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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 91

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 91

Elise grumbled, “Yeah, because I had to wait for you. The nerve of you to mock me.” Alexander chuckled. “So this is my fault?” Elise shot him a glare. “Of course it is!” Alexander quickly stopped her from talking by filling her lunchbox up with more food. “Thanks for the wait. Have some more.” Elise ignored him and only put her cutlery down after finishing her dinner. At this moment, Alexander’s phone rang. It was his alarm, actually.

Since it was Wednesday, it was time for his Arisian class with Sare. “Um, I might be home late. I have something to do. I’ll get the driver to take you home if you want.” “It’s fine, just go ahead. I’ll go home by myself.” “Be careful then. Call me if you need anything.” He went back to his desk, booted up his PC, and tried to contact Sare. Elise’s phone started beeping, and she took her phone out. When she saw his message, she realized it was time for her class, so she glanced at him and kept her phone. “I’ll be going home now.” She got up. “See you later.”

“Sure.” Then, he called his employee. “Tell the driver to send Elise home.” “Thanks.” She went out of the office and texted Alexander, ‘Class is delayed by half an hour tonight. Talk to you later.’ Alexander gave her an OK emoji and closed his laptop, then went through his documents. Right after she arrived home, she went to her room, closed the door, and booted her PC up. It had been a while since Alexander started learning Arisian from her.

He was a fast learner and managed to grasp a lot of the concepts with just a few pointers. The class went by in a flash. Just when she was about to go offline, he texted, ‘They sent me an email. I need your help with it.’ Elise texted, ‘Send it to my email.’ A minute later, Elise got a new email. She logged into her account and skimmed through it before telling him its gist. ‘They said the first phase went well. They’re planning on sending a rep to Athesea next week to talk about the second phase and its plans.’

Alexander didn’t reply immediately. In fact, he was taking his own sweet time, but she wasn’t in a hurry. Elise stretched her arm and went downstairs to get herself a glass of milk. When she came out of the kitchen, she bumped into Jack, who just came back. Jack wasn’t looking too well and seemed tired. He seldom came back home because of his work, but he had been coming home a lot over the last couple of days. “Still up?”

he asked. “I was thirsty, so I came out to get some milk.” Jack went upstairs without saying another word. After he was gone, she remembered the song he wrote, and she rummaged through her pocket. Oh, it’s still there. Then, she went upstairs and glanced at Alexander’s reply. ‘Tell me the time, and I need you there to translate if it’s fine with you.’ Elise looked at the date. It was a Saturday, so she agreed to it. Hey, money is money. ‘Sure.’ She turned her PC off and took out the unfinished song to finish modifying it. It took her forever to get out of bed the next day.

The modification had gone on late into the night, but luckily, she finished it, and she even added some lyrics into it, turning it into a new song. When she came down, Matthew was waiting for her in the living room. “Morning, Elise,” he greeted her with a smile. Ever since he confessed to her, Elise had been avoiding him. If it weren’t because of Jonah telling them to take turns sending her to school, she wouldn’t even talk to him. “Good morning,” Elise greeted back, but obviously, she was being distant. However, Matthew ignored it and pulled out a chair for her.

“Here, dig in.” She sat down and finished her breakfast quickly. Elise then took her bag and left, while Matthew quickly followed her. They said nothing to each other the whole way. Elise was doing her math questions, while Matthew was trying to find a chance to talk. However, Elise was ignoring him, so he pursed his lips and thought for a while before calling her name. After a pause, he said, “Sorry. I might have been rash back then.”

Elise smiled at him politely. “It’s in the past now. It’s fine.” Matthew continued, “I’m sorry, Elise. I never thought I’d cause you so much trouble. I know you’re concentrating on your studies so you’re not in a hurry to get a boyfriend. Or maybe you just don’t like me, but either way, can we go back to how we used to be? Just pretend it never happened, alright?” Elise heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that, but that also proved that Alexander was right.

He is trying to get closer to me because he wants something else. “Sure.” After a pause, she added, “The company needs all the manpower it has right now. If you’re busy, you don’t have to send me to school.” Matthew didn’t take that offer. “Grandpa told us we must send you to school no matter how busy we are.” Dammit. Jonah was the only reason she couldn’t refuse him. Fine. Since Grandpa Griffith wants this, there’s no point in arguing.

She got out of the car and went into the school, but someone suddenly tapped on her shoulder. When Elise turned around, she saw Samantha and Riley behind her. “You were in your head. We noticed you spacing out,” Riley said. Elise smiled. “I was just thinking about the solution for that question yesterday.

Thanks to you, I finally found the solution.” Riley smacked her head in fake annoyance. “Man, you top students are always thinking about homework, huh?” Samantha sighed. “That’s why they’re top students and we’re not.” Elise put her hands on their shoulders. “Just kidding. I just wanted to motivate you two.”

Samantha and Riley looked at each other before pouncing on Elise and went toward their classroom. Unbeknownst to them, Mikayla was standing not far away. When she saw the girls looking so happy together, she felt jealous for some reason.

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