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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 85

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 85

Ashlyn clenched her fists quietly while the retail assistant came over. “Do you need anything else, Miss Lawson?” Ashlyn was just about to vent her anger, and the retail assistant coming up to her gave her a reason to do so. “Anything else? You don’t have anything I want. This is the last time I’m coming here.” And then she stormed off. Elise looked at her shopping bags.

When she came here, she only wanted to get one as Alexander’s birthday gift, but she bought an extra one now just to spite Elise. I’ll give one to Jamie. The thought of that made her feel better, since at least it wouldn’t be a waste of her money buying a second one. Just when she was about to go back to school, Jonah called her.

“Ellie, are you busy?” Elise smiled. “No. Can I help you, Grandpa Griffith?” “Why, yes,” Jonah answered. “I’ve sent someone to pick you up after school, so go with them then.” Elise agreed to it without hesitating. When she came out from school, Jonah’s men were already waiting for her at the school gates. Get Coolest Girl in Town new chapters update on

When they saw her, they quickly went up to her and took her bag. “Come with us, please, Miss Elise.” She got into the car and asked, “Where are we going?” The driver answered, “Mr. Griffith wants us to take you to Tony. It’s Mr. Alexander’s birthday party tonight, so he wants you to style up.” Elise quickly refused. “It’s fine. I think I look okay the way I am, so Mr. Tony doesn’t have to do anything, really.” The driver smiled.

“It’s alright. Mr. Griffith has prepared everything. Just go with the flow.” Elise couldn’t refuse further, but she was also worried her makeup might get busted. In the end, they came to Tony’s shop and she simply told him she would do her own makeup, while they could pick her dress. Tony gave her a closer look and suggested sincerely, “Miss Sinclair, you have a great figure, so this dress will accentuate all your curves.

And your looks are exquisite, but you might want to change your makeup.” Elise didn’t want her makeup changed. “It’s fine. I’ll make do with my current one,” she refused. Tony sighed. He thought it was a shame but he didn’t want to force her, so he chose a bolder dress to go with her makeup.

After they were done styling up, Elise took a look in the mirror. When she saw her new look, she felt unreal. “What do you think, Miss Sinclair?” Elise nodded. “It’s great.” My makeup doesn’t go with the dress though. In the end, she chose to get another dress. “But why don’t you get me a dress that is less ostentatious? It’ll be better.” I need something that matches my look after all. Tony was put in a dilemma. “Miss Sinclair, it’ll be better if I change your makeup.

Can you let me try?” Elise refused politely, “No. Just change the dress.” In the end, Elise switched into a simple dress, though it was an elegant one. It was seven in the evening, and everyone in Griffith Residence was in high spirits. The rich ladies who were dressed in fine evening wear were chatting with one another, while back upstairs, the servants were straightening out Jonah’s clothes.

Jonah looked in the mirror and asked, “Is everything done?” The butler answered politely, “Worry not, sir. Everything is in place. Now all we need is Miss Elise and Mr. Alexander to appear.” Jonah nodded in approval. “And don’t let anyone find out, especially Alex.” “Yes, sir.” Jonah smiled at his reflection.

“I sure do hope they can get closer this time. Better yet, they should get engaged. I really want to attend their wedding.” “Don’t worry, sir. Mr. Alexander will not let you down.” Jonah held his walking stick. “Let’s go. Time for us to make our entrance.” The moment Elise showed up, lots of rich ladies came to chat with her. After all, the whole of the upper society knew Elise was close to the Griffiths. They wanted to see if they could befriend Elise, since that would mean they were indirectly friends with the Griffiths. Get Coolest Girl in Town new chapters update on

Elise handled them well as she had excellent social skills. She knew what to speak and what not to, and everyone was merry. When she finally could catch a break, she plopped down on a sofa and ate some snacks. At that moment, someone said, “The Griffiths’ young masters are here.” Everyone looked at the entrance and saw Alexander coming in first, flanked by Danny and Jack, while Matthew followed behind.

The moment they came in, they caught everyone’s eyes. Someone commented, “They’re all great people, especially Alexander. I heard he just nailed the deal in Aris and made some serious money gambling in Jade City.” “Jack’s not bad either. Yes, he’s a celebrity, but the whole nation loves him.” “Danny doesn’t have much to his name, but he’s still young. Sure, his brothers are more successful than he is, but I’m sure he’ll make a name for himself in the future.”

“Well, as for that illegitimate son…” Everyone shut up with unison at the mention of Matthew. And then someone added, “Hey, there should be a fifth guy, right? A designer called Brendan? I heard he won an international prize for his designs. Not bad.” “Jonah’s really lucky to have these kids.” Jonah couldn’t stop beaming after hearing the praise. “All thanks to you for giving them a chance.” “Anytime, Mr. Jonah.”

At this moment, Ashlyn came in with her brother, Jonathan. She was wearing a beautiful red dress that made her stand out among the crowd, part of it thanks to her height. When Jonathan came in and saw the ladies there, he was delighted. “You go around on your own, Ashlyn. I’ll have to see some friends.”

She knew Jonathan was just going to flirt, but she didn’t stop him. “Don’t forget to take me home later.” “Sure,” Jonathan answered. Jonathan went into the crowd, while Ashlyn tidied her hair and searched for Alexander. When she saw him, she walked toward him slowly. “Alex!” Danny and Jack looked at her.

They didn’t really like her after what happened last time, but they wouldn’t tell her off nonetheless. “Hi, Ashlyn,” they greeted. Ashlyn smiled. “Hi, Danny. Hi, Jack.” She turned to Alexander, but he was ignoring her. However, she wasn’t mad. Instead, she took her gift out and handed it to him. “Here’s the gift I prepared, Alex.

I hope you like it.” Any man would kill to have Ashlyn give them a gift, but Alexander only replied coldly, “Thank you.” Apparently, he wasn’t going to take the gift.

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