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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 50

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 50

“Bring me the money first. As for the future, I can’t say for sure. It depends on my mood,” Rita replied to Jasmine in a casual tone.

“Rita, you’d better not go too far.” For the first time, Jasmine felt that she had been blind before and honestly thought that Rita was a doormat in the past. But now she realized that Rita was actually a hungry wolf under a sheep’s skin.

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my patience is limited. You must give it to me t would she get the 100,000? Jasmine took her bag of jewelry to a pawnshop and barely managed to scrape

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to school, she threw the bag of cash containing 100,000 directly

in such a short time, but she still accepted the bag.

till maintained a smile on the surface. “Let me tell you that this i

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put it away. Later, she too

so did what you said, so ca

word. I can let the grudge between us off, but from tomorrow onward, you should not go

t take this money. I will ask my father to t

However, things were no longer under Rita’s control; according to Jasmine’s na

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asmine. For two days in a row, Elise did not go to school, and Jasmine did not notice anything wrong. She thought that E

n among the audience to spot good candidates for the next year’s cohort of freshmen. Thus,

to be held in the city’s largest gymnasium, gathering teacher

age later. Just perform as usual.” The

ciated by Jasmine, who said, “Don’t worry. I will

n the shoulder. “Good. Good luck th

he was going to stand in just a moment to enjoy the attention of everyone pres

e a look.(This novel will be daily updtaed at” When the teacher mentioned Elise, at once, the ex

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ll go over f

ise even be able to come to the competition? It all depends

r. She had always been proud of her looks. Even though she was n

oon as she got on stage, she looked at the audience down the stage. Smiling, she held

mine’s heart surged with satisfaction. However, at this moment at the entrance, Elise and Mikayla walked in and took

urred. Soon, she stopped speaking. The audience below glanced at each other

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not bad; I thought s

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blank, and no words came out. She tried hard to restrain her emotions and continue her speech, but now her mind was in turmoil, a

but she’s just a wimp.”

r. “Let’s go. We

ayla went back

her senses, but her own performance was real

her mind was not on the public speaking competition. In

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