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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 98

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 98

“I just realized that I forgot to take something. Perhaps you don’t have to send me to school today—I can go on my own,” Elise replied hastily. Before she could continue speaking, Alexander walked over to her. His lanky figure towered over her, and she seemed tiny in front of him despite the fact that she was five foot five.

“I’ll wait for you here,” he uttered. She was about to say something else, but she could sense her heart pounding against her ribcage as she stood directly in front of him. She felt as if her heart was about to leap out of her throat, so she immediately turned around and hurried toward the stairs.

Thud thud thud! She sprinted up to her room and shut the door behind her with a loud bang. Her chest was heaving as she pressed a hand against it. Her insides felt like it had been attacked by waves of panic, and the odd feeling she had sensed in the past came back to her once more.

When she went downstairs again, she didn’t even glance in Alexander’s direction and simply took long strides past his figure. “Come on. I’m about to be late,” she said. Alexander watched as Elise scampered away from him, and he curled his lips into a slight smirk before following behind her. For the first time, Elise didn’t do her homework in the car.

Instead, she leaned against the car seat and pretended to sleep. Yet, the slight flutter of her eyelids betrayed her act. “Did you not sleep well last night?” Alexander asked. Elise instinctively opened her eyes before shifting her gaze to look out of the window. She looked as if she had something to hide.

“No. I had a pretty good sleep last night.” Alexander glanced at Elise in the rearview mirror, but he no longer said anything. The car gradually came to a stop in front of the school gates. Before the car fully stopped, Elise hurriedly opened the door to slide out of the car. Alexander watched as her tiny figure disappeared in the crowd of students before he stepped on the gas and drove off. Once Elise reached the classroom, she started on her homework.

She forcefully shoved aside the odd thoughts and feelings that were emerging in her. However, she was only on the second question of her homework when she heard one of her classmates calling for her by the classroom door. “Someone’s looking for you, Elise.” She raised her head. Despite her confusion, she put down her pen and walked out, only to find Jamie leaning against the classroom door in a relaxed manner.

“I’m here, Boss!” He wore a cheeky expression on his face as he greeted Elise. Elise was obviously relieved to see him. “What are you doing here?” Jamie chuckled as he leaned closer to her. “Do I need a reason to come over and visit you, Boss?” “But do you have a reason to be here?”

Elise looked up into his eyes as she asked. Jamie avoided her gaze and looked at his surroundings instead. “Why don’t we talk somewhere else, Boss?” Elise followed him along a walkway in school that led to a field at the back. Jamie only began to speak then. “Boss, the annual French Grand Prix is happening soon.

Are you interested in going over to watch the race?” Three years ago, Elise had obtained the title as the champion of the international racing competition, and she had set an impossible record that hadn’t been broken since. After shocking the world with her performance, she completely disappeared from the public’s eye, and there wasn’t any trace of her in the rest of the international racing events.

Rumors claimed that new faces were emerging in the racing industry this year, so Jamie thought that he’d ask Elise if she was interested in watching. “Did you say that the French Grand Prix is happening soon? When is it?” Elise asked. “Next week! Although there hasn’t been a single person who broke the record that you set, I heard that there’s a seeded participant called White Wolf who has been winning a lot of races.

I also heard that there are a few newbies in the racing industry who have pretty sick drifting skills. I think it’d be interesting to watch,” Jamie replied. Elise pressed her lips together as she contemplated Jamie’s suggestion. If I go watch the French Grand Prix, I might be able to avoid Alexander for a while. I’ll also be able to organize my messy thoughts and figure out all the feelings that I’ve been experiencing recently. “Do you want to go, Boss?”

Jamie asked again. “Alright, I’m down! You can help me book the flight tickets,” Elise uttered with a nod. Jamie was surprised that Elise had come to such a quick decision, and he had to swallow the rest of the script that he had prepared in order to convince her to go. “Great, Boss! I’ll do that immediately.”

Elise lowered her gaze as she began to think about the trip. I’ll just treat this trip to France as a break for me, and I’ll watch the race just to relax a little. She was much happier after she made her decision, and the gloomy aura she gave off earlier had already disappeared when she returned to class. She continued working on her homework. “I’m heading over to the company to collect my script later, Elise. Do you want to go along with me?”

Samantha clung onto Elise’s arm while eyeing her pleadingly. Elise gazed at her for a moment before she seemed to recall something. “Will you be going to Fenix Entertainment?” Samantha nodded rapidly. “Yeah! I’ve already signed a contract with the production team, and I’ll be joining them for the shoot from next month onward. It’s a minor role, but it’s also my first ever production, so it’s pretty important to me,” she explained.

“Alright. I’ll go with you then,” Elise uttered as she slapped her textbook shut. Apart from accompanying her friend, Elise had something else that she wanted to do there. Once both of them arrived at Fenix Entertainment, Elise followed behind Samantha as they went up the stairs.

While Samantha went to collect her script, Elise strode over to Jack’s office to find that it was completely empty. After contemplating for a short while, Elise decided to leave the copy of the music and lyrics that she had edited in Jack’s room. After she put them on the table, she turned to leave. Elise had barely taken a few steps before Jack and Ronald walked in. “Say, Jack, aren’t you going to accept the job when the script is so good?

This is one of the most trendy idol dramas right now. It might be a really good opportunity for you if you take the job.” “Look, Ronald. First, you tell me to focus on learning about music, then you ask if I’m accepting an acting job. What exactly do you want me to do?” Jack interrupted Ronald before Ronald could continue. “I just thought of you when I saw the script! You have a pretty empty schedule right now, so why don’t you try it out?

On top of that, we haven’t heard from Noel so far, and we don’t know when H will be able to come up with a new song for you. What would you do if H kept delaying the song?” Ronald explained himself. Jack was starting to get frustrated. “I can write the songs on my own! Give me some time, Ronald. I promise I’ll write a song that you like.” “And the script…” Ronald pursed his lips. Jack waved his arm to signal rejection.

“Just tell them I’m not interested! I haven’t been thinking of acting since the start of this year.” Ronald was caught in between—he could tell that Jack’s mind was set, yet he thought that the script was too good of an opportunity to pass on. Ultimately, Ronald chose to support Jack.

“Alright. You can focus on your music for now!” “Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll be able to succeed in the end if I persevere,” Jack uttered. Ronald nodded. “I believe you.” Both of them exchanged glances, and they saw the trust in each other’s eyes. Although Ronald felt like it was a shame to let go of a good script, he wanted to support Jack’s decision more than anything.

“I should leave now, then. Don’t stress yourself out, alright? You can go back to your music producing now.” Ronald stepped out, and Jack was left alone in his huge office. He glanced out the window, looking as if he was deep in thought. After a while, he turned and walked to the piano room. He hadn’t realized the piece of A4 paper that had been placed under his laptop.

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