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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 639

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 639

Outrageously Wrong

These troublemakers were all intelligent people. So, when they sensed Alexander’s disposition, they knew that they could not defeat him. Hence, they immediately changed their mind and shouted at the women and children who kept guard at the main entrance.

“Is there anybody? Alexander has arrived! Come over, you guys!”

As soon as these words came out, dozens of old folks and youngsters trotted toward this side.

Alexander grabbed the clothes on Danny’s back with his large hand and ran directly to an alley on the opposite side as he knew that he could not get away easily the moment those people pestered him. So, before the crowd could catch up with him, he speedily sneaked into an ordinary black car, started the engine, and sped away.

Who would have thought that the escape car of Alexander, someone of wealthy background, turned out to be just an ordinary second-hand car?

Sure enough, the speed of a pair of legs was no match for four wheels. In just two minutes, they successfully eluded the demonstrators.

Danny glanced at the road behind him through the rearview mirror. Then, he leaned on the seat after he was sure that no one was chasing after them. Then, he let out a long sigh of relief.

However, Danny quickly reacted again and said solemnly, “Alex, I think there is something wrong with this matter this time. Those who beat me earlier did not seem to be ordinary people. If you didn’t show up, I was really uncertain if I could win against them by myself. Whenever ordinary people are wronged, they surely behaved as miserable as they could so that they could win the public’s empathy. How would they think of recruiting thugs?”

“Not bad. You’ve learned to be smart now.” Alexander’s facial expression was impassive, and he drove the car with his full focus. “This is indeed not an ordinary incident about rights protection. There are masterminds who are trying to bring down the entire franchise. Of course, I can’t rule out the possibility that they are coming after me.”

“Was it the one you’ve talked about before? The masterminds who wanted to harm Elise?” Danny asked.

“I’m not sure yet.”

Since the incident took place, Alexander had been busy doing public relations and reassuring the victims’ families. So, he could not think of any clues for the time being within such a short time.

“Oh, no!” Danny reacted abruptly and said agitatedly, “Alex! Half of the people have chased after Elise!”


The sound of the car braking was so loud it almost broke the glass.

Alexander abruptly stepped on the brake. Then, after letting the car engine buffer for a distance, the vehicle stopped in the center of the right lane. I knew there was something wrong with the number of people. It’s no wonder my heart is still in a mess even after rescuing Danny.

“Where did she run to?”

“East!” Danny tilted his head to look to his right as a strong sense of guilt gushed up. “I’m sorry, Alex. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have brought Elise here.”

“It is your fault! You f*cked things up this time!” Alexander’s facial expression was extremely nasty and he gritted his teeth so hard that they let out a crackling sound. Only then could he hold back his anger. Even so, he barely restrained his fury.

Meanwhile, Danny could not face Alexander, so he lowered his head and whispered, “I thought Elise’s medical skills might come in handy. If I knew it would turn out this way, I wouldn’t bring her here regardless of what. It’s my fault, Alex! I acknowledge any sort of punishment given to me!”

Alexander clenched the steering wheel tightly when he heard that. Then, after a moment of silence, he quickly turned in the direction Elise had fled. “You’re certainly receiving a punishment, but before that, immediately contact the person in charge of the shopping mall in front to obtain the surveillance cameras. When we get there, I’ll directly carry out a search party while you go to the monitoring room to search for her.”

There was a large shopping mall over there. The crowd was dense, so it was the easiest for one to hide, but, unfortunately, it was also easy to be caught if one was not careful.

“Okay!” Danny immediately was fired up when he was given a chance to redeem himself. Suddenly, all the pain he was feeling vanished. Then, he immediately took out his phone and began utilizing his connections to contact the person in charge.

Five minutes later, the car stopped in front of the mall.

The security guard in charge of evacuating traffic immediately walked toward them. “Drive forward. No parking is allowed here!”

As soon as the security guard finished speaking, Alexander and Danny opened the car door and alighted from the car.

Alexander did not even bother to look at the security guard as he ran into the mall.

Just as the security guard was about to chase after Alexander, Danny grabbed him, took out his wallet, then took out all the cash in it and stuffed them into the security guard’s hands. “Go and find someone to park the car for us!”

It was true when they said money talked. The moment the security guard saw the cash, his eyes lit up and he changed his attitude in a flash. “Right away, boss! Please, do come in. You can leave this to me!”

At the same time, Elise was in the shopping mall. As soon as she entered through the entrance, she went to the most crowded place. Although the number of people trailing behind her was not many, the distance between her and them was still close even after she repeatedly changed directions.

She was in a hurry when she came out a while ago. Therefore, she was still wearing Tissote University’s uniform. Furthermore, she stood up among the crowd due to her tall stature.

“There!” One of the people spotted her with his sharp eyes and immediately picked up his phone. Then, as he quickened his pace, he didn’t forget to notify the others to come over.

She frowned and had no choice but to speed up.

When she went downstairs through the escalator, she suddenly spotted a large clothing store. In an instant, her lips curled into a smirk as an idea came into mind, so she quickly ran toward the store.

Elise randomly picked out a punk rock outfit. After putting it on, her aura immediately took a turn where she turned from looking like a little fairy to a fashionable diva. As she walked to the door, she even took away the sunglasses on the shoe rack.

Elise stretched her muscles and joints when she wore the sunglasses on her nose bridge. Then, she imitated the carefree temperament of a sigma female. The moment she wore the pair of sunglasses, she portrayed herself as someone who loved no one and her confidence was on a full blast.

At this time, two of the people trailed behind also caught up. However, these two passed by Elise as they did not recognize her and ran to the innermost part of the store.

“I saw her come in with my own eyes. Hurry up and find her!!”

“Go and check if there’s a back door!”

The more they talked, the quieter their voices became. Soon, they ran to the fitting room.

A tint of complacency flashed in Elise’s pair of beautiful eyes under the sunglasses. Immediately after, she walked out of the clothing store boldly before she stepped on the elevator and went all the way downstairs.

However, when she was about to reach the first floor, she saw several people guarding the elevator entrance. One by one, they were questioning young ladies who were hanging out by themselves.

Elise wracked her brain for a plan and decided to improvise when she saw that she was about to bump into those people. First, she went directly to the girl in front of her, grabbed her, and started talking to her. “Let’s go for a barbecue later. I heard there’s a new store opening and they have events.”

“Huh?” The girl was stunned for a moment. Then, she thought, ‘I don’t think we know each other… However, she instantly felt relaxed and happy after she smelled the wonderful scent exuding from Elise’s body and noticed her fantastic disposition. “Sure! My treat!”

To be able to befriend such a beautiful lady over a meal! I completely hit the jackpot!

“Sure, your treat. Next time, it’s my treat.”

“Then, let’s not go for a barbecue next time. Instead, I’ll take you to enjoy a western-styled private home cuisine. Spoiler alert: it’s ah-mazing!”

Just like that, the two seemed to click immediately and they chatted happily.

The few people who were guarding the walkway were utterly uninterested in them. Instead, their gazes went straight past them and stared at the girl behind them.

The moment the two walked past each other, Elise felt that her palms coated in anxiety-filled perspiration.

Fortunately, the other party did not stop them and let them pass by with ease.

Right when Elise was about to breathe a sigh of relief, a man who stood diagonally opposite suddenly halted them in their tracks and shouted, “You two! Have you two seen a lady in a Tissote University’s uniform?”

Elise felt her heart dropping to her stomach when she was forced to pause her footsteps.

The girl beside Elise unexpectedly had a little bit of a temper and immediately lashed out at the other party, “Do we look like we have spare time to pay attention to everyone?”

The man smacked his lips when he saw he was about to get a fight in his hands before he waved his hand and hurriedly let them pass. “Go on. Go on. Geez…”

Finally, she let out a long sigh of relief before she took the girl by the arm and left hurriedly. Then, as they kept walking until they took a turn at a corner, she finally stopped after she was sure that the other party could not see them.

“Sorry.” Elise took five big notes and stuffed them into the girl’s hands. “I still have something to do, so I can’t accompany you to dinner. Ask your other friends to join you. My treat!”

After that, she ran away.

The girl innocently looked at the money in her hands as she stood blankly on the spot, stunned. Then, at once, her cute little face wrinkled in grievance.

Banknotes are not as alluring as a beautiful lady…

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