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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 638

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 638

Catch Alexander’s Woman!

Danny was tearing up. However, he simply held them back as he feared that someone would notice this flaw. Later, he took away the cigarette and pretended to be sophisticated and experienced when he exclaimed in disgust, “What kind of a cigarette is this? It’s choking me!”

“Hehe… You’re a big boss. How can the cigarettes we civilians smoke be comparable with those you usually smoke? Please, make do with this,” someone beside Danny said sycophantically.

Danny changed the topic and began to act mysterious when he sensed the crowd letting their guard down.

Then, Danny motioned for everyone to gather together. Next, he whispered mysteriously, “To be frank, I’ve already heard that jerk Alexander won’t appear so easily. So, I’m preparing to spend some money to clear my path. By then, I can settle my quarrel with him face-to-face. Which one of you is in a hurry to settle your issues with him? You can let me know and I’ll settle yours along with mine.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone rushed to the front.

“I’ll go first! Boss, my family is terribly in need of money!”

“Let me go first! Boss, I was the one who handed you the cigarette earlier. I haven’t paid my brother’s medical and hospital bills. You must count me in!”

“Hey, it’s just a cigarette. Why do we need to let you be the first?”

Just like that, these people wholly tangled up in a brawl. The initial spirit of unity among them was gone. They were now instead exposing each other for fear that someone else would snatch the opportunity.

Elise continued to walk into the building when she saw that Danny had the situation under control.

However, she did not expect those holding banners outside to be mere decoys used by the victims to attract the media’s attention. In contrast, the actual family members of the victims were now waiting at the reception area in the lobby on the first floor. As soon as Elise entered the hall, she bumped into one of the oncoming family members.

Enemies were always destined to meet, so almost immediately, they were certain of each other’s identity.

Elise was the first to react as she stopped and moved back one step at a time.

The family member squinted their eyes while trying to get a good look at her. Then, after a few seconds, they reacted and immediately shouted, “It’s her! Alexander’s fiancée is here!”

“Sh*t!” Elise spat. Before she had the time to figure things out, she turned around and ran away.

Several family members rushed out.

At the main entrance, Danny was addressing the crowd as though they were best buddies. However, he saw Elise running out of the side door with four or five big men chasing after her with an inadvertent glance.

“F*ck!!” Danny threw the cigarette butt on the ground. Then, he pushed the crowd away and ran in the direction of Elise.

The crowd at the entrance was confused. However, before they could comprehend what was happening, they heard a family member who ran out of the side door shouting, “Alexander’s woman is here! Don’t let her get away! Get her!”

At once, the man who offered a cigarette to Danny earlier came back to his senses and slapped his thigh abruptly. Then, he pointed at Danny and screamed, “Shit! They’re together! Hurry up! Get them!”

In the meantime, the troublemaker and two of the victims’ family members joined forces and surrounded Danny not far after he ran out.

“Damn it! How dare you play us for fools! Do you really think us civilians are easy targets for your bullying act?”

The troublemakers who felt deceived directly put up a fight and violently assaulted Danny.

As Danny considered his bleak situation, he could only watch helplessly as more people chased after Elise.

At the same time, the assistant was reporting the situation to Alexander in Griffith Food Co.’s General Manager’s office.

“Mr. Griffith, we have already contacted the media in accordance with your intention. The media will suppress the popularity of this issue, and they will also cut down the subsequent reports accordingly, but it’s just that it’s the era of the Internet. If the family members of the victims use the Internet to defend their rights, I’m afraid the subsequent impact may be difficult to control.”

Alexander nodded when he heard the report. Then, he asked dispassionately, “Is that girl with cancer out of critical condition?”

The assistant shook his head, closed the document, and held it to his chest. “She’s still under observation. Dr. Davis has already gone over to check on her, so there should be results soon.”

Alexander rose to his height with a gloomy face, then walked to the balcony and lit a cigarette. After a good smoke, he said in the midst of the wispy cigarette smoke, “Tell Dr. Davis that he must rescue this girl and make sure she stays alive. Also, shut down all operations of the franchise from now on. Besides the essential employees such as security guards, other employees are not allowed to stay in the store to avoid accidental injury inflicted by the family members.”

“Understood. I’ll get it done right away!”

Soon, the sound of the door opening and closing echoed in the office.

After that, Alexander raised his hand again and put the cigarette to his lips. Then, he lowered his eyes and looked down to the streets, just in time for him to witness the group of demonstrators surrounding and fighting a person. The only difference was that the number of people was obviously much less than when they went on a rally before. However, it was still the same crushing situation whereby the majority defeated the minority.

Wait, is that Danny? After taking a closer look, Alexander realized the one who was being surrounded in the middle was indeed Danny.

At this hour, Danny should find a way for him to break through as soon as possible and run into the building to seek support, but he’s making his way out more and more as he fights. It’s as if he’s going in a specific direction. It’s precisely because his intention is so strong that the people who beat him up often discover his weakness. Those kicks and punches are all targeted at his weak spot. After following us, he’s no longer the young man who can’t even put up a fight. So what is it that makes him disregard his own safety?

Alexander felt his heart sink suddenly and had a bad premonition at the thought of this. Before he could think about it carefully, he quickly put out the cigarette in the ashtray and ran downstairs.

Meanwhile, a strong scent of blood came out of Danny’s mouth after receiving two punches in a row in the plaza downstairs. He raised his head and wiped the corner of his mouth. As expected, it’s bleeding.

Instantly, the brilliant red color woke him up. If I don’t deal with these people first, I would only be in a pertinent dilemma.

Danny stood up abruptly, clenched his face, and lowered his center of gravity. Then, he took up a pose looking as if he was ready to fight the enemy while his expression turned solemn.

“The male members of the Griffith Family earned our living with our good looks. I will fight you seriously if you dare to lay a finger on my face!”

The man who looked like the leader of the group looked dismissive. “Hitting your face is exactly what we’ll do! Mate, this guy’s last name is Griffith! If we catch him, we don’t have to worry about Alexander not showing up!”

For a moment, Danny was stunned when he heard the words. Sh*t! I accidentally revealed my identity again!

As soon as the voice fell, the two men holding iron bats raised their bats and rushed over.

Danny dodged the bat that landed on him first. Then, he quickly circled his opponent, raised his leg, and directly kicked his opponent to the ground with a kick.

When another man saw this, he turned around and threw the bat horizontally toward Danny’s neck as he gritted his teeth.

Danny bent down on the spot and dodged the bat. However, his center of gravity was unstable and his feet slipped, causing him to fall.

A second before Danny landed, a pair of large hands suddenly grabbed his shoulders. Shortly after, Danny felt something strong and powerful dragging him under.

When Danny opened his eyes in bewilderment, he saw Alexander’s exquisite facial features.

“Alex?” Danny suddenly laughed fearlessly. Then, he pinched a button of Alexander’s coat in a shifty manner and he asked, “Hey, is this what you call a hero saving a damsel in distress?”

Alexander rolled his eyes and thought, Is this really the time to crack a joke?

“If the damsel looks like you, I think the hero will end his own life.”

After Alexander finished speaking, he pulled Danny up to his feet. As the two stood side by side, their domineering aura instantly scared the few who were still clamoring a while ago, making them break into cold sweat.

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