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Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 1957

Divorce billionaire heiress chinse language chapter 1957

is half right

The first thousand nine hundred and fifty-seventh chapter is half right

. “The above means that you want to take back the military project and hand it over to Fu Yechuan?”

Su Yifeng’s speculation is not unreasonable.

Su Jin: “There is no clear meaning, but it should not be. Fu Yechuan’s advantages are not enough to counter the huge benefits brought by the South African base.

I think the above may want to completely make it our own, or at least have control over it. , can not be passive.

After all, it is an arms project, and matters involving various countries are sensitive, so it is impossible to ignore it.”

Su Nan heard this, his hands and feet suddenly became cold.

During the day, Fu Yechuan’s words flooded into his mind again.

Her intuition was that Shang Qian’s project might have really gone wrong.

Subconsciously, she pushed the door directly in.

The people inside did not expect her to come back at this time.


It was Su Yifeng who responded quickly:

“Have you come back so soon? Are you having a good time?”

Su Nan paused and pursed her lips:

“Don’t lie to me, did something happen to Shang Qian?”

Su Yifeng was silent.

Su Jin glanced at him before looking at Su Nan:

“Shang Qian didn’t tell you?”

Su Nan shook his head.

“But I met Fu Yechuan just now. He said that Shang Qian colluded with foreign arms dealers, and that there was a problem in the South African laboratory. Is it true?”

She was a little flustered in her heart, but she was calm on the surface.

Not because of any military project.

But she was worried about Shang Qian’s accident.

Arms projects are not uncommon in foreign countries. She has not asked about the scale of Shang Qian, but domestic military projects would rather give up Fu Yechuan and choose Shang Qian.

In the event of an accident, all aspects involved will definitely affect personal safety.

Shang Qian is still abroad, and if something really happens, he will be out of reach.

Su Jin was still pursing his lips, wondering if he should tell her.

There was too much silence in the air.

Su Nan couldn’t help, “Big brother, tell me quickly, is it true?”

Su Yifeng sighed and looked at Su Jin:

“Go ahead, don’t tell me to save her from thinking.”

Su Jin pursed his lips and nodded:

“Fu Yechuan is half right. Shang Qian didn’t tell you that he was afraid that you might be worried, and that’s what we meant. I

heard that he sold a batch of weapons from his base in South Africa. There was a problem with the weapons, and the other party was struggling with Shang Qian. Trouble, it’s a very powerful group, so the influence is relatively bad. I

can’t rule out the possibility of deliberately trying to find fault, but it did let out the wind to find Shang Qian to settle the account!”

Su Nan’s face turned pale.

Su Yifeng paused, “Don’t worry about this, Shang Qian has the ability to protect himself, and nothing will happen.”

Su Jin nodded.

Su Nan’s heart sank a little. When they were on the phone just now, Shang Qian casually shared with her the fun things they encountered.

He didn’t say a word about the trouble he encountered.

Is it because she is worried about her cranky thoughts at home?

But the more she didn’t say it, the more worried she became!

Su Yifeng looked at Su Jin and returned to the topic:

“So, the military project we are currently holding can’t go on for the time being?”

Su Jin nodded:

“Yes, it must be suspended for now.

If something goes wrong at the research base in South Africa, the above means that it must be stopped in time . Lost.

But as far as I know, they have not contacted other partners. They

should still have great expectations, but it is too much to let Shang Qian give up the dominant power…”

Although he did not go on, But know it well.

Regardless of his beliefs, Shang Qian is a businessman.

How could the interests he had obtained be handed over to others?

Su Nan was very confused, but he knew how to answer the question subconsciously:

“The worst outcome at the moment is that we take the lead and start to carry out this project in China in an all-round way. Although the process is difficult and complicated and the cost is huge, it is always the same. Choose the lesser of the two evils.”

Su Jin glanced at her and nodded.

“Don’t think too much, things haven’t gotten to that bad stage yet. When

Shang Qian comes back, they will send someone to talk to him. As for whether they can negotiate or not, it is their ability.”

Their most difficult problem may be I feel that Shang Qian is not a native of Z country, so he is not firm in his beliefs, and he has no weaknesses or handles. Only the Su family can hold him.

But the people of the Su family, why are they forcing him?

Su Nan nodded and took a deep breath:

“Brother, if there is any more news, don’t hide it from me.”

Su Jin nodded, and then remembered something:

“You met Fu Yechuan today?”

Su Nan nodded slightly, Tell him everything about the day.

After listening.

Su Jin’s face was gloomy and ugly, but after all, the expression on his face was a little scary.

Su Nan was puzzled.

“What’s the matter? He has returned to China, and it is inevitable that he will meet him at social events, not to mention that I don’t think he came to find me on purpose?”

Su Jin glanced at her, and his eyes were uncertain.

“Of course he won’t bring outsiders to find you. I suspect that the person with him is the brother of An Qi, the arms dealer. I heard that this person is extremely insidious and cunning.

Su Nan was stunned for a moment, then took a deep breath.

Thinking of what she accidentally saw today, they were all blatantly armed with weapons.

I’m afraid it’s not far from what Su Jin said.

Suddenly felt a chill.

She actually threw the ball on the perverted head.

Will he trouble her later?

Seeing that her expression was not right, Su Jin asked her,

“Why, he has troubled you?”

Su Yifeng became anxious when he heard it:

“That stinger?”

Su Nan pursed his lips, “His words are too ugly, so I will put them down. The ball hit his eyeball, and he went to the hospital later.” The

study was silent for a moment.

Su Yifeng sighed: “I asked you to go out to play. You still think about socializing. If the socializing didn’t work, you caused trouble. Why are you so unlucky?”

Su Nan didn’t speak.

She doesn’t know why she is so unlucky!

Su Jin said in a heavy tone:

“Forget it, the fight is over, this is our territory, and he doesn’t dare to do it directly, just arrange a few more people to follow you around, and you have to be careful.

At least before he goes abroad, you’d better not mess around . Run away.”

Su Nan nodded, she still cherished her life.

Su Yifeng’s voice was solemn: “But why did Fu Yechuan get involved with Lili?”

Su Jin: “Sister and mother are in his hands, so he is probably negotiating, and it will be very disadvantageous to fight head-on.”

Su Yifeng sighed:

“It’s a pity Mr. Fu, who just died abroad, was also the one who stirred up the situation in the shopping mall at the beginning, and the ending was too tragic.”

Su Jin didn’t say anything.

Su Yifeng glanced at Su Nan, then looked at Su Jin:

“Anyway, we have been working together for so many years, and the Fu family is in trouble, so we can’t get down to it.

The relationship between the Su family and the Fu family is sensitive, but it doesn’t have to be too sensitive.

Fu Yechuan bowing his head this time, it won’t be really bowing his head, he is not a weak head, he must have his own considerations.

Even if you can’t help, you can’t get in the way, understand? “

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