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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 90

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 90

“Hurry up, Elise!” Mikayla urged Elise to help, since she was about to lose. Elise asked, “What happened? Why are there so many trolls there?” Mikayla grumbled, “These guys said Jack is just a talentless celebrity who only got popular because he’s hot. Said he can’t even act his way out of anything. Someone even called him a sissy. God, that makes me so mad.” “Haters, huh? Ignore them. I’ll help you.” She took her phone out, and lines of code flashed on her screen.

Elise hacked into Twitter’s server and banned the haters from the platform. “Oh, they finally stopped.” When the trolls stopped commenting, Mikayla gushed, “They must have backed off because they’re scared of me.” Elise kept her phone and said nothing. Danny came to pick Elise up after school. The moment she came back, she heard someone playing the piano in the piano room, and her eyes lit up.

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he piano went silent. A moment later, she heard the sound of something getting scrunched

looking like a mess. The floor was littered with crumpled papers, and even the stand, which stood perfectly

The servant said politely, “Yes. Master Alexander will be working overtime tonight. Master Jonah doe

?” The servant looked worried that Elise might be offended. “It’s fine if you can’t do it.” Hm, I don’t have anything else to do, and

r’s dinner on her way out. On her way there, she looked through the song she picked up back at the piano room. Hm, it’s okay, but it doesn’

er in hand. Everyone knew her as she came with Jonah before, and they greeted her respectfully. “Miss Sinc

in her hand. “Where’s your boss?” “He’s in a meeting, but you can wait for him in his office.” Then

ind his chair, and it overlooked the whole city. She picked up a magazine from the book rack

s. Miss Elise is here. She’s in your office, but it’s been three hours.” Alexander was obvio

nd was about to go in, but the next second, he stopped and put his finger to his lips. The a

her silently, as if protecting her. He went to the cubicle and took a blanket to cover her

r stood up. “It’s fine. Sorry you had to wait.” Oh, yeah. I’m here to give him his di

r I have to work overtime. So why did he ask Elise to come? He knew what his grandfather wa

r. They sat across from each other and had their dinner in silence. Elise was wolfing it down like an u

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