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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 601

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 601

What Gives You the Cheek To Fancy Her?

“How noisy,” Elise said, lifting her phone up impatiently to check the time. “You’ve got two minutes left—not too late if you guys run away right now.”

Speaking in a calm and imperturbable voice, she had an unpredictable aura around her.

The leader of the ruffians let out a disdainful sneer. “That’s my line, you little girl! It’s you who should be running away. Judging from how you look, I reckon you’re a student at Tissote University. I have the most respect for cultured people, so I’ll give you a chance to turn back. Hurry and go back to school, or it’s gonna be too late.”

Elise was unfazed, though. Her gaze rested upon Sheldon, who was wrestled to the ground, before she turned to the unconscious Elliot. The next instant, a piercing gleam flickered in her eyes as she peered at the ruffians’ leader and asked snappishly, “Who beat him unconscious?”

“I did.” An infuriated ruffian moved a step forward arrogantly. He said in a filthy language, “So? What are you gonna do, you f*cking b*tch? Wanna have a fight with me too?”

“Geez,” his leader interjected with a drawl just then. He said meaningfully, “How many times have I told you guys to be gentle when speaking to ladies? Why wouldn’t you remember that? Don’t you want to take a wife anymore?” Then, he turned to Elise and asked maliciously, “Say, little girl, what about I set you up with a date or something?”

“Sure.” Elise happened to be buying time. As her fingers interlaced, she replied with amused interest, “Let me say this first: I want a faithful lover who’s capable of protecting me. Also, he better have a bit of brains.”

“Sure! He’ll be absolutely faithful to you!” The leader turned around and put his hand on the shoulder of the ruffian who had just spoken offensively to Elise. Pulling the ruffian to the front, he beat his chest and guaranteed, “This is Devan, who’s been one of my men for a few years now. Not only can he easily fight three men on his own, but he’s also good at being a snob. I guarantee you that it won’t put you at a disadvantage to be his woman.”

Listening to the leader’s words, Devan unconsciously held his head up and puffed out his chest, as if he really thought of himself as a decent lover who was extremely hard to come by.

“Bah!” Just then, Sheldon hauled himself to his feet with his hands on the ground for support. “What gives you the cheek to fancy her?!” He didn’t know much about how outstanding Alexander was, but he knew that the man chosen by Elise herself mustn’t be inferior. These guys can’t even hold a candle to my brother. What gives them the right to lust after Boss?!

“What did you say?! You haven’t been beaten enough, have you?”

“F*ck you, you son of a b*tch! How dare you look down on us!”

Enraged, the gang of ruffians turned around and raised their clubs at Sheldon again.

“Enough!” Elise hurriedly said in an effort to silence Sheldon. “Shut up, Sheldon!” They share the last name Keller and are blood brothers, but while Jamie is so smart, why is Sheldon so dense? Can’t he tell that I’m trying to divert their attention?

Sheldon was stunned right away. Is Boss really gonna sacrifice herself for us?! I’m so touched! “No!” He gazed affectionately at Elise with tears in his eyes. Then, as if he was ready to sacrifice himself, he said, “Boss, you’re the one who should run away! I’ll always remember our friendship in my heart. From now on, you, Elise Sinclair, are my one and only boss!”

Elise was rendered speechless by Sheldon’s response. No, that’s totally unnecessary.

Meanwhile, one of the ruffians was sharp enough to catch the key piece of information. “Boss, he just called this woman Elise Sinclair!”

At once, the man leading the gang of ruffians looked at Elise with murderous eyes. “You’re Elise Sinclair?”

Elise raised an eyebrow while feeling somewhat helpless. Oh, Sheldon! I came to save you, but you blew my cover. Could it be that you’re actually in league with these guys? She let out a sigh before saying nonchalantly, “Yeah, I am. So?”

“So, you’re Elise, huh? Well, that saves me another trip!” The man gave a sinister laugh. Then, he turned his head and said to the lackeys behind him, “Catch that lady and slash her face, the few of you!”

As soon as he said that, five knife-wielding ruffians behind him walked straight toward Elise.

“Boss, run!” Sheldon tried to go after the group of ruffians to protect Elise.

However, as soon as he got up, a ruffian lifted his foot and kicked him down again. Then, he bent down and grabbed Sheldon by the throat right away, threatening, “Keep still, you b*stard!” With that, two other ruffians crouched down and grabbed Sheldon’s hands and feet before smashing their rock-hard fists into Sheldon’s gut.

Sheldon gave a grunt of pain as blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth. “Pfft! Cough! Cough! Don’t touch her! She’s got nothing to do with this! She doesn’t know anything, so whatever grudge you have, take it out on me and let her go!”

“Ha! You’ve got quite a bit of backbone, huh…” The man leading the ruffians let out a snort. “I’d have done you the favor in any other circumstances, but unfortunately, someone has ordered today that the three of you be made sorry for what you did. None of you are gonna get away with this!” he said.

Then, he urged the few lackeys who had gone to catch Elise, saying, “What the f*ck is wrong with you? Have you guys not eaten or something? Hurry the f*ck up! If you guys make me look bad by not getting the job done by the time the police arrive, I’m gonna cripple all of you first!”

Upon hearing this, the few ruffians immediately sped up and ran toward Elise.

Just as they had barely run a few steps, they suddenly heard a series of footsteps from their surroundings. When they stopped two meters away from Elise, they finally realized that the sound of footsteps came from behind her!

Stopping in their tracks in horror, the few ruffians turned their gazes toward the pitch-dark alley behind Elise. A moment later, they started to pull back simultaneously with their eyes wide open.

Angered, the man leading the ruffians kicked down the garbage can beside him. “What’s wrong with you guys? How could you guys be scared of a woman? Believe it or not, I’m gonna cripple you all right now!” he said, before stepping quickly toward the few retreating lackeys. As their boss, I’m gonna teach them how to do their job!

However, no sooner had he moved a few steps forward than he saw the true nature of the darkness behind Elise. It was no ordinary darkness, but dozens of black-suited men!

Stunned, he stopped dead in his tracks, unable to raise his feet anymore, as though his legs had turned to lead.

At the same time, Moses’ men emerged from the darkness, standing in two rows from one end of the street to the other end with Elise in their midst.

Elise had a petite figure, but as she stood in the midst of these men, she appeared countless times more intimidating all at once.

Seeing such an intimidating display of power, those holding Sheldon down quickly let go of him and hid behind their leader. On the other hand, the few ruffians who were nearer to Elise took to their heels and ran all the way back to their own gang, not daring to stop until they cowered behind the rest of the gang.

“Whose face did you say you were gonna slash just now?” Elise asked nonchalantly with a slight curl of her lips.

The leader of the ruffians gave an involuntary gulp. After composing himself, he turned around and ran with his lackeys, saying, “Retreat!”

With that, the gang of ruffians ran toward the end of the alley. However, just as they were about to run out of the alley, dozens of men in the same suit suddenly rushed out and blocked the exit.

In an instant, the ruffians stopped and looked all around them. Now, they had nowhere to run.

“How boring.” Elise smacked her lips. This isn’t challenging at all. After adjusting her cap, she ordered, “Catch them all.”

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