise building. It looked like a picture taken from the top floor of the group.

A few seconds later, the camera turned a circle, and his own warm face came into view, with a smile in his eyebrows:

“Baby, do you look good? I’ll bring you over to play next time.”

“Oh, and talk about little baby.” He Added a sentence.

There was a smile on Su Nan’s mouth.

Heart followed a lot easier.

No matter what, she will face it with him.

She knew she was gone and might not be of much help.

But she couldn’t bear to be kept in the dark and pretend to be ignorant.

At least she can help out with the S*F group.

She was desperate to see him like never before.

at night.

Su Nan found an excuse to go out.

went directly to the airport.

She was dressed so low-key that few people would recognize her.

There are no bodyguards around, for fear of causing unnecessary trouble.

When you are about to get on the plane.

Only then did Su Nan make a phone call to Su Jin.

“Brother, I’m going to country M to find Shang Qian.”

Su Jin’s tone was obviously shocked.

“Where are you now?”

Su Nan: “At the airport, there are still ten minutes to take off. Don’t worry, I will take care of myself and nothing will happen.

No one knows my whereabouts. When I arrive in country M, people from Shang Qian will protect me, don’t worry. I had an accident.

I didn’t tell my dad, don’t tell me, I’ll come back with him when I see him safe and sound.”

“You’re so impulsive, little four, don’t get on the plane, come back quickly, and I’ll send someone there right away. Pick you up.

No, I’ll pick you up in person, don’t move there!”

Su Jin’s voice was cold and stern, with a bit of anxiety.

Su Nan raised his eyes and looked at the time:

“Brother, don’t come here, I’ll be on the plane soon, I’ll be fine, take care of me and talk to the little ones, and I’ll call you when I get off the plane.”

Su Nan Jin: “What a nonsense—”

Su Nan hung up the phone and felt a lot more calm in her heart.

Before she got on the plane, she sent Shang Qian a message, and then turned off the phone.

The dark night is silent darkness, and when the plane passes through the black clouds, nothing can be seen.

The eyes are empty and very peaceful.

The clock in country M landed at the airport at ten o’clock.

There were quite a lot of people in the airport, crowded and lively.

She stood in the crowd, low-key outrageous.

When Su Nan turned on the phone, he saw that Su Jin’s phone numbers poured into more than 30 people.

Called back quickly.

Su Jin scolded her angrily, but Su Nan didn’t dare to reply.

the end.

Before hanging up the phone, Su Jin said helplessly:

“You look at him and come back. I’ve booked you an afternoon ticket. You don’t move. I’ll let someone pick you up to S*F, and then leave.”

Su Nan frowned, not expecting such a tight schedule . .

“Brother, I’m not a child anymore, don’t worry, I can go back myself.”

“Just because you’re no longer a child, don’t you think too much about doing things?

If the people in South Africa want to take revenge on Shang Qian , won’t I start with you?”

Su Nan opened his mouth, but before he could speak, Su Jin threw the words through gritted teeth:

“Okay, you have no choice, if you don’t come back before the afternoon, I will tell Dad, Even if it is tied, I will tie you back.”

After speaking, Su Jin decisively hung up the phone.

There is no room for negotiation.

Su Nan looked at the darkened phone and sighed helplessly.

She looked at the time, Shang Qian may still be working overtime at this time, or he may have rested.

But he never responded to the message.

She thought about it and called directly.

But the phone was notified that it was off.

She was stunned for a moment, seemingly puzzled.

What does shutdown mean?


Su Nan was apprehensive, and tried hard to tell herself that she must be thinking too much.

But he couldn’t help finding the phone number of Shang Qian’s assistant.

Still shut down.

Completely restless now.

In the vast sea of ​​people, she actually lost contact with Shang Qian?

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