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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 65

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 65

Elise asked calmly, “Why are you surprised?”

Amanda felt a little guilty, but she braced herself and mumbled, “No, not really.”

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eard Elise enunciating her words.

ervous Amanda paused in her tracks. “

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stubborn, I guess I’ll skip that stage. I’l

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ing for Amanda to continue with her words. Amanda wasn’t sure whethe

evidence to the police,

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ll do everything I can to fulfill those conditions. Ho

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I was the one who took the watch and yes, I also placed it in your bag. I merely did it to

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I have no reason to hide from you, right? Tell

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ked in with Samantha and Riley at the lead. Without saying anything, Samant

were already a troublemaker before this, but

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Our entire conversation has been recorded

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look before he sighed. “You can drop out now.

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on’t quit, then I’ll have to take the recordi

had no choice b

school campus. However, before she left, she went to see

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finishing soon. Their last exam finally marked the e

from Elise during this period of time. I never thought about j

t by looking at those questions, but now I can answer two thirds of them! This is way beyond what

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you guys in the end. I hope we can hang

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r,” Riley suggested in excitement. Then, she looked at Samantha. “Hey, w

sure whether her family would agree to it. “I have to ask my mo

“Wait, do you gu

“Of course! With Erudite Elise b

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he first one to get into the car and she waved at them as she left. Riley was the nex

camp ended today, so none of them were there to pick her up. A


he smiled at him.

ence. (This novel will be daily updtaed at“See you a

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