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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 72

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 72

Taking a glance at the chicken soup which Alexander had brought her, Elise lost all appetite and took out her laptop instead. After turning it on, she logged into her own account and immediately saw the message Alexander had dropped her.

“This guy is rather generous,” she muttered, judging him. But then again, she thought, if he‘s willing to pay me handsomely to be an interpreter, why shouldn‘t I do it? As long as I disguise myself well, he may not recognize me. Also, what‘s more important than making money?

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I’m charging 10 million. If you’re

hereupon he tapped the message open

o ahead with it and called Jamie. “Jamie, get an ID and passport done fo

, “Boss, are yo

a trip abroad in

t you?” Jamie answered hurriedly. “W

t first, she was worried that Alexander would find out about her

flight to Aris for th

it, Bo

ance with Alexander on this trip to Aris with him so that

eave from her lecturers the next morning on the pretext

diately sent someone to prepare lots of gifts. “Elise, br

was to make the trip back home after her return from Aris, but it

on their behalf, G

back to the prairie on the northw

loved. “Be a little more smart and alert once Ellie is back,” he said to his wife, Laura. “No matter wha

s visit, and I promise I won’t make her stay. We’ll let her stay a nig

s what we h

d to the home where she hadn’t been back to for a long time. The moment

ly as well, he acted very calm on the surface and said, “Looks like

bout? You and Grandma are always on my mind. How are you two doing rec

a few months have already passed. So, how about that thing we spoke about before? Ar

ying, “Grandpa, I rarely come home. C

d sighed. “What a hard life I have. My granddaughter doesn’t listen to

to check them out, but don’t forget our agreement before this. If I d

eved and asked, “So, ther

y entered the living room, Laura, who had been trying to keep her emotions in check,

, Elise exclaimed, “I mi

a little chubbier in just a few months of not seeing her. Despite that, Laura rem

still nodded her head obedientl

nd kept her hands away from Elise.

“Grandma, I never make you worr

g your husband back with you and get your marriag

, “But I’m still young, Grandma

. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be twenty soon. That’s not young an

le advocate marriages and having children at a later time. I

d, “You’re planning to get married three or fiv

in a hurry. I knew they‘d urge me into marriage agai

d her eyes turned red before she sighed deeply. “E

want is to see you set up your own family and career, so that we can put our minds at ease. Moreover, we need someone to take over o

her parents when she was young, she had grown up by her grandparents’ sides;

try, Elise thought. Just

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