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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 79

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 79

Elise was dumbfounded as she took in the fierce expressions on the dozen or so foreigners they were faced with. “That’s them! Attack them!” The leader ordered sternly, whereupon Elise and Alexander exchanged looks and came to a tacit agreement. Standing back to back, they stared vigilantly at the group of people. “What do you want?” Elise asked, but the foreigner ignored her and directly pounced on her.

She dodged to the side, and in the next second, Alexander kicked the foreigner’s stomach, causing the latter to take several steps back. They were creating a huge commotion, so all the pedestrians moved far away from them, afraid of getting involved. When one of the foreigners saw that they were attacked, he waved his hand, and four to five of them moved forward.

Alexander was fast and immediately defeated two of them, but the foreigners approached them one after another, causing Elise to feel a little worried. “We can’t carry on this way. I think it’s still better for us to run.” Alexander murmured in agreement before punching a man’s face. He used so much strength that the man’s mouth overflowed with blood, but Alexander didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping.

Several of the foreigners glanced at each other, instantly understanding that Alexander wasn’t easy to deal with, so seven to eight of them surged forward together and attacked him from different angles. When Elise noticed this, she didn’t waste any time in extending her legs and kicking them. The two of them worked in perfect coordination, and they easily defeated the group of people until they were all on the ground. “Let’s go!”

Alexander said as he grabbed Elise’s arm and started running. “Quickly chase after them! Don’t let them get away!” the foreigner shouted, and a few of his followers began to pursue them. Alexander led Elise as they weaved through the crowd until they managed to hide in an alley.

Elise took a look around before pointing to the right side of the street. “Let’s go there.” Without even thinking, Alexander ran over to the right side. They lost track of how long they had been running and only stopped when they didn’t sense anyone behind them. Elise took huge gasps of breaths.

It was her first time being pursued like this. Alexander looked behind them, then realized that they were holding hands and subconsciously let go before saying, “They didn’t catch up to us. I think we’ve lost them.” Looking up at him, Elise said, “President Griffith, I had no idea you were so skilled at fighting!”

Alexander turned back and fixed Elise with a profound look, and for a moment, he suddenly found her very familiar! Strangely, her silhouette was similar to the one in his memory. Elise was a little embarrassed to be stared at like that, so she hurriedly asked, “President Griffith, why are you looking at me like that?”

Alexander retracted his gaze, then shot her another profound glance. He was a little dubious, but he asked, “Miss Sare, do you race cars?” Elise wasn’t expecting him to ask this question. Has he found out? When this thought occured to Elise, her heart started to beat uncontrollably.

Masking her emotions, she replied nonchalantly, “President Griffith, you’re joking, right? I’m a girl. How could I possibly know how to race cars? I don’t even have a driver’s license.” Alexander figured that he must be mistaken. How could she possibly be the girl who raced with me! “Oh, it was just a random question!” Alexander controlled his emotions as well. “Let’s go back.” When Elise heard this, she was relieved.

Agreeing with him, she followed beside him as the two of them walked in the other direction. After going back to the hotel, Alexander’s suspicions weren’t completely eliminated, so he made a phone call. “Help me investigate this person called Sare. I want all of the information about her, including her journey through life since she was young, her hobbies, and everything she likes.” “Okay, President Griffith.”

After hanging up, Alexander couldn’t help but laugh as he wondered what was going on with him. He had just seen someone with a similar silhouette as her, yet he was already trying to find out information about her. I must be under a spell. The next day, Elise followed Alexander to Jade City again.

But, this time, he chose to use another street, where the stone path didn’t look the same as the one they used before, and there were only a few drabby workshops around them. Feeling a little curious, Elise asked, “Why did we come here?” Alexander explained, “Few people come here, so we might be able to get good stones here.”

Elise nodded knowingly. She followed Alexander into a shop selling stones, and only then did he speak. “Choose the stones which you think are good first. Treat it as training.” Elise didn’t understand what Alexander meant, but since she had decided to learn stone gambling from him, it was only natural that she had to obey him.

So, she began looking around the shop and ended up choosing two stones that she found suitable. “Sir, how much are these two?” The boss was unfamiliar with Elise, so he randomly stated a price. “The left one is 200,000, while the one on the right is 350,000.” Elise was a little pained. “They’re that expensive?”

The boss glanced at Elise, then figured that she wouldn’t buy the stones, so he said, “The stones in our shop are of pretty good quality, and they have a high possibility of containing jadeites. If you’re just taking a look, I suggest you go to another shop. Don’t waste my time.” When Elise heard this, she undoubtedly understood that he thought she wasn’t going to buy the stones.

Originally, she wanted to obey Alexander and buy these two stones as practice, but now, she decided not to buy them. “Forget it, then! I’ll take a look at the other shops!” With that, Elise pulled Alexander to the stone shop on the opposite side. The owner of the first shop long expected that Elise wasn’t going to buy anything, so he couldn’t help sneering, “Everyone thinks that they’re such experts these days.”

Compared to the surrounding shops, the stone shop on the opposite side was rather deserted. Besides the owner, there wasn’t a single customer. “President Griffith, what do you think of this shop?” Alexander cast her a sweeping glance, then said, “You can see for yourself first. Choose two pieces as practice.”

Elise couldn’t stop herself from silently cursing him when she heard him say those words again, but she still walked around the store. When the owner saw that he had customers, he greeted them enthusiastically. “Take a look here. We have the highest quality stones here. You can choose whatever you want.”

Elise followed the shop owner around and learned about the several types of rough stones available in the shop, then eventually picked two of them. “Sir, please help me cut open these two stones.” Upon hearing this, the owner was obviously a little uncertain as his shop hadn’t had any business for several days now.

“Are you sure you want these? Over here, we charge up front.” Without hesitating, Elise took out her card and swiped it, spending 100,000 in one go. Upon seeing how resolute Elise was, the owner said, “If that’s the case, let me get the master to cut it open for you.” Elise figured this was good, because she had just saved herself the money of hiring a master.

Then, the shop owner called the stone master over and retrieved Elise’s stones. “Miss, you have good taste. These stones look good,” the boss couldn’t help but praise. Although there wasn’t much of an expression on Elise’s face when she looked at the two stones, she was still looking forward to it.

The stone master carefully cut open the rough stone and slowly went deeper until he reached the center, but there was no sign of anything green at all. The owner was flustered, and sweat beaded his forehead. “Why don’t we try opening the other one?”

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