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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 96

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 96

“Miss Lily agreed to be here at 6.00PM, so I’m sure she’ll be down soon,” Elise replied. Alexander raised his wrist to look at the time. “Let’s head over first, then.” They walked over to the restaurant, with Elise following behind Alexander. All of a sudden, his footsteps came to a halt. “Oh. Please go to my car and bring the red wine over. It’s the one that Lily wants—I left it on my passenger’s seat.” He handed his car keys to Elise as he spoke.

She took the keys and turned to head to the parking lot. After collecting the red wine, she went back to the restaurant. By then, Lily had already come down and was talking to Alexander. They seem to be enjoying their conversation, Elise thought as she watched them from a distance. “Mr. Griffith, Miss Lily.

Here’s the red wine you asked for.” Lily took a glance at the red wine. “How generous of you, Mr. Griffith,” she uttered in fluent French. Elise was rather puzzled. Does Lily speak French? Alexander curled his lips into a smirk before he responded in French. He sounded just as fluent in the language as she was.

“As you like it, Miss Lily.” Meanwhile, Elise stood by the side until Alexander turned to look at her. “Take a seat,” he offered. She quickly rejected him. “It’s fine, Mr. Griffith! I’ll stand here, and you can let me know if you need anything.” Alexander shot Elise a rather puzzled stare.

He then shifted his gaze to Lily as he recalled how he had intended to discuss some work-related stuff with her. “Miss Lily, I truly appreciate you traveling over to Athesea just to improve the work that we’re doing together.

I believe our partnership will be a fruitful one.” Before Alexander could go on, Lily interrupted him. “It wasn’t necessary for me to travel here, Mr. Griffith. However…” She gave him a cryptic stare that seemed rather seductive. “There was something about this trip to Athesea that made me especially drawn to it. I believe we can talk about our work a while later—I’d prefer if I had some time to adjust to the time differences first.

Since you’re the host, why don’t you arrange for us to do some relaxing activities?” Alexander responded in a serious tone. “Is there anything in particular that you’d like to do, Miss Lily?” She beamed at him. “I heard about this place called Glenwood Hills in Athesea, and that the hot springs there are pretty decent.

Why don’t we visit the hot springs tomorrow?” Elise, who had been standing by the side, nearly choked when she heard what Lily said. This woman doesn’t seem like she’s here to talk about work. She looks like she’s just here to seduce Alexander. “I’ll get my assistant to arrange a trip to the hot springs if that’s what you’d like, Miss Lily,” Alexander uttered. Lily let out a shrill giggle. “Perfect. Let’s relax at the hot springs tomorrow, Mr. Griffith!

We can bring Miss Sare along as well! She can help provide us with some suggestions if we happen to talk about work.” Elise, who was taken aback by Lily’s sudden show of concern, stared at Alexander helplessly. His face was devoid of emotions, and Elise couldn’t seem to tell what was going on in his mind.

Well, I’m sure there isn’t a single man on Earth who can reject a gorgeous, fair-skinned blonde like Lily, Elise thought as she shifted her attention back to Lily. Alexander’s a regular man after all; it’s only normal that he feels attracted to Lily. For some reason, an uneasy sensation formed in Elise’s chest. Throughout the night, there was a hint of contempt in her eyes whenever she gazed at Lily. Despite this, Elise didn’t notice the shift that occurred within her.

The next morning, Elise arrived early at the hotel to wait for Lily. Lily was a punctual woman, and she came down with her assistant at the time they agreed to meet. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Sare.” Elise smiled. “It’s fine. I just arrived as well.” Lily got in the car with Elise, and they traveled over to meet Alexander.

However, once they got there, they realized that it wasn’t just Alexander who was in the car—Danny and Jack were there as well. Elise felt oddly self-conscious upon meeting the other two men, and she instinctively shied away from them. Jack had been rather moody the past few days, so he delayed his other jobs just so that he could step away for a short break to relax.

He had intended to go on a short trip with Danny, but Alexander dragged the both of them to go to the hot springs with him at the very last minute. Danny still thought about Elise every now and then. He thought of asking her along, but he also considered how it might be rather troublesome for a girl to visit the hot springs with him.

Both Danny and Jack didn’t know that Alexander’s trip to the hot springs was related to his business partnership, so both the brothers exchanged glances once they found out about the truth. What a waste of our good time, they both thought. “Who are those two men? Do you know them, Miss Sare?”

Lily leaned in and whispered in Elise’s ear. Elise glanced at Jack and Danny while she replied to Lily’s question. “They are Jack and Danny, both from the Griffith Family.” Lily raised an eyebrow as she smirked. “Are they Mr. Griffith’s brothers?” “Yes,” Elise replied dutifully. The smile on Lily’s face broadened as she took a seat.

“I didn’t expect his brothers to be of such high standards.” Elise had no idea what Lily meant, and she didn’t think much about the woman’s words either. Their ride made its way toward Glenwood Hills, which was located up in the north about an hour away from the city.

Once they arrived at Glenwood Hills, Elise got out and gave Lily a brief introduction of the area. Alexander walked over with Danny and Jack following behind him. “What’s she doing here?” Danny was the first to notice Elise, and it came as a pleasant surprise to him. “Who are you talking about?” Jack asked. Danny pointed at Elise. “Her! Elise!” “You must be blind!” Jack uttered after gazing in the direction of where Danny was pointing.

“That’s not Elise.” Once Jack finished speaking, Elise turned around to reveal a face that was completely foreign to Danny. “I thought it was Elise when I saw her from the back. It seems like they’re just similar in size,” Danny commented after processing his initial shock. Jack chuckled. “You talk as if you’re possessed. Why are you so deeply in love with Elise?” Embarrassment spread across Danny’s face as he gave Jack a light smack.

“That’s nonsense, Jack. I just thought they looked alike.” Jack chuckled without exposing his brother any further, and the both of them followed Alexander toward the hot springs. They then booked two separate hot springs since there were quite a number of them. Elise went along with Lily, while Alexander went with Danny and Jack.

Once they were there, Lily took her clothes off to reveal her stunning figure. She lowered herself into the water before she turned to look at Elise. “Aren’t you coming in, Miss Sare?” Elise shook her head. She was worried that her makeup would fade if she went into the water. “No, Miss Lily. You go ahead.”

Lily didn’t insist any further and simply enjoyed her time in the hot springs. “Miss Sare,” Lily uttered after a long while of silence. “Can I talk to you about Mr. Griffith?” Elise could tell that Lily was extremely interested in Alexander. “What would you like to know, Miss Lily?” Elise asked.

Lily’s large, twinkling eyes landed upon Elise after hearing her words. “Well, based on what I heard before coming here, I understand that Mr. Griffith is currently single.” “You seem to really care for Mr. Griffith, Miss Lily,” Elise commented.

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