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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 419

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 419

Extreme Measures

“I’m on my way to visit my grandma, so I thought I didn’t need to bring my ID along. Besides, I was in a hurry, so I left it at home,” Claude answered as ‘honestly’ as he could. He was an innocent-looking guy to begin with, and nobody would suspect him of anything.

Jackson stared at him for a moment, then he took the verification device from the young officer and said indifferently, “Give me your ID number.”

“830…,” Claude told him a string of numbers, smiling all the while.

A while later, the officer in charge frowned and looked at Claude, holding the device with one hand. “Your name is Mike Oxlong?” he asked seriously.

Yeah, I know, right? “Nice name, huh?” Claude smiled drily.

“Yes. Remember to bring your ID anywhere you go next time.”

Claude nodded, and his eyes glinted. “I will, officer.” He smiled.

“Let them go!”

After he got past that stop, Claude returned to his old, cunning self once more. “I’ll double your pay, driver. Hit the wheels!”

“You got it!” Energized by the temptation of more money, the driver floored the accelerator and sped past all the cars that passed the checks the same time as them.

The officer in charge was checking the other cars, then he looked back for some reason. When he saw the green taxi driving off into the distance, he thought about the name he saw quietly. Mike Oxlong… Mike Oxlong… Hey, wait a minute! That sounds like ‘my c*ck’s long!’ Only an idiot would come up with that name! That’s a fake ID!

“Dammit! He ran off right under my nose.” The officer in charge smacked his head in frustration and turned his walkie talkie on at once. “All officers, hunt down a cab with the plate number 4739!”

Half an hour had passed when his order reached the front line officers. The driver had already arrived at the mall in twenty minutes, seeing as he could get double the fare.

“Here you go.” Claude handed him a wad of cash and joked, “You should be an F1 driver with that kind of skill.”

The driver happily took the money and arched his eyebrow. “You’re not the only one who told me that. Before I worked as a taxi driver, I was a super racer.”

“Of course you are.” Claude smiled in amusement and got out of the car, then he headed into the crowded mall.

Claude was long gone when the officer in charge got a cab and came to the mall. Looking at the locked mall, the officer flew into a rage, then took his phone out and called someone. “Where are you, Alexander?”

Alexander told him the location and hung up. It turned out that the officer in charge was none other than Alexander’s good friend—Jackson. Jackson hopped into his car and went to the rendezvous point as fast as he could.

He couldn’t have escaped me so easily. Someone powerful must have helped him. If I want to arrest him, I have to go for something extreme.

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