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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 408

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 408

Are You Trying to Break the Promise of Marriage?

Not enough? That’s too much!

What Trevor imagined was him giving Elise his credit card and assuring her he would support her for the rest of her life instead of the other way around.

A while later, he finally came back to his senses before asking seriously with a frown on his face, “Where did you get all this money?”

Although Trevor was speaking to Elise, his eyes were fixated on Alexander. Did this guy try to bribe my sister using money?

However, Alexander immediately explained himself nonchalantly, “Beats me.”

“I don’t remember.” Elise leaned back onto the couch before placing her right leg above her left leg and swinging her legs a little. Then, she pondered for a moment before saying, “I probably received this money as medical fees after treating patients in the past. I have too many cards with me, and it’s not like I keep track.”

Since Trevor knew about Elise’s medical skills, he was relieved when he heard her explanation. Nevertheless, he returned the card after contemplating for a moment. “I can’t take your savings away from you. This money means a lot to you.”

While saying that, Trevor couldn’t help but think to himself, You can only get so much through blood, sweat, and tears. She must have worked for years to be able to get so much money!

Although a hundred million was nothing to the Anderson Family, this was Elise’s hard-earned money, and Trevor didn’t want to use it to pay those useless executives.

“Things that can be resolved with money aren’t a problem. Besides, this doesn’t affect my savings much. A hundred million is probably the least among all of the medical fees that I’ve received, so be my guest.” When Elise took her glasses off, her overbearing aura was revealed as well.

Upon sensing her aura, Trevor quietly took the card, despite having more and more questions in his head. Was it my delusion? Did I just sense a tremendous charisma from my sister, who is in her twenties? Maybe there are still more secrets that I don’t know of yet.

Elise wore her glasses after seeing Trevor keep the card in his pocket, and the atmosphere finally quieted down again. As Trevor’s little sister, Elise didn’t mind giving him some money. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t give Austin or Faye the opportunity to disrupt her world.

Since Trevor had a campaigner personality, he left not long after taking the money.

Later that evening, Elise turned off the lights in her room before she started working on her laptop.

As the person who replaced Joseph had the guts to put Claude on a bounty, it meant that this wasn’t their only move, and she had to get Joseph’s account password to be able to predict that person’s next movement. However, she failed no matter how many times she tried. It was obvious that the other party was already prepared, and Elise couldn’t hack into their account at all. Who would have such great anti-investigating knowledge and technical skills?

None of the people that Elise had encountered in the past were as strong as this person currently. Sighing in annoyance, she eyed the time on the laptop to see that it was already 11.55PM. Therefore, she turned off her laptop and decided to sleep.

Right when Elise walked toward her bed, her sensitive ears picked up on footstep sounds next door before the sound of a car engine rang out. Where would Alexander go so late at night?

Taking her phone out, she opened up the GPS application that she had coded herself and frowned as she watched the red dot on the screen move.

When Elise took Alexander’s phone to play with his games yesterday, she had secretly set up a GPS on his phone that would mark and save his location if he stopped for more than five minutes.

A while later, Elise closed her phone and slept without worry after seeing the red dot making its way back home.

The next morning, she purposely woke up early and rushed toward Alexander’s place. However, she couldn’t find him or Cameron.

Frowning, Elise reopened her GPS application curiously. On the screen, the red dot overlapped a blue dot that indicated Elise’s location, suggesting that Alexander was in the household as well.

Right then, she zoomed in to the map and walked toward Alexander’s room according to the map’s indication. However, Elise opened the door to see no one inside besides Alexander’s phone lying on the table quietly.

Immediately, she felt uneasy and contacted Cameron, thereupon the latter picked up the phone call in no time. “Miss Sinclair, what can I help you with?”

“Where is Alexander?” Elise asked.

“Young Master Alex is at the courtyard house. He’s probably still resting right now,” Cameron answered calmly.

“I’m in his room holding onto his phone right now. Do you still want me to continue this?” Elise asked with an icy voice while Cameron fell into silence before he stuttered a little. “Young Master Alex is safe right now, so you don’t have to worry, Miss Sinclair.”

“If he’s safe right now, does it mean that he wasn’t last night? Cameron, you’re a terrible liar. Just tell me what happened.” Elise’s facial expression became serious while her grip on her phone tightened instinctively.

Nevertheless, Cameron remained quiet.

“You can refuse to answer, but that would mean that you guys never treated me as a part of the family at all. If that’s the case, Alexander doesn’t have to come to look for me anymore. If you think this is a good way to resolve your issue, you may keep quiet.”

Elise fell into silence while staring ahead of her before narrowing her eyes. She wasn’t joking and really hated being left out of the circle.

Elise allowed Alexander to have secrets, but she didn’t allow him to endure danger on his own. Despite most people thinking that their significant other hiding their pain away and getting past tough situations without consulting anyone was a considerate move, that wasn’t the case for Elise.

Elise had been through thick and thin with him, and she didn’t wish for him to hide the truth from her when he faced hardships. To her, a loving couple should be able to endure hardships together.

After two minutes of silence, a voice rang out from the other end of the call.

“Are you trying to break the promise of marriage?”

This time, it was Alexander.

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