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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 773

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 773

I’ll Have to Go

Onyx felt as though he had been struck by lightning and his expression instantly froze. “How did you know?! The title deed has been in my possession this whole time!”

“Because I have my mother’s intelligence.” Elise smiled. “You didn’t really think that I was just playing around for the past six months, did you? I am not as carefree as you are. Well, it is nothing much. I only learned about computers for a bit and checked the number of properties under each family member’s name.”

Onyx was immediately enveloped in fear upon hearing that. He was looking at Anastasia’s familiar face, but he had a strange feeling about her he had never felt before.

In just half a year, she had turned into a completely different person who was terrifyingly composed.

Turning his body sideways, Onyx squinted suspiciously. “What else do you know?”

“What else do you hope that I know?”

Her eyes had narrowed into slits from the broad smile on her face. Even though she had a pure and pleasant appearance, she looked inexplicably insidious in Onyx’s eyes.

He then fiddled with his fingers as he started to think.

This daughter of his was no longer as innocent and gullible as she was before. He would be the one on the losing end if he revealed too much to her.

Besides, she was right. Legally, she was the owner of this house. He couldn’t do anything about it even if she finally decided to cast them aside.

“Nothing.” He then added with a smile, “Since you are tired, go back to your room for an early rest. We will discuss the wedding later.”

Elise rolled her eyes at him. She then turned around and left without saying a word.

The moment she had her back toward him, the smile on his face immediately disappeared.

The next morning, Elise deliberately went downstairs for breakfast 10 minutes late, only to see the rest of the White Family doing something they usually wouldn’t—they were waiting for her.

She instantly came to a stop, as she felt like she was attending a banquet where everyone else was plotting to have her killed.

“You’re up. Come have breakfast.” Onyx took the initiative to break the silence.

Not one to shilly-shally, she walked over to find a place to sit down before she chowed the food down.

She had just eaten two spoonfuls of food when Onyx placed a shrimp gnocchi on her plate. “Here, it is your favorite,” he said.

She was stunned for two whole seconds but when she regained her senses, she took her fork and picked up the shrimp gnocchi, thereafter throwing it back onto the platter.

She then turned to the kitchen and yelled, “Bring me a new fork!”

“My apologies.” Elise faked a polite smile at him. “My taste has changed now. I don’t like shrimp gnocchi, and I have become a bit of a germaphobe. You won’t be angry about it, right?”

Before Onyx could even reply, Lyra immediately started going off at Anastasia. “What kind of attitude is this? Do you know that this is what your father especially told the kitchen to prepare for you? It is fine if you don’t appreciate it, but you are even spouting ridiculous excuses to try to fool us. Aren’t you indirectly slapping your father in his face this way? I have never seen a daughter like you, and I—”

“Enough!” Onyx sternly stopped the fight. “What is all this quarreling so early in the morning? She is pregnant now. We should all be considerate of her even if she is in a bad mood. How about this? Adelpha is having her piano exam today. We can all go together, and we can also keep Anastasia company so that she can relax.”

“I am not going!”

“You can’t come!”

Anastasia and Adelpha exclaimed at the same time.

“Poppa, I will get distracted if Anastasia goes! Who am I going to blame if I fail the exam?!” Adelpha whined like a child, feeling dissatisfied.

Hearing this, Elise raised an eyebrow as her ears perked up.

Why does it sound like she is making me blame me if she fails the exam?

“I will have to go if that is the case.” Elise leisurely took another bite and spoke with reason. “You will have to perform on stage sooner or later if piano is your instrument. Let me go so that I can help my dear sister withstand the pressure.”

Onyx nodded slightly at that. “It makes sense. Adelpha might even have a breakthrough if she feels a little pressure. It is decided, then. The whole family will go. We will let outsiders see how important Adelpha is to us!”

Adelpha had a million reasons she could try telling them to stop them from going, but she could only swallow it all back now. “I’m full.”

She then put down her cutlery and ran back into her room.

After double-locking the door, she dashed into the bathroom and hurriedly took out her phone to call her friend.

“It’s me. How is the preparation going? I got an update. Anastasia will be going as well. She has become rather vigilant now. We can’t let her see through our plan.”

“Don’t worry. We have tried it so many times and we have never made a mistake. Our plan is foolproof. We will definitely let you go home with your certificate in your hands.”

The White Family’s car came to a stop right on time in front of a sophisticated-looking office at 9.00AM. It screamed artistic from the outside.

It was Onyx’s first time here but judging from his expression, he seemed very satisfied with what he was seeing.

The few of them had only stood at the door for a while when a group of fashionable teenage girls and a bespectacled middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes came out of the building.

The man led the girls straight to the Whites, and then took the initiative to extend his hand to Onyx. “Welcome, Mr. White. It is the Piano Association’s honor to have you here!”

“Oh, you are too generous with your praises,” Onyx replied, feeling embarrassed. As he held the man’s hand, he asked, “And you are?”

“This is the vice president of our association.”

A girl on his left automatically interjected.

“Oh, I see! It is an honor to meet you!” Onyx was so excited he started to shake the vice president’s hand, and even forgot to let go.

“Haha! What an enthusiastic man you are, Mr. White! Speaking of honor, it is our association that is pleased with how you have raised a child with such musical talent as Adelpha. It really is admirable!” The vice president continuously threw praises at Onyx in an official tone.

“Oh, no. I just spent money to buy a piano for my child. The one who really makes her a musical genius are teachers like you who teach her in the association. I should give you my gratitude!” Wanting to butter up to the vice president, Onyx kept his attitude humble throughout the conversation.

As Adelpha watched the adults throw empty words at each other, she couldn’t help but start quietly cheering, and even secretly exchanged glances with her friend.

She was so complacent that she completely forgot that Elise was also here. Unbeknownst to her, every single one of her actions had been seen by Elise.

Elise was initially skeptical if it was because there was a change in management that she didn’t particularly remember the vice-chairman. However, now that she had seen Adelpha exchange glances with the other women, she was even more certain that things were not as simple as they might seem.

The Piano Association of Tissote is such a distinguished group. Why does the vice president personally come out to greet a member who is taking her grade exam the second time?

“Is there a shortage of talented students in the Piano Association recently? So much so that a person who is doing her retest is being welcomed by such a big group?” Elise suddenly questioned.

The air immediately became awkward when her words fell.

Fortunately, Adelpha’s friends came prepared as they had already anticipated ‘Anastasia’ would cause some sort of trouble.

“Of course not! It is just that the association thinks Adelpha is extraordinarily talented, which is why we are giving her this kind of treatment. Not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this.”

“I presume you are Anastasia, Adelpha’s sister? No wonder. You only write articles online, so the Internet is the only place you have your glory. We don’t expect you to know about the elegance of the art of piano playing!”

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