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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 93

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 93

“Don’t worry! Noel said that the odds are in our favor, so all we have to do now is wait. I believe we’ll hear good news soon.” The anticipation Jack felt earlier had completely disappeared since he didn’t get a firm answer. H is so mysterious. None of the major media sites have managed to dig out any information about her even after so many years. How could he possibly resurface just because of me? That’s completely impossible.

Jack had completely lost all hope by the time he followed Ronald into the elevator. “By the way, do you know those two girls from earlier?” Ronald couldn’t help but ask.

“I do,” Jack uttered with a grunt. Ronald recalled the glimpse of Elise and Samantha that he had caught earlier. “Both of them have some potential, especially the taller girl. Her body proportions are perfect—it’s almost as if she’s made to be in the entertainment industry.

Her face doesn’t look that great, but she might be able to get into this industry if she does some minor plastic surgery.” Jack knew that Ronald was referring to Elise. “That’s Elise, the girl that I said I used to fancy,” Jack uttered without any hesitation. “I might have overstepped my boundaries, then.”

Ronald immediately sealed his lips tight. … On the other hand, it was Samantha’s turn for the audition. Elise waited in the corridor for about 30 minutes before Samantha came out of the room. “How was it?” Elise asked in a concerned tone. Samantha simply shook her head. “No idea. The director told me to go back and wait for their announcement.” “It’s fine. Let’s go back for now, then.” Elise attempted to comfort her.

Right when the two girls got back to school, Samantha received a call from the director’s team. “Ah, Elise! I was chosen! The director wants me to report to them next week. It’s only a supporting role, but the director said that my role is relatively important, so I’ll have to film for nearly a month!”

Samantha was euphoric, and happiness was written all over her face as she spoke. “Congratulations. You’re getting to do what you enjoy!” Elise was happy for her friend as well. “In celebration of this great news, I’ve decided that we’re going to go for a karaoke session tonight!” Samantha chirped.

Elise didn’t want to dampen her friend’s spirits, and she didn’t have much to do that night, so she agreed to go. “Let’s ask Mikayla and Riley to come along! We can go as a group of four.” Samantha thought that it was a good idea, so she gave Riley a call while Elise dropped Mikayla a text. Elise gave Jonah a call after she was done inviting Mikayla for that night. “I’m going out for some fun with my friends, Grandpa.

I’ll be coming home a little later tonight.” Jonah’s voice was full of care for the young girl. “Alright! Send me your location, and I’ll get the driver to pick you up later.” Elise told him the address before they ended the call. … All four of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves that night at Luxor Karaoke. Halfway through the night, Elise went to the bathroom. Clunk!

Someone’s lipstick fell right beside Elise’s leg, and Elise instinctively bent down to pick it up. The owner of the lipstick was a gorgeous and well-dressed woman, and the woman uttered a polite ‘thank you’ before she took the lipstick from Elise’s hands. Elise didn’t seem to mind the woman’s haughty attitude.

She continued staring at her reflection in the mirror, fixing her clothes and her makeup before she turned to leave. At that very moment, she heard the woman making a call. “Alexander, darling!” the woman uttered. For some reason, the first person that popped into Elise’s head was Alexander Griffith.

However, after some thought, Elise realized how unlikely that would be. She therefore ignored the woman and strode out of the bathroom. Luxor Karaoke was a large place, and its corridors were rather long and windy. Furthermore, each of their rooms were about the same size, and Elise couldn’t identify the room that she had been in earlier.

She had made an entire round, and she was about to give Samantha a call when something caught her attention at the corner of her eye. It was an extremely familiar figure. “Alexander…” Elise muttered. He didn’t hear her at all. All of a sudden, the woman who had been in the bathroom earlier appeared and hurried over to Alexander.

She planted a gentle kiss on his cheek before she slipped her arm into his. Alexander didn’t look like he had any intentions of pushing her away. At that very moment, Elise felt a strong force coming from behind her, and her entire body was flung forward. She pushed the door open and stumbled into the karaoke room before falling face-first onto the ground.

Everyone in the room turned to look at her. “Yo, does this place provide women that will send themselves directly to your doorstep?” A man’s voice came from inside the room. Elise was utterly embarrassed at that point—she wished she could dig a hole and stick her head into it.

She hung her head low to pretend as if she didn’t see anything that was happening in the room. “I think you might have gotten the wrong room, gorgeous.” The same man’s voice sounded as he strode toward Elise. Elise finally lifted her head—she knew she couldn’t avoid him for much longer. The man’s footsteps came to a halt as he stared at Elise. His Adam’s apple moved up and down for a moment before he spoke in a completely different tone. “

Where the fck did you come from?! Get the fck out of here now!” he growled. The man’s tone of voice and his attitude were the complete opposite of how he first sounded and acted. Elise was too flustered to explain herself, and she hastily scrambled to her feet without turning to look in Alexander’s direction.

To her surprise, Alexander’s voice filled the room the very next second. “What are you doing here?” She had no choice but to turn and smile at Alexander since he had recognized her. “What a coincidence! You’re here too?” The man beside her interrupted their conversation. “Do you know her, Mr. Griffith?”

Alexander didn’t answer the man but simply gazed at Elise quietly. The woman beside him spoke up instead. “She was the lady I bumped into in the bathroom earlier. She helped me pick my lipstick up. Do you know her, Alexander?” Alexander pursed his lips as he continued to look at Elise.

“She’s Miss Elise Sinclair, one of the main shareholders of Griffith Group,” he uttered slowly. “It seems like Miss Sinclair is here for work. Since Mr. Smith from Smith Enterprise is here today, we should go through some details regarding our partnership.”

Alexander’s intentions were clear—he was indicating that he was there for work, and he was indirectly hinting Elise not to misunderstand anything. However, he didn’t notice that he was explaining himself.

The moment Theodore heard that Elise was one of the main shareholders of Griffith Group, he instantly wiped off the disdainful expression on his face. “I see, Miss Sinclair. Well, that was a unique entrance you made.”

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