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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 769

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 769

Plastic Surgery Scandal

Jamie quickly came to a halt when he heard the staff member’s words. After glancing at the staff, he snapped back to reality and hurriedly made himself look presentable again.

Narissa only rolled her eyes at him before she walked in first. Of course, Jamie, who refused to admit defeat, immediately followed suit.

Elise had thought she would only be meeting ordinary fans, and so she put down the makeup she was holding as she got ready for business. To her surprise, it was Narissa and Jamie who came in when she turned her head. Seeing them immediately brought tears to her eyes.

To be able to meet them again after almost losing her life truly was a blessing from God.

Narissa brought her hand up, and was about to give a knock on Jamie’s head when she realized that she had entered the lounge. As she turned her head and met Anastasia’s gaze, she smiled awkwardly while quietly putting her hand down. “Hehe, I hope I didn’t surprise you, Miss White. We are just joking around~”

“I know.” Elise let out a relieved smile. It seems like they have been getting along just fine these past few months.

Facing their idol author “Anastasia White”, Narissa and Jamie had turned into meek sheep as they stood side by side obediently.

“Miss White, I really like your book. Can you sign it for me?” Narissa shyly handed out the notebook she prepared.

Elise was both amused and moved by Narissa. “No problem,” she cheered as she readily took the book from her.

She then wrote down Anastasia’s name before she returned it back to Narissa.

“Thank you!” Narissa hummed as if she had obtained a treasure. She seemed to have thought of something again when she kept her beautiful eyes wide open and urged, “Miss White, can I ask if there is a sequel to the book? How will the story develop now that the female lead has taken revenge on her step-family?”

“I am afraid I can’t disclose this for the time being,” Elise said, acting all businesslike. There wouldn’t be suspense anymore if she spoiled the story.

“It is okay! As long as you are willing to write, I am willing to wait!” As a true fan, Narissa had no limits when it came to her idol.

The smile hanging on the corners of Elise’s lips never once disappeared as she replied, “Thank you.”

After she said that, her eyes fell on Jamie. “Is there anything I can help you with, sir?”

“Don’t worry about him. He is just passing by!” Narissa intentionally ruined it for her friend.

“I am not!” Jamie suddenly glared at her stubbornly. He then looked at Elise again, and asked gently, “The thing is, I can invest and publish your future works, so would you want to sign a contract with me? Give it a thought. I am the General Manager at the Keller Group. The benefits you will get are good.”

“Okay,” Elise agreed without thinking.

Finding it hard to believe, he asked again, “Really?”

“Mhm.” She looked at him with a smile. “But I am expensive.”

“That is not a problem!” He waved his hand. “We are flexible about the fee. Can we exchange phone numbers?”

Elise whipped out her phone at that. “Sure thing.”

He was so happy he could fly then, but his face remained solemn as he pretended to be calm while he opened the QR code. “Here, go ahead and scan it,” he offered after showing the code to her.

“It’s done.” Elise had quickly done it. “Please approve the request later, Mr. Keller.”

“Mm.” His face was cold, but while no one was paying attention, he let a smile slip before he wiped it away again.

Narissa was furious and anxious when she saw that the both of them had exchanged phone numbers. “You are shameless, Jamie Keller! You were the one who said you aren’t interested in idolizing anyone, but you have used such a dirty tactic to get your idol’s number!”

Jamie waved his phone and continued to provoke Narissa cheekily, “Call the police then. I have her contact and you don’t, anyway.”

“You punk! Here is a punch for you!”

Narissa punched him as she spoke, but Jamie nimbly avoided by stepping sideways and grabbing her wrist with both hands, immobilizing her for the time being.

“Alright, alright.” Elise hurriedly stood up to stop the fight. “Actually, I was going to ask if you would want to exchange numbers too, miss.”

“Sure!” Narissa retracted her fist, took out her mobile phone, and added Elise within a second. She was so fast that Jamie couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

“Amazing.” He gave a thumbs up in admiration.

“Hmph!” She rolled her eyes smugly. “I am too lazy to bother myself with you.”

She then turned to Elise again with a smile on her face. “Miss White, I still have a lot of questions for you. Let me buy you a meal when the book signing event is over.”

“Sure thing.”

She was going to go home to eat with the Whites anyway. She might as well take the opportunity to eat with the people she knew.

Soon, the signing event officially began.

As Jamie and Narissa went out late, they could only stand at the end of the crowd as they watched ‘Anastasia’ shine brightly on the stage from a distance.

“Geez!” Narissa sighed after a while. “I really want to go up and hug my idol as well. I must ask for a hug after eating together later!”

Somehow, Jamie started to feel upset about what she said. “Hurry up and get rid of those lustful eyes of yours. People who don’t know you might even think that you like women.”

“I can do it if my partner is the beautiful Miss White.” She nodded vigorously.

The man proceeded to roll his eyes disdainfully and instead of answering her, he turned his head to focus on the stage.

Even though Narissa’s fanaticism toward ‘Anastasia’ made him uncomfortable, he was also a fan of ‘Anastasia’ after all. He knew his priority now, and that was to get crazy about his idol as well!

Anastasia had a reader-base of all ages, but the people who came to the event were all young people. After the organizer briefly introduced her book and her, fans could line up with the copy of the book they purchased to go on stage and ask ‘Anastasia’ to sign it in person.

Everything proceeded in an orderly manner at first, but near the end, a man suddenly rushed up to the stage. Pulling open a human-length poster, he turned toward the media and roared frantically. “Anastasia White is an ugly b*tch! She became what she is now because of plastic surgery! Don’t be fooled by her! She has a mean face because her heart is evil. It is very likely that this book was written by someone else. Look properly, everyone!”

Security acted almost instantly at that. “What is the matter with that man? Who is he? Hurry up and catch him!”

The man with the poster stood on the stage for a while and after making sure that the media took a photo of the poster, he quickly slipped away from the other side before security could get to him.

The place suddenly fell into chaos as the chase began.

In order to not expose herself, Elise stepped down from the stage and left under the escort of her manager.

“How dare he cause havoc at my idol’s place?”

Narissa saw that the security guards were about to lose the man, so she chased after him. Jamie had gone after him, but after taking a few steps, he stopped to think for a while and then went after him from the other direction.

The man must have come prepared as he went around the mall a few times, easily losing the security guards, and finally ran out of the mall through the side door. However, just as he took off his hat to gleefully take a backward glance, he bumped into a solid chest and fell to the ground.

“Ouch!” The man put a hand over his throbbing forehead and got up, chiding, “Are you blind?! This is such a wide path, but you just had to come out and get in someone’s way, didn’t you?!”

“So what?” Jamie slid his hands into his pockets and arrogantly shook his leg. Eyes narrowed, he barked, “Who told you to come and mess things up, huh?”

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